Driver Ratings Monaco 12, Pt.3 McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull

27 May

Lewis Hamilton: 6/10  Q4 S3 F5

Lewis will go home blaming his engineers for a disappointing race, but then, he always does. And although they may have made a few mistakes Lewis needs to accept the blame for his performances. He wasn’t quick enough when the Ferraris came knocking and he failed to attack Vettel in the closing stages.

Jenson Button: 2/10 Q13 S12 F ret.

I was being kind giving him a 2, he was dreadful, he performed well in FP2 but he was dismal in qualifying going slower than even a Force India. The race was even worse, he wasn’t to blame for his poor first lap where he dropped 2 places, but you’d expect a good driver to find a way past Heikki Kovalainen, and when Jenson almost did get past he pushed too hard and had to retire. When he puts in these performances you think that maybe he was only world champion in 2009 due to the Braun car.

Michael Schumacher: 7/10 Q1 S6 F ret.

He was fantastic in qualifying even if he didn’t get to start from pole but his race wasn’t good. He was almost forced to retire by Grosjean at turn 1 and had fallen behind to running in 10th before the fuel pressure dropped on lap 63.

Nico Rosberg: 8/10 Q3 S2 F2

This was the Nico from China, not only was he flawless but he drove a race which mirrored Webber’s and all he needed was a tiny bit of luck and he could have picked up his 2nd victory. Nico should be happy though, he’s finished 2nd in the country where he’s spent nearly all his life.

Sebastian Vettel: 9/10 Q10 S9 F4

For a driver who didn’t go out in Q3 it was an amazing race, and maybe if he’d competed in qualifying he could have been the winner. Seb gained 3 places on the first lap and due by starting on the soft tyres he could stay out longer which meant that he could finish 4th. His strategy was flawless, well done Red Bull!

Mark Webber: 10/10 Q2 S1 F1

A quality drive by Webber, the only mistake he made was by just missing setting the fastest time in qualifying. Despite that Mark rode his luck to victory and should be very proud of his second Monaco victory.


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