Hamilton dominates whilst it all erupts in Monza

9 Sep

Good day Bad day, Italy 12

This will replace the driver ratings, but it is a similar concept, the main difference being that not every driver gets rated.

Good Day:

Lewis Hamilton: 9/10 S1 F1 (S is where he started F is where he finished)

  • After a week that has seen Hamilton become a massive talking point, with a rumoured move to Mercedes, Lewis shrugged off the pressure to take a monumental victory. It was almost a start to finish lead and has brought him back into WDC contention now standing 2nd with 142 points.

Sergio Perez: 10/10 S12 F2 #DriverOfTheDay

  • Coming into this season did anyone see Sergio Perez having 3 podiums by the time F1 left Europe. Few drivers could do what Perez did today, rising from 12th to 2nd by an inspired strategical decision to be the last driver to come in for his first pit stop. Today Perez showed he can overtake, manage tyres and drive fast, surely Perez is a must sign for any team.

Fernando Alonso: 8/10 S10 F3

  • Fernando put in a fantastic performance today after struggling in Q3. After mechanical problems on friday and saturday there would always be fears that the car wouldn’t go the distance. Fernando had a bright start quickly making it to the top 5 and then a successful move on Vettel, a Button retirement and an all too simple overtake on team mate Massa. Sadly he couldn’t finish 2nd with Perez overtaking in the closing stages. With the big rivals crashing out Alonso now has a 37 point lead and I struggle to see anyone taking the championship off him.

Felipe Massa: 8/10 S3 F4

  • Felipe came into the race having not stood on the podium in 33 races and that record was extended today despite opportunities. Massa had a fantastic start splitting the McLarens before Button retook 2nd place right before the pit stop. From there Massa was fast, but not fast enough. Although many will say Massa would have been on the podium if it hadn’t been for the team orders, Alonso was always going to be too fast for Felipe.

Bernie Ecklestone: 8/10

  • I for one have always considered Bernie to be a man who only chases money, but today Bernie did something human. After Alex Zanardi’s phenomenal achievements in the Paralympics many called for Zanardi to present the trophy’s, although few thought it would happen and expected instead some politician/sponsor. In the end it was a politician who gave Hamilton his trophy but only because Zanardi refused Ecklestone’s invitation saying he’d rather go to the closing ceremony. It’t the thought that counts.

Bad Day:

Sebastian Vettel: 7/10 S5 ret.

  • It was an unfair decision to give Vettel a drive through penalty, but it wouldn’t have changed the outcome to his race, retiring on lap 47 with alternator problems. The alternator has been a problem for Vettel this season, he suffered problems with it earlier in the weekend and had to retire from the European GP with the same problem. If it hadn’t been for the drive through and the retirement I’d have expected Vettel to finish either 6th.

Mark Webber: 6/10 S11 ret.

  • It’s been a disappointing weekend for Webber, he didn’t make it out of Q2, and then struggled in the race, not making it higher than 6th before he retired after a massive spin with just 2 laps remaining. With 0 points from the weekend Webber will know he’ll have to pull out all the stops if he is to take this opportunity to become a world champion.

Jenson Button: 7/10 S2 ret.

  • Button didn’t have the best of starts quickly finding himself looking at the rear of Felipe Massa’s Ferrari. But Button kept the pressure on and got past just before the pit stops. From there Button would surely have finished 2nd had it not been for the problem with the fuel system.

Paul Di Resta: 6/10 S9 F8

  • After a fantastic performance in qualifying yesterday Paul’s performance today was a bit of a let down. Although the young Scot managed to finish 8th, it would have been 11th had it not been for retirements. With Paul aiming to impress bigger teams this season he’ll need to make sure he doesn’t squander opportunities like this again.



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