Formula Student Silverstone 2012

15 Jul

There is something about entering the Silverstone circuit that makes your hair stand on end, maybe it’s the history of the circuit which held the first GP of the inaugural F1 championship all he way back in 1950, or maybe it’s the amazing future the track will have with all the money going into the circuit. The track holds every type of motorsport even possible from F1 to MaX5 racing, and for last weekend only, the Formula Student event.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Formula Student it is a event where cars made by universities are tested on a variety of dynamic and static events.

First of all the car has to pass a number of safety tests to make sure the car qualifies for the event and that it can participate in the dynamic events, these are: a noise test, a brake test, a tilt test and scrutineering. The car can then take part in the dynamic events which are: acceleration, skid pan, sprint and endurance, the cars are also scored on design, a business presentation and cost and sustainability. The car that picks up the most points overall from these areas wins.

Here are the cars that I found the most impressive:

  • Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)

The car that really impressed was 75th but it was the only car running on a hydrogen fuel cell, and for that reason alone the car was my favourite. In a world where we’re all on the look out for new greener fuels for cars Delft deserve to be proud of their achievements and contributing to the hydrogen fuel cell awareness. Delft’s other car in the competition was an electric car which finished 2nd which is very impressive.

  • østfold University College (Norway)

østfold were competing in their debut event of Formula Student. The team finished 33rd in the overall standings and if the team can build on this year’s result then they could challenge for the top 10 in future years.

  • Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)

It would be impossible for me to not mention Chalmers’ car as they won the event. The car was extremely impressive especially at the endurance event which it won to pick up 300 points. The main reason the car was so impressive was due to it being one of the few cars to have a front and rear wing which was widely regarded to be the way to go on the endurance circuit.

  • Monash University (Australia)

It was a brave step for the Monash team to travel halfway round the world to compete in the event and luckily for the team it all payed off as the team picked up a very strong 3rd place picking up the full points for the skid pan event.

  • University of Stuttgart (Germany)

For a team who came into this event with many expecting them to win it was disappointing for the team to ‘only’ finish 5th. Despite this it was a very impressive performance from the team who could have made the top 3 had they had wings which were considered very important for the sprint and endurance.

  • Oxford Brookes University (UK)

Oxford Brookes were by far the best British team, they were the only one to make it into the top 10, and what was even more impressive was that they did that on a 1 cylinder engine which struggled to keep pace on it’s 4 cylinder counterparts, the team should be proud of their achievements but their dream of 1st place goes on.

For the full final standings go to

For my photos from the event go to (the photos should be out shortly)


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