Another week another McLaren pole!

8 Sep

3 winners and losers of qualifying, Italy 12.


McLaren: no one was sure where McLaren would stand when the season resumed but it’s all been good for them, Button was pole to victory last week and Hamilton is pole this time. Despite the best car McLaren struggled early on but this change in fortunes could put them back in contention for the drivers championship.

Felipe Massa: When Felipe needs to perform he does. He’s really upped his performance this week to make himself the only non Brit in the top 4, if Massa can finish on the podium it will be the first time since Korea 2010.

Paul Di Resta: Paul has found him self 2nd best to team mate Hulkenburg over the last few races but he’s really found his form this weekend taking full advantage of Hulkenburg’s mechanical fault. The one blemish in Paul’s performance is that he’s got a 5 place grid penalty for a gearbox change and so will start 9th.


Fernando Alonso: The crash last week may have completely ruined Alonso’s championship. The car has had to be completely rebuilt and after multiple mechanical problems yesterday a problem with the rear anti roll bar meant he couldn’t set a competitive time in Q3, leaving him 10th. Otherwise we could have seen Alonso on pole after going fastest in Q1 and Q2, a podium may be possible if he has a good start.

Nico Hulkenburg: After the elation of 4th last weekend it’s back to reality for Hulkenburg, mechanical problems meant he didn’t set a time and will start from the very back.

Red Bull: Since the season resumed qualifying has been a big problem for Red Bull, Vettel out in Q2 and Webber only 7th was a bad performance last week whilst it was Webber out in Q2 and Vettel only 6th this weekend. Unless Red Bull get their skates on they could find themselves losing the constructors championship which they’ve dominated this year.


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