What teams will be aiming to do at Mugello testing!

1 May

Today sees the return of in-season testing as the Formula 1 circus makes it’s way to Mugello in Italy, a track owned by Ferrari. Many teams will see it as a way to bring upgrades to their cars to make themselves more competitive. Here’s the teams and what I think their aims will be:

Caterham: They’ve made a bright start to the season and despite still not having made it to the midfield there is still the belief that this could be the year. Caterham are likely to use this opportunity to try and close the gap on the midfield and to let Vitaly Petrov try and get more use to the car because I believe that so far we haven’t seen Vitaly’s potential fully unleashed.

Day 1: Gonzalez (test driver) Day 2: Petrov Day 3: Kovalainen

Ferrari: Ferrari have made a dismal start to the season and have been defending their position by saying that they’ll be much more competitive once the upgrades scheduled for Mugello and Barcelona have been added to the car. Therefore Ferrari’s aim in their back yard will be to see just how much they’ve closed the gap and to evaluate wether these upgrades are effective or not.

Day 1: Massa Day 2: Massa and Alonso Day 3: Alonso

Force India: Despite receiving a lot of pre-season hype Force India haven’t fulfilled their potential and are still down in 8th in the constructors championship. Because of this I imagine Force India will spend the three days at Mugello upgrading the car and solving the problems on the car.

Day 1: Bianchi (test driver) Day 2: Di Resta Day 3: Hulkenburg

HRT: HRT have decided not to run at Mugello due to lack of funding and they are currently moving their team head-quaters.

Lotus: Lotus have started the year brightly and already look like they could challenge for the constructors championship. Lotus therefore will be aiming to build on their earlier successes and find those few tenths of a second that make the difference between winning and losing.

Day 1: d’Ambrosio Day 2: Raikkonen Day 3: Grosjean

Marussia: Not the start to the year Marussia were looking for so they’re likely to be trying to close down Caterham and leave HRT far behind by trying different set ups on the car and collecting more tyre data as well as maybe a few upgrades.

Day 1: Pic Day 2: Pic and Glock Day 3: Glock

McLaren: Despite not having won a race since the first race McLaren are not taking testing next week as a serious exercise to bring improvements to the car and are instead using it to give their test drivers more track time. Despite this Lewis Hamilton has been trying to drive during the test after his lacklustre finish in Bahrain.

Day 1: Turvey and Paffett (both test drivers) Day 2: Paffet Day 3: Turvey

Mercedes: Mercedes will need to do radical work on the car if they are to challenge for the championship this season, they’re race pace has been poor in comparison to their qualifying pace. What Mercedes need to do to improve their race pace is to collect tyre data and bring improvements to the car that will improve their race pace.

Day 1: Rosberg and Schumacher Day 2: Schumacher Day 3: Rosberg

Red Bull: Despite starting the year slow Red Bull have really upped their game and this led to them winning the Bahrain Grand Prix. But even so Red Bull won’t be lazing around in Mugello as they know that you have to evolve the car over the season if you want to win. So far Red Bull haven’t announced their driver line up.

Sauber: Sauber have been one of the best teams so far this year and have already picked up big points. But with two relatively inexperienced drivers there was always going to be a lack of development in the car. Therefore I imagine Sauber will be spending their time trying to develop the car and get the drivers more miles.

Day 1: Kobayashi Day 2: Kobayashi Day 3: Perez

Toro Rosso: Despite starting brightly Toro Rosso have had a miserable last two races and their qualifying has been very inconsistent, I imagine then that Toro Rosso will try and bring some stability to their performances and to get the car further up the midfield.

Day 1: Vergne Day 2: Vergne and Ricciardo Day 3: Ricciardo

Williams: Williams have been the team who have impressed the most this year and have really turned last years performances around but even so both cars retired from the Bahrain GP and so they’re likely to try and improve the cars reliability.

Day 1: Bottas (test driver) Day 2: Maldonado Day 3: Senna


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