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Gangnam Style

29 Sep

It’s the song that’s taken the world by storm and will be coming to F1 in Korea. PSY’s new song Gangnam Style has gone viral, picking up over 300 million views on youtube and has launched a new craze in bad dancing.

The song will be performed at this years Korean GP in an exclusive concert held after the race for grandstand ticket holders, and will be part of a mini music festival that is being held at the track over the weekend featuring many other big names in Korean music.

Speaking to the press PSY said “I look forward to bringing Gangnam Style to the glamourous world of F1, and welcome everyone to Korea for this great race”.

This announcement come during a period where it is uncertain wether or not Korea will host a GP in 2013.

To see the song click here


Hamilton set to announce Mercedes move.

28 Sep

Today (Friday the 28th of September) Lewis Hamilton is expected to announce that he is leaving McLaren and will instead will be driving for Mercedes next year. After 5 season with the team in F1 and many more years being supported by the team in lower racing categories it will be an emotional farewell when Lewis drives his final race for the team in Brazil this year.

In this post I won’t be looking at the reasons behind the deal (my opinions on them can be seen here), instead I will be looking at which drivers could replace Hamilton and who will he replace.

Who will Mercedes drop?

  • Mercedes have one of two options for who will make way for Hamilton, they can drop either Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg. Schumacher is the obvious choice, there are many people who feel that Schumacher should leave sooner rather than later and in recent races there has been evidence that his powers are waining, most recently running into the back of Vergne in Singapore. If Schumacher is dropped by Mercedes I’d expect him to retire for good. But Mercedes may want to keep Schumacher as he’s a more attractive target for sponsors, and if this is the case the team may decide to drop Nico Rosberg, winner of the 2012 Chinese GP. This would be in my opinion the wrong decision as Rosberg has a lot of potential and Lewis will find it easier to get on with Rosberg than Schumacher (who he has had some disputes with in recent years). If Rosberg does leave I’d expect him to be quickly signed up by another team, maybe replacing Bruno Senna at Williams.

Who could replace Hamilton?

  • Sergio Perez will be touted as the favourite to replace Hamilton, Perez is a fantastic driver: light on his tyres, fast and able to overtake and in the longterm he could have the potential to be better than Hamilton, but there may be resentment to sign him in that the Mexican is part of the Ferrari young drivers program and McLaren may be worried that Ferrari would poach Perez off the team after only a couple of years. If I was Martin Whitmarsh I would sign Perez.
  • Paul Di Resta will also be a likely target and with him being British he’d look ideal to replace Hamilton, especially after last weekend’s performance in Singapore. Di Resta would supply them with a solid driver who probably wouldn’t challenge for next years championship but would give them points and be a possibility in the future.
  • Nico Hulkenburg has been on many team’s radars and is expected to move to a bigger team in the not to distant future, he’s quick, competitive and when he’s having a good day he’s one of the best drivers out there, qualifying 4th in Valencia and finishing 4th at Spa. Nico will be looking to put in another strong performance in the Brazilian GP this year where on his previous outing he took pole. I think Nico is 3rd favourite.


24 Sep


ONE THOUSAND and six hundred lights surround the Marina Bay in Singapore, guiding the F1 drivers around the tight and twisting streets under the moon’s gaze in F1’s only night time race, and it delivered a spectacular race yet again.

Lewis Hamilton’s race began very strongly, and his stunning pace demonstrated his careful manner around the Singaporean streets, but unfortunately, we were denied a good old scrap for first between Hamilton and Vettel. This was due to the fact he had to retire with a gearbox failure, and had to coast solemnly into the corner of the race track, his chances ruined today, and also providing a significant dint to his overall standings at this crucial stage of the season- all hopes for McLaren will now be pointing to Japan, and they will be praying for a disaster free couple of Grands Prix if they have any chance of reining in Alonso or Vettel.

Today’s race was dedicated to the life of the late Professor Sidney Watkins OBE, who revolutionised safety in the sport, and if it weren’t for his developments, racing here would have been impossible.

On the 39th anniversary of the first deployment of a Formula One safety car, it was only fitting that we should see not one, but two safety cars in the race, the first one following Narain Karthikeyan’s trip into a wall in a tight part of the circuit; the racers managed to close down the leaders so much so that after the restart, Jenson Button nearly collided into the back of Vettel’s car as the safety car was making its way back into the pits, and moments later, Michael Schumacher underestimated Jean Eric Vergne’s racing line into one of the corners, and subsequently careered into the back of the Frenchman’s car, causing the safety car drivers to have another spin on the track.

The near misses and unlucky moments seemed to come thick and fast following the second restart: Pastor Maldonado suffered misfortune as a hydraulic problem forced an early, yet undeserved retirement- the Venezuelan had excellent driving form and I expect that he will be disappointed with another pointless finish. Bruno Senna’s run of bad luck continued after losing power just before the end of the race, and a very poor pit stop by Vitaly Petrov saw him finish almost three whole laps behind the rest of the field.

Action further up the field wasn’t missing either- both Saubers, Nico Hulkenberg and Mark Webber jostled for position and their battle saw car body parts flying all over the track, and Felipe Massa wasn’t short of near misses, either- whilst trying to overtake Bruno Senna (before he retired) the Ferrari came within millimetres of damaging a bridge that was over a century old, and risked damaging both cars in the process- brave, courageous driving, but it eventually paid off.

The race was scheduled to last for sixty one laps, but since the safety car slowed down proceedings in an already long race, the two hour time limit elapsed, and when Sebastian Vettel crossed the finish line on the fifty ninth lap, the chequered flag was flown and twenty five points were awarded to the German- the ‘finger’ got its second 2012 outing- its first since Bahrain- nevertheless Christian Horner needed something to smile about as these points put Vettel comfortably back in contention for the Driver’s Championship. McLaren received some consolation, as Jenson Button received eighteen points for finishing second, and Fernando Alonso completed the podium earning fifteen more points to add to his tally.

Paul Di Resta did Force India proud with his best ever finish- fourth place should put a huge smile on the young Scot’s face as twelve points were much deserved and a good sign that he has a good future ahead of him. Nico Rosberg avoided the same fate of his German team mate and received ten points for fifth place, with Kimi Raikkönen receiving eight points in sixth place followed closely behind by team mate Grosjean in seventh place with six points. Felipe Massa avoided more near misses to take eighth place and four points followed by a deserving Toro Rosso in ninth place- Daniel Ricciardo did well to earn two points for his team, and Mark Webber earned he final point in tenth place.

It is also worth noting that Marussia’s Timo Glock finished in a very respectable twelfth place, and although no points were scored, the team are now statistically the best of three “back marker” teams; Sauber were very disappointed with their performance today- neither driver finished in the points after looking so good in Monza two weeks ago.

The fly away action continues next fortnight in Japan and McLaren will be hoping that both drivers will have an excellent performance without any mishaps as the season begins to draw to a close, but with everything still all to play for.


There are six drivers with more than 100 points in the Driver’s Championships. Leading the way is Fernando Alonso with 194 points- if he keeps scoring good points, he might just hang on to the lead by Brazil, yet any DNF’s will be devastating, and something that all drivers will be hoping to avoid. Sebastian Vettel has re- taken second place with 165 points, followed by Kimi Raikkönen in third with 149 points and Hamilton has stayed on 142 points, dropping two places since Monza. Fifth place belongs to Mark Webber with 133 points to his name, whilst Jenson Button completes the top six with 119 points. Nico Rosberg is seventh with 93 points, and Romain Grosjean’s return has seen him score more points, taking his tally to 82.

In the Constructor’s Championships, Red Bull have increased their lead to 298 points, 37 points of McLaren’s 261 points in second. Ferrari remain third, with 245 points, and Lotus follow closely behind with 231 points. Nearly 100 points separate fourth and fifth, with Mercedes in fifth with 136 points. Sauber remain in sixth place, staying with 100 points. Paul Di Resta’s superb performance has seen Force India’s points tally increase to 75, remaining in seventh. Williams are eighth with 54 points, 40 points clear of Toro Rosso in ninth and 14 points. Although still yet to score, Marussia are statistically ahead of Caterham in tenth place, and HRT, as ever, bring up the rear in twelfth.

I will be back in 2 week’s time with another update, as Formula One returns to Suzuka in Japan- last year, the Championships were decided here, but with 150 points still up for grabs, the tide could turn at any moment and we can still expect a few surprises, just remember to set those alarm clocks if you don’t want to miss the excitement!

Since this review was written, Mark Webber has been demoted to eleventh place, with a 20 second penalty for dangerous driving (contact with Saubers and Hulkenberg) and Michael Schumacher has been issued with a ten place grid penalty in Suzuka for crashing into Vergne.

This means Sergio Perez finished tenth and has earned the point- Mark Webber’s tally is in fact 132; Sauber has 101 points and Red Bull lead by 36 points with 297 points to their name.

Vettel wins to put himself back in the championship hunt

23 Sep

Good day Bad day, Singapore 12.

Good Day:

Paul Di Resta: 9/10 S6 F4 #DriverOfTheDay

Paul lit up the race today, he wasn’t the most exciting driver to watch, but he picked up the big 12 points to show yet again why he should be on the wanted lists of the big teams.

Sebastian Vettel: 8/10 S3 F1 (S = started from, F = finished)

After a disappointing performance in qualifying yesterday the pressure was on for Vettel to pick up big points and he did just that, overtaking Maldonado at turn 2 before inheriting 1st from Hamilton due to Lewis retiring. Vettel is now 2nd in the championship and it would be a mistake to rule him out of a 3rd championship.

Felipe Massa: 9/10 S13 F8

After a disappointing qualifying session for Massa yesterday and a puncture on lap 1 it took some phenomenal driving skill to pick up 4 points. Massa gave a tutorial in overtaking today pulling a fantastic move on Senna despite being given little room to manoeuvre in. One thing that’s for certain we can’t rule Felipe out of driving for Ferrari next season.

Marussia: 8/10

With Timo Glock putting in a fantastic performance to finish 12th Marussia have moved into the very important 10th place in the constructors standings. If they can stay there then they will pick up a lot more money at the end of the year which will put them in a better position for next season.

Bad Day:

Lewis Hamilton: 7/10 S1 F ret.

Lewis hasn’t had a very lucky season and today’s incident may be the final problem in terms of the world championship. Lewis is now 52 points behind with 6 races left. Lewis had started the race brightly and was regarded by many as the favourite to win until the car lost drive and retired on lap 22.

Michael Schumacher: 3/10 S9 F ret.

Michael was on for a points finish when he lost concentration and just piled into the back of Vergne. In his defence he has had brake problems all weekend but I’d be very surprised if he isn’t disciplined after the race.

Williams: 6/10

Williams started today after getting a driver to the front row of the grid but the good form didn’t last. Senna had problems with his gearbox early on (despite taking a 5 place grid penalty for a gearbox change) before Maldonado retired with hydraulics problems. Senna then almost received a penalty for an incident with Massa before hitting the barriers once too often to retire with 2 laps remaining.

Sauber: 7/10

Sauber were never expected to be strong in Singapore but I’m very surprised that none of their drivers managed to pick up any points in a weekend where rivals Mercedes and Force India picked up big points. Luckily Sauber are expected to be a lot stronger at Suzuka and we could maybe see another Sauber podium there.



Carnage reigns whilst Vettel wins

23 Sep

The tweet review, Singapore 12. (All times are approximate, and all UK time)

“A minutes silence for the great man Prof Sid Watkins” (@JackLeslieF1) 12:46

“Anyway, lets’ take a minute to remember the incredible individual that was Prof. Sid Watkins. Gone, but MEVER forgotten.” (@IrvineF1) 12:49

“the line up for todays race will be (1st->24th) HAM MAL VET BUT ALO DIR WEB GRO MSC ROS HUL RAI MAS PER RIC VER KOB GLO PIC SEN KAR DLR” (@formula1formula) 12:52

“the guys to watch are the force india and sauber drivers, all have a good shot at picking up points and this is a high attrition race” (@formula1formula) 13:04

“the penalties are: DLR (24->24) and SEN (17->22) 5 place grid penalty for gearbox change and Pic gets 20 secs added to his time” (@formula1formula) 12:54

“Hamilton leads into turn 1 with Vettel up to second” (@Formula1_com) 13:05

“lap 2 and already the FIA are investigating incidents” (@formula1formula) 13:07

“Order on lap 3: HAM, VET, BUT, MAL, ALO, DIR, WEB, GRO, ROS, MSC, RAI, HUL, PER, RIC, VER, KOV, GLO, SEN, KOB, PIC, DEL, KAR, PET, MAS.” (@F1TimesLive) 13:09

“Turn 1 saw Schumacher, Rosberg, Webber and Grosjean go into turn 1 side by side!” (@JackLeslieF1) 13:09

“Lotus has lost telemetry from Grosjean. Maybe they can ask Lewis to Tweet it for them.” (@GrandPrixDiary) 13:12

“btw Massa (currently 24th) has set the fastest lap of this race on the harder compound” (@formula1formula) 13:14


“Rob Smedley telling Felipe he’s the quickest man out there. He’s last and 77 seconds behind the leader. He’ll need to be quick….” (@GrandPrixDiary) 13:20

“Bruno Senna had a gearbox change before the race and still manages to lose gear 1” (@formula1formula) 13:24

“That wasn’t Vettel pitting for the undercut – Vettel pitted because he’d lost half a second in the middle sector. Tyres were going.” (@f1fanatic_co_uk) 13:25

“Lewis reports “a funny feeling” in the right rear tyre. Will box now” (@F1PitRadio) 13:27

“Hamilton has lost drive and is having to retire!!!!!” (@formula1formula) 13:48


“We’re going to use this failure to our advantage, we’re telling Lewis it’s a Mercedes built component that failed.” (@fakewhitmarsh) 14:06

“KAR has just crashed on the bridge at turn 18 and the safety car will have to come out” (@formula1formula) 14:08


“Maldonado told he has a hydraulic problem and has to retire.” (@f1fanaticlive) 14:13

“Safety Car in this lap. Button almost drives in to the back of Vettel when warming his brakes.” (@JamesallenonF1) 14:24

“Big crash as Schumacher mounts the back of Vergne’s Toro Rosso and both are out immediately” (@autosportlive) 14:26

“Michael Schumacher. Should have gone to SpecSavers.” (@GrandPrixDiary) 14:26

“another crash and so the safety car is straight back out” (@formula1formula) 14:27

“Vitaly Petrov is being pushed down the pit lane by the Caterham mechanics…” (@IrvineF1) 14:29

“Heikki Kovalainen is up into P11 now, could Caterham score some points today? Rate of attrition is growing undoubtedly” (@RichlandF1)

“Petrov back out” (@F1PitRadio) 14:33

“L42 Vettel leads again at the restart. Kovalainen is now 11th!” (@f1fanatic_co_uk) 14:33

“Crazy stuff, Massa overtook whilst zig-zagging across the track. Brilliant stuff as he makes contact with Senna.” (@F1TimesLive) 14:35

“Kovalainen pits from 11th to ruin caterham’s chances of points” (@formula1formula) 14:39

“Perez hits Hulkenberg as he attempts a pass. Damage to the front-wing on the Sauber.” (@F1TimesLive) 14:46

“Webber uses the whole track and more to pass Kobayashi. Puncture for Hulkenberg as contact between him and Kobayashi.” (@F1TimesLive) 14:47

“Lap 51/61: VET BUT ALO DIR ROS RAI GRO MAS RIC SEN WEB PER GLO PIC KOB DEL KOV HUL PET – Glock and Pic running superbly!” (@RichlandF1) 14:50

“Senna must be a hell of a billiards player given the way he’s banking that Williams off the armco.” (@charlie_whiting) 14:51

“Senna has retired. He complained of a loss of power in his Williams earlier on.” (@f1fanatic_co_uk) 15:05

“driver of the day: Paul Di Resta, may not have been the most exciting driver but P4 is a fantastic result” (@formula1formula) 15:06

“top 10 finish: VET BUT ALO DIR ROS RAI GRO MAS RIC WEB, the others who finished were PER GLO KOB HUL KOV PIC DLR” (@formula1formula) 15:08

“lots of retirements, HAM KAR MAL MSC VER PET SEN” (@formula1formula) 15:10

Vettel dominates practice, but it’s Lewis on pole

22 Sep

3 winners and losers of qualifying, Singapore 12


McLaren: Since a disappointing start to the season McLaren have turned their season round amazingly, and with Hamilton putting in a blistering time for pole today McLaren have now had 4 poles in a row. This turnaround is vitally important, not only in keeping Hamilton for 2013 but also to make a final challenge for the championship. Button will start from 4th.

Pastor Maldonado: Despite winning in Valencia there hasn’t been a lot of good news relating to Maldonado, but it was a fantastic result for the Venezuelan to claim a front row spot for the start tomorrow and with his consistency this will throw the cat among the pigeons for any predictions relating to tomorrow’s race.

Paul Di Resta: Paul was strong in Singapore last year finishing 6th and has done very well again qualifying 6th. With Singapore having a high attrition rate I wouldn’t rule out a top 4, or maybe even a podium finish.


Sebastian Vettel: After setting the fastest times in every practice session Vettel was widely regarded as the most likely driver to take pole position, but Vettel seemed to struggle today only managing 3rd.

Felipe Massa: With Alonso leading the championship you’d expect Massa to be competing for top 3 places in qualifying, but the reality is Massa is struggling as shown by his 13th place today. Although you’d expect him to still pick up points tomorrow he needs to up his game and pray if he’s to stay at Ferrari next year.

Sauber: To be fair to the team Sauber’s can isn’t suited to the Singapore circuit so I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, but I didn’t imagine they’d have a driver out in Q1 and not have a driver in the top 12. Sauber will need Kobayashi to show off his overtaking skills and Perez to put in one of his phenomenal performances tomorrow to pick up some points. I expect Sauber to be much stronger in the next race at Japan.

Sauber – a brief history

15 Sep

Sauber have been one of the biggest surprises of the season, 3 podiums to their name and fighting for 5th in the championship, with a budget that is insignificant went placed next to the big 5. Here’s a brief history:


  • Peter Sauber founds Sauber F1 team.
  • Sauber ran with Ilmor engines.
  • They pick up 12 points and finish 7th in the constructors championship.
  • Karl Wendlinger picks up 7 points and finishes 12th.
  • Whilst JJ Lehto picks up 5 to finish 13th.


  • The team receives backing from Mercedes, and used their engines.
  • The team pick up another 12 points to finish 8th.
  • Karl Wendlinger stayed on for the first 4 races, before he picked up an injury, picking up 4 points to finish 19th.
  • Heinz-Harald Frentzen got his F1 debut season and picked up 7 points to finish 13th.
  • Andrea de Cesaris joined the team for 9 races, as a replacement for Wendlinger he retired from 8 but picked up a point for the team to take his season tally to 4 (he picked up 3 for Jordan) and finished 19th. This was de Cesaris last season in F1.
  • JJ Lehto drove for the team in 2 races, (after replacing de Cesaris) he picked up 0 points but finished 24th after picking up a point at Benetton.


  • Sauber become sponsored by Red Bull.
  • Started using Ford engines.
  • 18 points sees the team finish 7th in the constructors standings.
  • Wendlinger drove for the first 4 races  before being dropped and being recalled up for the final 2 races, Karl picked up 0 points. Wendlinger retired from the sport at the end of 1995.
  • Heinz-Harald Frentzen stayed with Sauber, he picked up 15 points, including Sauber’s first podium in Italy. Heinz finished 9th overall.
  • Rookie Jean-Christophe Boullion replaced Wendlinger and picked up 3 points to finish 16th before being dropped in favour of Wendlinger.  Boullion never drove in F1 again.


  • Sauber picked up 11 points to finish 7th.
  • Frentzen drove for the team for a third year, picking up 7 points to finish 12th, before leaving the team at the end of the year.
  • Johnny Herbert joined the team and picked up 4 points, all for a podium finish in Monaco. Herbert finished 14th.


  • The team built it’s own engine under the name Petronas, although every part was made by Ferrari. This deal carries on until the start of the 2006 season.
  • Sauber finished with 16 points and 7th place (at least they’re consistent).
  • Herbert stayed with the team and picked up 15 points including a podium in Hungary to finish 10th.
  • Nicola Larini drove for the first 6 races before being dropped because he didn’t get on with the Sauber management. He picked up 1 point to finish 19th. Larini retired after 1997.
  • Gianni Morbidelli replaced Larini but missed a few races due to injuries in testing. He picked up 0 points and retired from F1 at the end of the year.
  • Norberto Fontana replace Morbidelli for the 4 races he missed, he picked up 0 points in the only 4 F1 races of his career.


  • Sauber get 10 points to finish 6th in the constructors championship.
  • Johnny Herbert gets 1 point to finish 15th. Herbert left Sauber at the end of the year to join Stewart.
  • Jean Alesi moves from Benetton, he gets 9 points, including a podium in Belgium to finish 11th.


  • Sauber only managed 5 points but still finished 8th.
  • Jean Alesi managed to get 2 points to finish 16th. Alesi left to Prost at the end of the year.
  • Pedro Diniz was signed from Arrows, he picked up 3 points and finished 14th.


  • Sauber pick up 6 points to finish 8th.
  • Diniz didn’t pick up any points and decided to retire at the end of the season.
  • Mika Salo joined the team after spending the previous year covering for injured drivers at BAR and Ferrari. Salo picked up 6 points and finished 11th. Salo then left to help Toyota prepare for the 2002 season.


  • With an all new line up Sauber got 21 points and finished 4th, their best ever season as Sauber.
  • Red Bull stopped sponsoring the team after a fall out over the signing of Kimi Raikkonen
  • Nick Heidfeld was signed from Prost, Heidfeld picked up 12, including a podium in Brazil points and finished 8th.
  • Future WDC Kimi Raikkonen joined the team having never raced in F1 before, he picked up 9 points to finish 10th. At the end of the season Raikkonen moved to McLaren.


  • Sauber picked up 11 points and finished 5th.
  • Heidfeld picked up 7 points and finished 10th.
  • Felipe Massa moved into the team with no experience, he picked up 4 points and finished 13th. At the end of the year Massa became the Ferrari test driver.
  • Heinz-Harald Frentzen rejoined the team to replace Massa for one race after Massa was injured. Frentzen didn’t pick up any points for Sauber but finished 18th after picking up 2 points for Arrows.


  • At the start of 2003 the points system changed from 10-6-4-3-2-1 to 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1
  • Sauber picked 19 points and finished 6th.
  • Heidfeld drove for the team for a third time, picking up 6 points and finishing 14th. Heidfeld joined Jordan at the end of the year.
  • Frentzen drove a 5th and final season for Sauber before retiring from the sport. He picked up 13 points and finished 11th, finishing 3rd in the US GP.


  • Despite picking up a bumper crop of 34 points Sauber couldn’t improve on their previous 6th place finishing 6th.
  • Experienced driver Giancarlo Fisichella joined the team for just one season, Fisichella got 22 points and finished 11th.
  • Felipe Massa returned his year as Ferrari test driver, Felipe got 12 points and finished 12th.


  • Despite a strong line up Sauber could only pick up 20 points and finished 8th.
  • 1997 World Champion, Jacques Villeneuve joined Sauber but only got 9 points and finished 14th.
  • Felipe Massa managed to pick up 11 points and finished 13th. At the end of the year Massa joined Ferrari, the team he still drives for today (2012).


  • The team received investment from BMW and for the next 4 seasons the team would run with BMW engines.
  • BMW Sauber picked up 36 points finishing 5th.
  • Heidfeld returned, his 23 points meant he finished 9th.
  • Jacques Villeneuve stayed with the team picking up 7 points finishing 15th. After Villeneuve had to miss the Hungarian GP due to injury he fell out with the management and retired from F1.
  •  Rookie, Robert Kubica replaced Villeneuve, Kubica got 6 points and finished 16th.


  • BMW Sauber had a phenomenal season, the 101 points they picked up led the team to 2nd place, BMW Sauber’s best finish.
  • Heidfeld got 61 points finishing 5th. Nick’s best result was a 3rd place in Hungary.
  • Robert Kubica stayed for a 2nd season picking up 39 points finishing 6th.
  • Future WDC Sebastian Vettel replaced Kubica for one race due to Kubica suffering an injury. In his very first race he finished 8th which contributed to his points haul of 6 points finishing 14th, (the rest of his points came at Toro Rosso).


  • Despite only finishing 3rd I for one regard 2008 as Sauber’s greatest year, their 135 points included the only race victory of the team’s history.
  • Robert Kubica had a fantastic year, winning the Canadian GP and finishing on the podium a further 6 times. Kubica picked up 75 points and finished 4th in the championship.
  • Nick Heidfeld’s 6th season with Sauber/BMW Sauber Heidfeld finished on the podium 4 times and picked up 60 points finishing 6th in the championship.


  • After two fantastic seasons BMW Sauber had a bad season, only picking up 36 points and only finishing 6th.
  • Kubica only got 1 podium, picking up 17 points and finishing 14th, at the end of the season Kubica left BMW Sauber and joined Renault.
  • Nick Heidfeld picked up 19 points and finished 13th.


  • At the end of 2009 BMW pulled out of F1 leaving Peter Sauber in complete control of the team.
  • Monisha Kaltenborn was named as CEO of the team, the first female CEO of an F1 team.
  • Sauber switched to Ferrari engines for the 2010 season, a deal that still exists.
  • At the start of the 2010 season the points system was changed from 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 to 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4–2-1.
  • With the change of management the the driver line up was completely changed.
  • McLaren reserve driver Pedro De La Rosa came into the team, but after only picking up 6 points (finishing 17th) he was replaced for the final few races by the returning Nick Heidfeld who 6 points (finishing 18th). At the end of the year De La Rosa rejoined McLaren as the reserve driver whilst Heidfeld joined Renault.
  • After a promising display in the final two races of the 2009 season Kamui Kobayashi joined Sauber for 2010, picking up 32 points and finishing 12th in the championship.


  • Sauber picked up 44 points for the second season in a row but improved their championship position finishing 7th.
  • Kobayashi stayed on with the team picking up 30 points and finishing 12th.
  • Sergio Perez joined the team from GP2, Perez picked up 14 points finishing 16th in a promising rookie season.
  • Pedro De La Rosa replaced Perez for the Canadian GP due to Perez being ill. De La Rosa didn’t pick up any points before returning to his role as McLaren test driver.


  • Early on in 2012 1/3 of the Sauber team was transferred to Monisha Kaltenborn making her a part owner.