And then there were 3

2 Oct

Ferrari have announced that the fight for their second seat is between 3 drivers now, after letting Sergio Perez slip through their fingers. The three contenders are: Felipe Massa, Nico Hulkenburg and Paul Di Resta.

Ferrari have had a mixed year, they started out with a car barely worthy of a Q3 place but have somehow managed to lead the drivers championship by 29 points and have won 3 races. But while Alonso has been taking the car above and beyond the car’s potential Felipe Massa has in comparison been rough round the edges and has only picked up 51 points and is 10th in the driver’s championship, despite this Massa’s form has improved since the start of the season and he has driven well recently, especially in Singapore where a puncture left him in 24th before charging up to 8th.

The Force India duo of Nico Hulkenburg and Paul Di Resta is one of the best driver line ups and both of their young drivers have the potential to go a long way. Nico and Paul have driven in F1 for the best part of 2 years (which is ironic because Perez was ruled out of moving to Ferrari for only having 2 years experience).

Hulkenburg has had a good season, he stated slowly after his year off but has really shown his worth, finishing in the top 5 twice and making it into Q3 three times and has accumulated 31 points.

Di Resta has been much more consistent, he’s been to Q3 on five occasions but only has 1 top 5 finish and has picked up 44 points.

In my opinion the 2nd driver for Ferrari should be one of the Force India drivers, Massa’s not bad but he’s had his chance and should make way for a younger driver with more potential, but it would be a hard job to decide between Hulkenburg and Di Resta both of whom will go far.


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