Driver Ratings Bahrain 12, Pt. 3 McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull

22 Apr

Lewis Hamilton: 7/10 Q2 F8

Lewis shouldn’t take the blame for the poor performance in the race, that blame needs to be taken by the team 2 pitstops which were over 9 seconds was the undoing and after coming out behind twice it took great skill from Lewis to actually finish in the points.

Jenson Button: 6/10 Q4 DNF

Many will say that Jenson’s race was ruined by the exhaust problem which forced him to retire with 3 laps remaining, but it was poor before then and unlike Hamilton it was all Jenson’s fault and not the teams, his lap times couldn’t keep up with the best which left him 7th having had nothing which should have demoted his top 3 car that low before the retirement.

Nico Rosberg: 7/10 Q5 F5

After winning last weekend’s grand prix Nico’s first lap was not the confident performance of China dropping from 5th to 9th a position well off the car’s real pace. After those mistakes Rosberg had to work hard to claw back up the positions to 5th, although his shenanigans with Hamilton and Alonso maybe should have demoted him back a few positions.

Michael Schumacher: 8/10 Q18 (S22) F10

After a dismal qualifying session (exiting in Q1) Michael had it all to do in the race and with this track being hard to overtake at, to finish in the points is an achievement on it’s own. He overtook many of the slower cars on the first lap to rise to 16th and with each stint Michael moved even closer to that elusive dream of points, and it took a retiring Button for Michael to achieve that dream.

Sebastian Vettel: 9/10 Q1 F1

The finger is back and it means business, as the return of the finger is the return of Seb’s chances of winning his 3rd championship. A beautiful qualifying lap gave Seb his 31st pole position and his first few laps gave me the idea that this was going to be a race where all Seb would have to do is what he use to do where he’d just lead from the front pretty much all race. But it wasn’t, for Seb had a fight on hus hands and not even from the usual suspects but from Lotus’ returnee Kimi Raikkonen. But Seb showed his prowess to keep ahead and he returned to the top of the podium for the first time this year.

Mark Webber: 7/10 Q3 F4

Finishing 4th means that Mark has finished in that position ever race this season, but at least consistency isn’t a problem. It was a good start for Mark because for once he didn’t lose places on the first lap and it took a flying Romain Grosjean to get past him on lap 4. Sadly for Mark after Gorsjean’s move he never looked like he’d a take a podium position and finishing 28 seconds behind the Lotuses means Mark will have to improve if he’s going to leave behind the cage that’s confining him to 4th place.


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