Force India and it’s Drivers

29 Aug

When Force India announced it’s driver line up earlier this year there was much speculation as to which of it’s young drivers would impress more, now half way in we can compare how the two drivers have performed.

By looking at these stats it appears that Hulkenburg and Di Resta are very evenly matched. Despite this Di Resta has a good sized lead over Hulkenburg in points scored. This suggests that Di Resta has been the better driver over the season, but if you look at the graph below you may notice how in recent weeks Hulkenburg has been the better driver, in fact in the last 5 races Hulkenburg has picked up 12 points whilst Di Resta has picked up 6. This late charge can be put down to Hulkenburg not racing last season so he’d need to get re-accustomed to the car.

Either way you look at the numbers you can make a case for both of the drivers to have performed better so far, and we could be in for a cracking fight between Nico and Paul over the rest of the season.


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