Who can win the testing championship?

28 Apr

If you’ve been following the testing championship this is the post that will tell you just what each driver needs to win.

First here are the number of days each driver is driving for: Turvey* (McLaren) 2, Paffett* (McLaren) 2, Massa 2, Alonso 2, Rosberg 2, Schumacher 2, d’Ambrosio* (Lotus) 1, Raikkonen 1, Grosjean 1, Bianchi* (Force India) 1, Di Resta 1, Hulkenburg 1, Kobayashi 2, Perez 1, Vergne 2, Ricciardo 2, Bottas* (Williams) 1, Maldonado 1, Senna 1, Gonzalez* (Caterham) 1, Petrov 1, Kovalainen 1, Pic 2 and Glock 2.

* indicates test driver

There are a few more bits of information that are needed:

Red Bull haven’t yet announced which driver is driving which day, so the numbers are based on them each driving the maximum of 3 days.

McLaren had announced that it will just be their test drivers driving but Lewis Hamilton has expressed a desire to drive and so I’ve done the numbers based on Hamilton driving for one of the days.

HRT aren’t turning up for the Mugello testing session.

Here are the drivers that still have a chance of winning, their current points and the maximum points they could finish on.

Sebastian Vettel               17          (32)

Mark Webber                    8            (23)

Fernando Alonso             14           (24)

Michael Schumacher       9           (19)

Nico Rosberg and Kamui Kobayashi are exactly the same as Michael Schumacher

Romain Grosjean             15          (20)

Sergio Perez                       12          (17) so the best he can do is joint first

Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo           10          (20)

I’m sorry that I haven’t put down what each driver needs to win but if I put all of it down this post would take days to read.


The team championship is even more in the balance as each team could potentially pick up the maximum 27 points which would give them the victory. Despite this, in my opinion it is only between Lotus and Red Bull for first and second whilst Sauber, Force India, Toro Rosso, McLaren, Mercedes and Ferrari are all in the mix for 3rd.



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