Time to say Goodbye: Timo Glock

1 Feb

So what’s his F1 career been like?

Timo is one of the few drivers to ever get a second chance in Formula 1, in 2004 Glock was called into Jordan to replace Giorgio Pantano due to Pantano’s who was having a contract dispute with Jordan, and then was brought back in to the team for the final 3 races. Despite scoring points at his debut (Canadian GP) he wasn’t retained by the team in 2005.

So Timo’s been through leaving F1 before? What did he do next?

Yes he has, Glock went on to race in first Champ Car and then in GP2, winning the latter in 2007 after winning 5/20 races.

GP2 champion, I imagine that must have got him back into Formula 1 pretty quickly.

It did, Glock returned to F1 the following year this time with Toyota and after a rough start he started showing his potential, 4th in canada before finishing 2nd at the Hungarian GP and another 4th in Singapore. It was enough to make Toyota keep him again in 2009 during which he improved further finishing 4th in the season opener in Australia before finishing 3rd in a very wet Malaysian GP and 2nd place in Singapore, as well as setting the current track record at the European GP in Valencia. Sadly Toyota pulled out of F1 at the end of 2009 leaving Timo looking for a drive again.

So how did he carry on?

Glock was picked up by new team Virgin Racing (now Marussia) for the 2010 season and has spent the subsequent two seasons with them. Despite driving vastly inferior cars to some of the rest of the grid Glock hasn’t embarrassed himself finishing 14th on four occasions (Japan 2010, Australia 2012, Monaco 2012 and Abu Dhabi 2012) as well as finishing 12th at the 2012 Singapore GP. But at the end of 2012 he left Marussia by mutual consent.

What’s he expected to do now?

Timo Glock has signed a deal to join BMW in the DTM.

Do you expect him to return?

Not really, few drivers get two chances in Formula 1 let alone 3, and with teams looking for sponsorship even more it looks unlikely that Glock will return, despite that he would be a good driver for a team if one of their two drivers is injured or ill.

What will he be remembered for most?

Probably two things, 1. holding the current lap record for the Valencia street circuit and 2. being one of the driver Lewis Hamilton overtook on the last lap of the 2008 Brazilian GP securing the Brit his first world championship.

How do you rate his F1 careers?

7/10 He was a very useful and consistent driver who always put in solid performances and more than deserved his three podium finishes.


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