Gardening spices up the Korean GP

14 Oct

“here’s how the grid will start it is WEB VET HAM ALO RAI MAS GRO HUL ROS MSC BUT PER KOB DIR MAL RIC VER SEN PET KOV PIC GLO DLR KAR” 6:54 @Formula1Formula

“the only penalty is a 10 place grid penalty for Pic for an unscheduled engine change, he moves from 21st to 24th” 6:55 @Formula1Formula

“Top 10 all on super soft, soft tyre for Button, Perez, Kobayashi, Di Resta and Vergne” 7:01 @JackLeslieF1

“Button has made a poor start and has dropped to the rear of the field. He may have made contact with another car.” 7:07 @autosportlive

“Good morning. What a start. Nice three way fight for the lead all the day into Turn 3. Good start as usual for the Ferraris” 7:09 @LiteralF1

“Off the start, Vettel just swung it wide, leaving Webber no space and forcing his teammate to give up the lead” 7:10 @RichlandF1

“lap standings are: VET WEB ALO HAM MAS RAI HUL GRO PER MSC DIR SEN MAL VER RIC KOV PET GLO DLR KAR PIC KOB and retirements for ROS and BUT” 7:11 @formula1formula

“Drive-through penalty for Kobayashi for causing a collision.” 7:17 @F1TimesLive (this is for causing the collision with Button on lap 1).

“Slow clap around the circuit as, 9 laps later, Rosberg’s car is finally moved.” @f1paddockonline

“L14 Hamilton pits from fourth.” 7:27 @f1fanaticlive

“KOB and DLR retired… In a distinctly boring fashion… So not even any excitement from the newest retirements… **Double Yawn**” 7:38 @IrvineF1

“Grosjean v Maldonado. Hold on to your hats everybody.” 7:39 @f1paddockonline

“Massa overtakes Hamilton to give Ferrari 3rd and 4th” 7:42 @formula1formula

“Hamilton’s only been on these tyres for 9 laps so for them to be significantly graining shows Hamilton has been driving too aggressively” 7:44 @formula1formula

“Dear GP2 & upcoming drivers: Watch Lewis vs Kimi on track. THAT is how champions race. No contact, no kamikazi moves, great reactions” 7:50 @literalF1

“Vettel overshoots his braking zone, locks the front right massively and is told to “box”” 8:06 @Formula1_com

“Cue all the ‘Alonso, Massa is faster than you’ jokes.” 8:11 @fakewhitmarsh

“Hulkenberg passes Hamilton and Grosjean!” 8:14 @Formula1_com

“with less than 10 laps to go the standings are: VET WEB ALO MAS RAI HUL GRO VER HAM DIR PER SCH MAL SEN KOV PET GLO PIC KAR” 8:26 @formula1formula

“the most exciting thing to happen last lap is the view of the astroturf being dug up by the cars as they go over it” 8:33 @formula1formula

“Hamilton has a stream of astro-turf hanging off his car which isn’t helping his aero at all.” 8:37 @F1TimesLive

“It’s over. Vettel makes it and Psy waves the flag (altho looking somewhat baffled. No Gangnam Style there)” 8:42 @easonF1

“driver of the day is going to be Hulkenburg as he was the only driver to pull an exciting overtaking move to finish 6th” 8:43 @formula1formula

“top 10 finish as VET WEB ALO MAS RAI HUL GRO VER RIC HAM” 8:43 @formula1formula


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