Driver Ratings, Spain 12, Pt.3 McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull

13 May

Jenson Button: 6/10 Q11 S10 F9

There were two Jenson’s this weekend, one who was fastest in FP2 and a sure fire contender for pole, and the other who qualified 11th and then spent a miserable race only picking up 2 points. There are reports that the change was due to the car getting a lot of understeer but at the moment no one knows what happened.

Lewis Hamilton: 9/10 Q1 S24 F8

There will be arguments over Lewis deserved the penalty for the rest of the season but what we do know is that Lewis drove a stunner of a race to gain 16 positions. He gained a mammoth 6 places on the first lap and was running in 4th before he had to pit. Miraculously Lewis managed to do only 2 stops in the race and whoever’s idea that was should be proud, but due to older tyres he couldn’t hold on to 7th at the end and had to settle for 8th behind Vettel.

Michael Schumacher: 6/10 Q9 S8 ret.

In my opinion the collision with Senna was Schumacher’s fault but that aside it wasn’t a bad race for him. He’d rose 2 places already and maybe could have competed for a podium finish if he hadn’t retired. That now makes it 3 retirements in 5 races for Michael.

Nico Rosberg: 6/10 Q7 S6 F7

Gained 2 places on the first lap but things didn’t go so well from then on. His final pit stop was probably slightly too early and his tyres couldn’t handle the laps leading to him being overtaken by both Kamui Kobayashi and Sebastian Vettel.

Sebastian Vettel: 7/10 Q8 S7 F6

The team made a mistake not sending him out in Q3, but Seb drove an amazing race to pick up 8 points, and that included pitting for a new nose. His star moment was definitely overtaking both Hamilton and Rosberg in the dying laps to prove to his critics he CAN overtake.

Mark Webber: 6/10 Q12 S11 F11

Race ruined by being too close to the Schumacher-Senna incident and the car getting hit by some debris, probably why he needed to pit for a new nose. But even so Mark didn’t have a good weekend, team errors stopped him progressing to Q3, and his race wasn’t as good as he may have hoped.


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