The dilemma of the F1 tracks!

12 May

As with the start to every season we’ve already experienced lots of press reports about where the ‘next’ F1 track will be. The strongest case so far has been for a return to the French GP, but since the change in leadership of France this report has been suppressed some what. To me this is a good thing as France was going to alternate with Spa and in my opinion Spa should have a place on the calendar to the end of time and doesn’t deserve to have to share a slot.

News has also come recently to the idea of Valencia and Catalunya alternating as the Spanish GP. I have feelings on this one as on one side the less we see of Valencia the better and on the other side I believe Catalunya should have the sport and Valencia should just be dropped completely.

If this does happen then it would mean there wouldn’t be a track hosting the European GP, and in my opinion there are only a few tracks that should be considered to host this GP. They are any French GP track as I think a return to France would be a good move for F1 and could let us see the return of a great track with either Paul Ricard or Magny-Cours or it should go to the Nurburgring which would let us have both the Nurburgring and Hockenheim on the calendar, two tracks that well deserve to be hosting a GP every year as apposed to it alternating between them.


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