Driver Ratings, Spain 12, Pt.1 Caterham Ferrari and Force India

13 May

Heikki Kovalainen: 7/10 Q20 S19 F16

Yet again a perfect start by Heikki as he gained 3 places on the first lap, and would you believe it at one point he was running 5th. But not even Heikki can work miracles for the whole race and to finish 16th directly behind Felipe Massa will have been a great result for him.

Vitaly Petrov: 7/10 Q19 S18 F17

For he first time this season he out qualified his team mate, and this could maybe be the start of successes for Vitaly, sadly this race wasn’t one of the. Despite trying his hardest the car was only able to fight with the Marussias and come home behind team mate Heikki.

Fernando Alonso: 8/10 Q3 S2 F2

When Fernando’s behind the wheel the teams in safe hands as every tenth possible was taken from that car and to take it to the front row of the grid was a superhero effort. He drove the race well and looked like he’s win for the first 25 laps but sadly things with Ferrari aren’t always what they seem and the team will be delighted to pick up their second podium this year. The analysts still say the Ferrari isn’t up to pace and I dread to think of the lap times Fernando will manage when it is.

Felipe Massa: 4/10 Q17 S16 F15

The ongoing tyre problems continued as Felipe couldn’t find the speed in qualifying, but the race appeared to start well for him, rising from 17th to 11th in just one lap! But that was as good as it got and as the race went on Felipe got slower and slower, the only drivers he finished against are from the ‘new’ teams. Could this be the end for him?

Paul Di Resta: 6/10 Q13 S12 F14

Last time out in Bahrain he finished 6th this time … well it wasn’t so good. Paul started the weekend well out qualifying team mate Hulkenburg for the 4th time in 5 races, but the race was a different story. It was a drive that Paul will want to forget quickly and move on to Monaco, where last year he required 3 noses during the race.

Nico Hulkenburg: 7/10 Q14 S13 F10

Before this weekend Nico was the previous driver to get Williams a pole position (Brazil 10) but qualifying doesn’t seem his strong point at Force India, yet again being out qualified by his team mate. Despite this though the race was a corker for Nico despite a poor start. He drove a solid race, but the timing of his last pitstop was sublime and laid the foundations for another point for Nico.


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