Silverstone – A day that will stay

8 Jul

On friday Will Garside, 13 went to Silverstone to watch the FP1 and FP2, here’s how he found the day:

There is that noise, the noise that is a usual threat early in the morning, but when it comes to a day when you are going to Sillverstone, you love that noise, yes that noise is an alarm clock!
A day known by millions, a day that gets you to excited that you get no sleep, a day you like to feel in charge of your parents. Of course, another slow year, waiting for it to come around again, it took it’s time but it’s here. We went through the checklist: lots of layers, check, food, check, camera ,check, umbrellas, check. We were prepared for it, as we learnt from the year before!

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To add to the endless pain of excitment, this year FP1 started an hour later! This then meant the gates opened at 7.00am, so we chose to drive along some shortcut country lanes asif we were Pastor Maldonado eager to get to 1st place by cutting a corner! And for sure this helped, we got to the circuit at 7.09am and it was very busy as expected. In the car, Mum and Dad were annoyed as it was wet but I tried to tell them it’s what makes Silverstone fun and it we would be bound to see a crash.
Anyway, the hunt for the cheapest Bacon roll was on, anyone want to guess where we found it? Village and cost a whopping £3! possibly because Silverstone need that money as Mr Eccelstone charges a bomb to host the race. We were sat in the undercover grandstand at Village happily eating away at our Bacon waiting for the GP3 lads to come out. there was now 20 minutes until GP3 but it felt alot longer. As I admired the iconic circuit It’s easy to understand why it’s the best GP on the F1 calendar. As a long wait came to a close, it was time for GP3 to start in the pouring rain. Not many of the drivers got away with it as they were spinning and crashing every where. It was amazing for sure.
After I managed to persuade my Mum and Dad to sit at the very end of Farm in the rain, and it was worth it as we had a great view of the first corner coming into the second. It was loud and it took a while for my ears to sort themsleves out, about 30minutes into FP1 my ears adjusted nicely. It made you smile when they came past and suprisingly the Caterham’s were the loudest! The session went very quick and soon we found ourselves walking down the steep steps of the grandstand in search of something to do. Luckily theres always something to do at Silverstone, so we got some very tasty chips and made our way over to Luffield to stand and watch the GP2 boys. They were brave, almost aquaplanning off Luffield into the deep gravel, but strangely no one did! At first, I thought standing up would get annoying and tiring but I found it fun seeing them swoop round Brooklands and then fighting for front end grip down Woodcote. It was amazing to see the GP2 cars whizzing round. Then we made our way through the mud to Beckets, which was a bit of a walk! As we were going past the National Pits the HFO Historic started which was all the 60’s/70’s/80’s F1 cars practising.
As we approched Beckets it looked full and then began to think it was a waste of time walking there. But it wasn’t, after searching for about 15 minutes up and down different stairs of the grandstand for some seats. We found some, and right at the front! It has to be the best place to sit as you could see almost everything from there. There were so many people in that grandstand it could have tipped over! FP2 began, but with 40 minutes gone of the session none of the cars had dared tackle the rain. Eventually Kamui Kobayashi impressed us all and braved it, we all gave a big cheer when he came round and then soon every car was rushing out, when Hamilton flew by there was an even bigger cheer. There was a TV screen in front of us and when we saw Alonso crash at Stowe, the whole entire grandstand cheered so loud that you couldn’t speak to the person next to you! It made you proud to be British! As the cars got faster and faster Bruno Senna pushed a bit to hard in Chapel caught the puddle and when flying towards the barriers, there was a massive puff of gravel launched in the air and lots of debris, then the next thing you know his rear wing was gone and he stepped out in dissapointment, the medical car picked him up and took him to the Medical centre. I had always wanted to witness an F1 crash and this was my first, im so glad my eyes followed him round Beckets and onto Chapel. In real life the impact seems bigger than TV can show. A great day gradually came to an end and everyone went home wondering what Silverstone would bring on saturday and sunday.

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One thing that surprised me was that the TV doesen’t capture the supremely loud backfire noise and gear poping changes!
Will Garside
You can follow Will on twitter (@willgarside99), and if you would like to write about your own GP experience or write about your feelings on the GP season please contact me at

2 Responses to “Silverstone – A day that will stay”

  1. Rob July 8, 2012 at 21:30 #

    I went on Friday, and sat at Vale/Club corners. Forgetting the awful 6 hour drive to get into the car park, i had a great day. The F1 cars sound so much louder and they made wierd noises when they lifted-off throttle which ive never heard before…
    I have never been before but i will definately go again.

    • tomtoma2z July 8, 2012 at 21:39 #

      From what I’ve heard about the weekend lots of people enjoyed it, sadly I couldn’t go, but I’m going with my dad to the formula student event their this weekend

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