Marussia’s Rookies

29 Apr

Ever since the team now known as Marussia joined the scene in 2010 the second seat in the team has always been filled by a rookie who lasts one season with the team before a new rookie is brought in. All of the rookies have come with big CVs Lucas Di Grassi had 3 times been a Renault test driver and had finished in the top three of the GP2 on three ocassions, Jerome d’Ambrosio had tested F1 cars for Renault and Virgin (the team that turned into Marussia) and finished 2nd in the 2008-09 GP2 Asia series and Charles Pic had finished 4th in the 2011 GP2 series. Despite these credentials and the potential they’ve shown over their season none of them have ever lasted more than one season. This post will see how this year’s rookie Charles Pic compares to the previous drivers in his position.

The numbers I’ll be looking at are how each rookie’s qualification time compares to Timo Glock’s, and then I turned this into a percentage so it’s easier to compare. So far we’re four races in and Charles Pic has been on average 0.34% slower than Timo Glock. After four races Lucas Di Grassi was on average 0.49% slower (not including his performance at Malaysia when his flying lap was hit by technical problems) and Jerome d’Ambrosio was on average 0.56% slower. By the end of the season though Lucas Di Grassi had lost some of his pace and was on average 1.71% slower whilst Jerome d’Ambrosio became quicker and finished on average 0.4% slower.

This shows that from what we’ve seen so far Charles Pic is the best Marussia rookie there has been, and maybe this year will be the year that Marussia keep their second driver for a second season.

This result though is definitely a surprise in my opinion as Charles had the least impressive CV of the three and had never been a test driver for a Formula 1 team before joining the team for the young driver testing last season.


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