Strategy made Webber race winner

9 Jul

Driver ratings, GB 12, Pt.3, McLaren, Mercedes and Red Bull

Lewis Hamilton: 8/10 Q8 S8 F8

Lewis will spending this evening scratching his head wondering why he isn’t leading the championship after starting the championship with the car to beat. Lewis was strong in front of his home crowd and captured the imagination of optimists when his first pit stop was one of the latest with many thinking he could be attempting a 1 stop strategy. Sadly a short second stint did him no favours and he was easily picked off by Schumacher near the end. Despite having a dismal day Lewis was still the fans favourites pulling a doughnut on track to increase moral.

Jenson Button: 2/10 Q18 S16 F10

In conditions that many highly rate him in Jenson failed to deliver only managing to qualify 18th in a wet qualifying session. Luckily though for Jenson with all the grid penalties Button could start the race in 16th and quickly tried to make it into the points, overtaking three drivers on the first lap. Jenson spent most of the race trying to make it into the points, but that only came when Hulkenburg went off on the one lap and Button walked away with a single point.

Michael Schumacher: 7/10 Q3 S3 F7

After two disappointing years Michael has started to remind us how he won 7 titles. This weekend Schumacher impressed to qualify 3rd, his best this season (not including Monaco where he had a 5 place grid penalty) but the car wasn’t as strong in the dry and had to spend the first stint trying to stop Felipe Massa overtaking, but as the race went on Schumacher got faster, which culminated with overtaking Lewis Hamilton to finish 6th.

Nico Rosberg: 3/10 Q13 S11 F15

Since that amazing win in China Nico appears to have dozed off, especially this weekend at Silverstone. The young german struggled to get the best out of the car in qualifying only managing to get the car to 13th, but just as we thought it couldn’t get worse it did. Like Michael Nico struggled with the Mercedes in the dry and after a thoroughly uninspiring race was disappointingly only 15th.

Sebastian Vettel: 8/10 Q4 S4 F3

Vettel has always been the slower of the Red Bull drivers around Silverstone but a strong 3rd place keeps him up and running for the championship. It was a disappointing start to the race for Vettel, being overtaken at the first corner by Massa and then almost losing another place to Kimi Raikkonen, but an early first pit stop let him get back ahead of Massa for 3rd where he stayed till the end.

Mark Webber: 10/10 Q2 S2 F1

Silverstone is Mark’s local GP and like always he impressed at the circuit. Despite not qualifying 1st (but just 0.05 seconds) many still considered him a potential winner, but when Aonso pulled away at the start their optimism started to falter. Mark’s strategy was to get the softs out of the way at the start and then run the faster hards for the rest of the race and this helped him beat Alonso who was on softs at the end, there was only going to be one winner, and with Mark lapping over a second faster he duly delivered the 1st place.


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