Michael’s 3 things to watch in qualifying

7 Jul

Michael Aspin at Silverstone

(1) WEATHER- In yesterday’s practice sessions, Silverstone was drenched, and you could probably post a purple sector in a canoe rather than an F1 car- nevertheless the rain always makes for interesting driving. Expect spinning out, spray, careful driving and maybe the odd crash or two… Only the most skilful drivers will success in battling the track and the elements at Silverstone in qualifying today.

(2) CORNERS- The Silverstone Circuit is home to some of F1’s most famous corners. Copse is one of the most difficult corners to tackle, taken in seventh gear, full throttle and flat out, and followed immediately by the Maggotts, Becketts, Chapel complex, where the twisting swerves provide a spectacular challenge, and plenty of G- Force; the Village and Loop corners are the best for overtaking and spectacular racing and the excitement ends at the Abbey and the Club close to the Pit Straight, where more flat out action is anticipated, but the rain will mean that too much aggression will lead to cars spinning off onto the grass and mud… not good…

(3) McLAREN- I’m hoping McLaren have got their pit stops sorted, because the wet weather just may boost Jenson Button’s chances of returning to form, and back into Championship contention. The McLaren car, according to analysts may do well with its series of upgrades, but don’t forget Lotus; Grosjean was fastest in FP1 yesterday in the wet, and Kobayashi and Sauber may also do well, since the Japanese driver managed to complete the most number of laps across the two sodden practice sessions… It’s anyone’s game, and will be exciting!


2 Responses to “Michael’s 3 things to watch in qualifying”

  1. Alan Robinson July 7, 2012 at 19:59 #

    The wet makes a great leveller of a car performance and will exaggerate any driver errors.
    Only driven the GP circuit once and their are plenty of places to get it badly wrong.
    Should be a very good race.

    • tomtoma2z July 7, 2012 at 20:54 #

      If it carries on raining it could be anyone’s race, I sent you an email yesterday.

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