Mistakes galore as F1 rolled into Monaco

30 May

It wasn’t a good week for the perfectionists last week. Mistakes were made by everyone, here are the three I spotted:

1. Red Bull

Red Bull have recently launched an app for the iPhone/iPad and on this app they give you facts and stats about the racetrack. Last week one of their stats was about how long it takes to build the Monaco circuit (which is 6 weeks if you didn’t know). The mistake was, the background was the image of the Brazilian GP and not Monaco.

Here’s the Red Bull mistake.

2. David Coultard

David’s mistake was in his column in the telegraph. It had a map of Monaco and had arrows onto the map showing some of the key corners. One of the corners it was talking about was the Lowes Hairpin, just a shame the arrow pointed to La Rascasse a corner at the other end of the circuit.

DC’s mistake. (Look in the bottom left)

3. Sky F1

Not only are their viewing figures lower than expected but they’ve now taken to putting cheap and offensive jokes in the program to attract viewers. Whilst saying how dangerous the track is one of the presenters commented how to show how dangerous the track is just ask Princess Grace.



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