Driver Ratings Bahrain 12, Pt. 1 Caterham Ferrari and Force India

22 Apr

Heikki Kovaleinen: 6/10 Q16 F17

Another race another problem for Heikki Kovalainen this time it was a collision with Daniel Ricciardo on the first lap which left him with a puncture and out of contention for a top 15 finish. Heikki came back after it though and due to the Caterham being much closer than the Marussias and HRTs he came back to  a 17th point finish only one place behind his team mate.

Vitaly Petrov: 6/10 Q20 (S18) F16

Unless you find watching paint dry exciting Vitaly’s drive was unimpressive. His pick of the sessions was P2 where he was 16th, but that did include both Force India’s not running.

Fernando Alonso: 6/10 Q9 F7

Yet again it was a weekend of damage limitation for Fernando Alonso who must have been trying to keep his difference from the front as small as possible. Despite this it did look like Ferrari had made a step forward this weekend and if their modifications for the final testing session in Mugello (1st-3rd May) are good we could see Ferrari start to compete for podiums in Europe. Yet again Fernando had a terrific start, this weekend he rose to 5th but it was a lacklustre pit stop and with the car still not as good as others Fernando fell back to pick up 6 points.

Felipe Massa: 7/10 Q14 F9

Felipe has now picked up his first points making him the last driver from an established team to get points. The last two races have been steps forward for Massa and although his qualifying still isn’t up to much his performances in the races are getting better. Like his fellow Ferrari Felipe had a very strong start rising 6 places in the first lap and although he came out low down after the first pit stop Felipe drove an impressive race and was rarely outside the points. The Ferrari pit team deserve a congratulations as Felipe had 2/3 of his pit times sub 22 seconds a very impressive time.

Paul Di Resta: 9/10 Q10 F6

A worthy contendor for driver of the day finishing 6th which is his joint best every finish (with Singapore last year). After a slow start to the year Paul really turned up the heat this weekend and this included missing the second practice session on safety fears. It was a lacklustre start by Paul but he’ll be proud to have ran first for one lap before his first pit stop and each stint was error free. Paul was unlucky to not finish 5th but a late pass by Nico Rosberg relegated Di Resta to 6th.

Nico Hulkenburg: 6/10 Q13 S12

A disaster of a first lap for Nico left him running 19th after the first lap alongside Caterhams and Marussias and his race carried on in much the same fashion without much luck. I believe that so far we haven’t seen the best of Nico and that he could pick up big points later on in the season.


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