Sergio Perez, the hottest property on the block!

12 May

At the start of 2011 when Sauber announced their line up the name of Sergio Perez was added to the F1 driver rostrum. Sergio came in having only ever won one championship, the 2007 British Formula 3. As well as that he had finished the 2010 GP2 series in 2nd. As soon as Sergio was announced many pundits and analysts called him a pay driver due to the millions coming from Mexican company Telmex, but at least that meant they weren’t expecting much from him, and when at his debut race in Melbourne he completed the race in 7th a great achievement for a rookie driver in such a competitive environment, and maybe even more amazingly  he only stopped once. Sadly the Sauber was found to have an illegal rear wing but from the off Sergio suddenly looked like a star in the making.

One of the biggest talking points of Sergio’s career to date has been his inclusion in the Ferrari Driver’s academy and this has been discussed every time people have called for Felipe Massa’s head. Sergio was recruited to the driver’s academy very soon after his announcement as a Sauber F1 driver. This means that Sergio receives a lot of support from Ferrari and attends the training days.

Despite the astonishing debut Sergio’s first season was mixed. It took 5 races to pick up his first points and at Monaco he suffered a massive crash which left him unconscious and missing both the Monaco GP and the Canadian GP. Most drivers who come back from a crash take months and maybe even years to fully recover, but at his return at Valencia he finished 11th and two weeks later he picked up his best finish of the year managing to come home 7th at the British GP. Sergio’s next four races showed how luck varies, despite making it to Q3 twice his races were ruined by variables he couldn’t control, at Hungary the heavens opened and Sergio couldn’t get any grip whilst at Belgium he suffered a rear axle failure. Sergio’s luck then changed as he managed to finish in the points twice in a row at Singapore and Japan, and at India he came from 20th to 10th. Sergio finished the season with 14 points, but wasn’t good enough to be rookie of the year, a title held by Paul di Resta.

2012 has been kind to Sergio so far, at Australia he finished 8th to pick up 4 points – and this time the car was legal. Whilst just one week later Sergio picked up is best finish of his career (so far) and showed that he is a man to watch finishing 2nd in a race he could have won. Despite not picking up any points in the two races since, Sergio has looked promising so far, making it to Q3 three times and he’s currently 9th in the standings. This has led to him being one of the favourites to replace Felipe Massa and many now consider him a future world champion. Will it happen? Only time will tell.



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