The Fake Championship round up:

26 Apr

At the top of the Hamaya Practice Championship Lewis Hamilton managed to increase his lead by 3 points and the constructors lead also increased by 2 points after Nico Rosberg twice going first in practice sessions. In the constructors standings Sauber are still looking like a team who are stepping up to the plate and really taking the fight to the top teams. While Ferrari, widely classed as one of the top teams are seriously struggling team who are struggling to pick up points and only picked up 1 point this weekend, and Felipe Massa still hasn’t picked up any points since the opening weekend. Of the 12 practice sessions competed so far Hamilton has gone fastest in 6, Rosberg 3, Schumacher 2 and Rosberg 1.

The Sector Championship has become an even closer fight at the top, Hamilton’s lead has fallen from 5 points to only 1 as Rosberg was the man of the weekend picking up 16 points after being quickest in 1 sector and 2nd fastest in 2 others, and McLaren who were leading after China have not only lost their 11 point lead but are now a point behind Mercedes. Ferrari though are struggling in this championship as well as they still haven’t picked up any points and are the only established team to have picked up 0 points. Hamilton has been fastest in 4 sectors this year, Rosberg 3, Button 2, Grosjean 1, Webber 1 and Vettel 1

Sergio Perez is still top of the Speed Trap Standings, despite not picking up any points at all this weekend. This weekend though was definitely Lotus’ weekend, their drivers claimed a 1-2 through the speed trap moving the team from 21 points behind Sauber to 3 points ahead. Sauber were not one of big successes of the weekend after the previous championship leaders only managed to pick up 3 points. Force India picked up their first Speed Trap points last weekend, and they picked up 15 after Nico Hulkenburg went 3rd and Paul Di Resta managed 4th. So far Sergio Perez has been fastest in two weekends speed traps, Raikkonen 1 and his Lotus team mate Grosjean the final 1.

JKEA Qualifying Championship. Sebastian Vettel was the first driver to pick up the maximum of 13 points in a weekend last weekend which took him from a lowly 8th to 6th. In the teams championship McLaren hold an amazingly strong lead over second place Mercedes who are 25 points behind them. McLaren hold this lead because of their two drivers being the top 2 in the standings, who will be relieved to be out of the fight for 3rd place which sees 4 drivers within 2 points of each other.

With a 4th race winner in 4 weekends the Larsens Biscuits Eastern Championship is becoming a free for all and after the next race at Singapore (all the way away on the 23rd of August), any one of 7 drivers could be leading the championship, who belong to five different teams showing that this season is going to be one which could potentially go down to the wire. As well as this race being good news for Sebastian Vettel it was a good time for his team who due to McLaren’s poor form -only picking up 1 point- managed to steal a lead of 5 points to overturn being behind McLaren by 9 points pre Bahrain.



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