FIA thinks electric

29 Aug

A new racing series is going to be launched called Formula E. This series will debut in 2014, but I haven’t told you what makes it unique yet. All the cars will be electric.

The series will be an international formula with races happening in city centres around the world, and the series will aim to improve the image of electric cars and as the FIA says it will be “a vision for the future of motor industry over the coming decade”.

Despite electric currently being classed as the way to go only 0.0015% of cars sold in the US last year were electric.

There are a few problems with electric car racing: due to current battery limits pit stops will see the driver swap from one car to another – fully charged – car, but as the technology improves this should become unnecessary and purists won’t be happy with the car’s lack of noise.

All in all I expect this series to be a success and we at F1F see it as the correct way to go for an industry which has been lacking in energy saving solutions.



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