The tweet review. Spain 12

13 May

This a new feature for the site and will closer link the blog and the twitter account ( @formula1formula).

After each race I’ll put the tweets that I feel were the best one’s I wrote, and the ones that portray the race:

“McLaren have just managed a pit stop in under 10 seconds, pigs are flying!” This is in relation to Jenson Button’s first pit stop.

“3rd retirement in five races for michael now” Schumacher’s start to the season goes from bad to worse.

“McLaren have a problem with the rear left (again)” As McLaren try to sort out their pit stops disaster occurs yet again. “this time it hit the tyre that had just been taken off” how many new ideas can they think of to ruin the race?

As Mark Webber needed a new wing I suspect that it was due to the debris that hit that car from the Schumacher-Senna collision “the mark webber problem i suspect is from the schumi-senna incident as a lot of the debris hit mark’s car”.

“Karthikeyan has now retired, so the track now has one less corner” Narain Karthikeyan (or Narain ‘moving chicane’ Karthikeyan retired just outside the pits with a loose wheel nut.

“i’m pretty sure the highway code says a crash is the driver behind’s fault” The Schumacher-Senna incident is to be looked at by the stewards after the race. But it was a busy day for the stewards giving drive thrus to Vettel, Massa and Pic.

Pastor Maldonado changed  Williams’ stats :

  • “the last time williams were on the podium was singapore 08 with rosberg”
  • “last williams victory was 2004 brazil by jaun pablo montoya”
  • “previous last podium for williams was the 2010 brazilian gp by nico hulkenburg who’s currently running 9th”

“that was lewis’ first pit stop this year that you’d measure with a stopwatch not a calendar” with speed of the essence McLaren finally get a good pit stop for Lewis.

“pic retiring just because he got a drive thru?” Charles Pic’s drive thru penalty appeared to have been misinterpreted as he retired.

It appears pitstop-itus is contagious “poor pit stop by sauber as a mechanic falls over, someone’s being taught by mclaren”, or could this be the cause “sauber have the chelsea insignia on their car, the dive by the mechanic was just a publicity stunt for drogba”and then the bug hit another team “and now williams are reading from the book of mclaren pit stops” a 6 second pit stop by Pastor Maldonado almost ruled him out of winning.

Both Pastor and Lewis pushed their tyres to the limit “can’t see hamilton fulfilling the 2 stop strategy, he’s still got to do 27 laps on these tyres” “maldonado’s tyres will have to last for 24 laps, i’m not sure he’ll make it :(“.

“both red bull’s have needed a new nose” no one really knows why but Red Bull appeared to be having problems with their nose.

“hats off to maldonado, i didn’t think he’d be doing this well at lap 63” I never saw this happening.

“alonso has gone from attacking 1st to defending 2nd” all his ways of getting time out of the car ended up ruining Fernando’s tyres which made him have to defend against Kimi Raikkonen

“Pastor Maldonado, the first ever Venezuelan F1 race winner”

“5 races, 5 winners from 5 different teams, this year is going to be close”

“driver of the day has to be the one the only, PASTOR MALDONADO#DOTD


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