Alonso digs deep but Vettel digs deeper

25 Nov

The tweet review, Brazil 12

“so the starting grid as so: HAM BUT WEB VET MAS HUL ALO RAI ROS DIR SEN PER SCH KOB RIC MAL VER GRO PET KOV GLO PIC KAR DLR” @formula1formula 15:17 (GMT)

“if you missed the news Alonso is already up to 7th after Maldonado was given a 10 place penalty for missing not attending the weighing” @formula1formula 15:20

“Great start by Ferrari! Massa into P2, Alonso is P4, Vettel is way down! What a start to the race!” @RichlandF1 16:04

“Oh dear. Vettel got tangled up and spun. Now at the back of the field and it appears to be raining” @easonF1 16:05

“ALO now up to 3RD!!!!” @F1_Fans_Updates 16:05

“Hulkenberg gets past Webber for P4.” @F1TimesLive

“Vettel lies in twenty-first place, but the damage doesn’t seem to be affecting his lap times. The chase is on” @PortalF1 16:08

“Alonso is off, he’s ran wide at T1 and he is down to P4 defending from Webber. Wow, this is already a classic GP” @RichlandF1 16:09

“Massa has got ahead of Webber for P5.” @F1TimesLive 16:11

“L6 Grosjean crashes out at Mergulho as Hamilton defends his lead from Button at the start of lap seven.” @f1fanaticlive 16:12

“Webber has spun!! He’s gone down the order at T1. Alonso is now 4.4s off Hulkenburg for the magic P3” @RichlandF1 16:13

“Button takes the lead from Hamilton!!!” @IrvineF1

“Kovalainen is P11! Could the Marussia/Caterham race take another twist?” @RichlandF1 16:15

“Vettel – “Massa ahead, be careful”” @Formula1_com 16:17

“So Vettel has gone from 4th to 24th to 6th to 18th in 11 laps! Crazy!!” @pubsilverstone 16:20

“Red Bull studying pix of Vettel’s damaged car down on the pitwall, Obviously not serious” @easonF1 16:27

“Rain is expected to continue for next 30 mins but it’s still the cars on slicks who are fastest, not sure what to expect” @formula1formula 16:29

“L19 Hulkenberg passes Button and Force India lead the Brazilian Grand Prix!” @f1fanaticlive 16:20

“The front two are 45 seconds ahead of Hamilton in 3rd. Shows what the right strategy can do” @RichlandF1 16:33

“We have a safety car for debris.” @F1TimesLive 16:36

“at the restart VET KOB and WEB go three abreast down the straight, KOB overtakes VET whilst WEB goes wide” @formula1formula 16:49

“Kobayashi passes Alonso who drops to fifth now, a place ahead of Vettel.” @F1TimesLive 16:52

“Massa uses DRS to get past Vettel. The Red Bull drops to seventh” @ESPNF1 16:55

“Hulk says, “I don’t like these downshifts” with “too much push” in engine braking on entry” @F1PitRadio 17:08

“Hulkenburg slides whilst trying to turn letting Hamilton overtake for 1st place” @formula1formula 17:15

“Red Bull tell Vettel his radio does not work now.” @IrvineF1 17:19

“Hilariously Kimi goes off and ends up in a cul de sac. 3pt turn required” @easonF1 17:21

“HAM and HUL touch at T1 fighting for the lead putting BUT 1st and ALO 2nd, unlucky for HULK he was doing so well” @formula1formula 17:23

“Hulkenburg has been given a drive through penalty. Alonso is behind Massa, but he will be let through. Cue people crying about that…” @RichlandF1 17:26

“Schumacher lets Vettel pass. That could be it. Alonso needs to win the race to win the WCC now…” @IrvineF1 17:35

“LAP 69 ALO P2 VET P6” @F1_Fans_Updates 17:44

“Di Resta crashes. Safety Car!” @Formula1_com 17:46

“final top 10 but ALO mas web hul VET sch ver kob rai so Vettel is the 2012 world champion” @formula1formula 17:49

“driver of the race award goes to Hulkenburg, such phenomenal driving and really didn’t deserve the drive thru penalty” @formula1formula 17:52



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