Fireworks galore as Hamilton takes victory

9 Sep

The tweet review, Italy 12

“My prediction is Hamilton to win, but Massa and Alonso to accompany him on the podium” (@formula1formula)

“this is how the grid will line up: HAM BUT MAS SCH VET ROS RAI KOB DIR ALO WEB PER SEN RIC DAM VER KOV PET GLO PIC KAR MAL DLR HUL” (@formula1formula)

“the penalties going into this race are Grosjean 1 race ban Maldonado 2 5 place grid penalties and Di Resta a 5 place penalty” (@formula1formula)

“5 4 3 2 1 THE LIGHTS GO OUT THE #F1 #ItalianGP is GO GO GO” (F1_Fans_Updates)

“HUGE start for Massa who manages to get between the #McLaren‘s – HAM leads as everyone is into the first lap cleanly…” (@IrvineF1)

“Order at the end of lap one: Hamilton, Massa, Button, Schumacher, Vettel, Raikkonen, Alonso” (@ESPNF1)

“Narain overtook both Marussias at the start but they touched on the first corner” (@HRTF1Team)


“And Alonso gets P5. World Championship leader is back on the road. Not much happening ahead” (@easonF1)

“Now Di Resta forces Senna off the track.” (@f1fanaticlive)

“D’Ambrosio told his KERS isn’t working.” (@f1fanaticlive)

“BTW, while it’s quiet, checked whether Bernie Ecclestone invited Alex Zanardi to present prizes at Monza” “Yes, he did but Alex wanted to stay in London for the Paralympics closing ceremony. You can see his point. Well done to him anyway” both by (@easonf1)

“Maldonado was coming up to overtake someone, the team did the wise thing and brought him in for a pitstop” (@fakewhitmarsh)

“I’m starting to think many may be changing strategies to a two-stop race…” (@IrvineF1)

“Ferrari appear to be in a right old panic in the garage. No idea why” (@easonF1)

“Button takes Massa at the second chicane and it’s back to a McLaren 1-2.” (@F1TimesLive)

“Maldonado is flying in his Williams. New tyres working wonders. His last lap, a 1:29.653, almost a second quicker than the leaders.” (@F1TimesLive)

“Massa’s car had stopped transmitting telemetry to the team. Alonso and Vettel come close in the pit lane but Vettel keeps his position” (@Jamesallenonf1)

“Hamilton pits from the lead, a 2.7 pit – the fastest of the race so far” (@F1TimesLive)

“Lovely ding-dong between Vettel and Alonso ends with Alonso careering onto the grass” (@easonF1)

“So Massa has no telemetry has anyone checked Hamilton tweets? =P” (@F1_Fans_Updates)

“So Perez leads by virtue of not stopping and is told by Sauber to stay out. Hamilton looms though” (@easonF1)

“Top ten on 28/53: PER, HAM, BUT, MAS, VET, ALO, MSC, RAI, ROS, HUL. Perez is yet to pit after starting on the prime tyre.” (@Jamesallenonf1)

“Alonso tries it again at Curva Grande and this time makes it stick, clearing Vettel into the second chicane” (@autosportlive)

“Vettel/Alonso under investigation for their earlier scrap.” (@F1TimesLive)

“What’s ‘Fernado’s faster than you’ in italian?” (@fakewhitmarsh)

” Vettel has been given a drive through for his role in the Alonso incident” (@Formula1_com)


“LAP 35 Vettel takes his drive-through penalty & rejons in P9 behind Red Bull teammate Webber.” (@F1racing)

“PER is quietly setting purple sectors…” (@F1Kate)

“Smedley to Massa: “Think about how you’re going to manage the tyres, Alonso behind you.” ” (@F1TimesLive)

“even though I think Vettel didn’t do on purpose, it was dangerous and he forced Alonso of track, so penalty justified.” (@NickHeidfeld)

“Button’s 21-race classified finish streak was the longest current streak in F1 before today.” (@virtualstatman)

“ALO passes teammate Massa with DRS open, makes it look easy. ALO now P2, MAS P3” (@IrvineF1)

“10 laps to go: HAM, ALO, MAS, PER, RAI, VET, WEB, DIR, KOB, MSC, RIC, ROS, SEN, HUL, MAL, DAM, KOV, PET, PIC, GLO, DLR, KAR, BUT, VER” (@Formula1_com)

“Incredible. Perez sweeps past Massa fr P3 and a podium place. What an effort and great for Sauber who were so disappointed last weekend” (@easonF1)

“Perez is past! He is up to 2nd place!” (@easonF1)

“Vettel has retired on the main straight” (@ESPNF1)

“‘For Sale’ Bulk purchase of Renault alternators, keen for quick sale. Please call Christian Horner on Milton Keynes 832654.” (@GrandPrixDiary)

“And in all the excitement, HUL RET.” (@F1Kate)

“WEBBER is now OUT of the race after his spin!” (@F1_Fans_Updates)

“Vettel Webber and Button retired, Alonso finishing 3rd, is now to early to announce him as the 2012 WDC?” (@formula1formula)

“Hamilton wins but driver of the day can only be Sergio Perez 12th to 2nd after an inspired decision to have a long 1st stint” (@formula1formula)

“Result: HAM, PER, ALO, MAS, RAI, MSC, ROS, DIR, KOB, SEN, MAL, RIC, DAM, KOV, PET, PIC, GLO, DLR, KAR [WEB, HUL, VET, BUT, VER out]” (@Formula1_com)

“1:27.239 was the fastest lap of the 2012 Italian Grand Prix; set by Nico Rosberg.” (@Formula1_Facts)

“Felipe Massa deserves a shout, he hasn’t had a podium since 2010 but came so close today, maybe next time #YouNeverKnow” (@formula1formula)


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