Driver Ratings, Spain 12, Pt.2 HRT, Lotus and Marussia

13 May

Pedro De La Rosa: 5/10 Q23 S22 F19

Another poor weekend. 23rd in all the practice sessions and then 23rd in qualifying, would he have finished so ‘high’ up without drivers retirements? Definitely not.

Narain Karthikeyan: 4/10 Q24 S23 Ret.

Very disappointing display by Narain, missed 107% by a country mile to ensure he’s been the slowest driver in every qualifying session and then did very little (except get in the way) come the race.

Kimi Raikkonen: 8/10 Q5 S4 F3

What a great drive! He overtook his team mate on the first lap and was the only driver to threaten Maldonado and Alonso through the entire race. Maybe if the race had been one lap longer he could have caught Fernando, but all that matters is that the return is going well and he’s got 2 podiums in the last 2 races.

Romain Grosjean: 8/10 Q4 S3 F4

What en exciting talent. The signing of Grosjean looks like a mighty pull by Lotus who are now 3rd in the constructors championship and Romain drove a non eventful race to take home another 12 points. Could Romain win the F1 title only a year after winning GP2? Only time will tell.

Timo Glock: 6/10 Q22 S21 F18

For the second race in a row Timo was behind his fellow Marussia on the grid, but that didn’t last long, overtaking Pic and two others on the first lap and constantly battling away to try and get the Marussia into a respectful position.

Charles Pic: 7/10 Q21 S20 ret.

Congratulations are in order for Charles, out qualifying Timo for the second race in a row, the race was no less eventful, delaying Fernando Alonso (probably what stopped Fernando winning) and then when he did his drive thru he just entered the garage never to return die to a drive shaft problem. Better luck next time.


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