Time to say Goodbye: Vitaly Petrov

1 Feb

So how was his F1 career?

Vitaly started out in F1 in 2010 with Renault and despite being classed as a pay driver when he entered F1 Petrov did show flashes of potential during his first season, Petrov picked up 5 points finishes including a 5th place at the Hungaroring and 6th place at Abu Dhabi, the latter being famous for preventing favourite Alonso taking the drivers championship. Renault kept him on for a second season in 2011 and it was clear the 2011 Renault was vastly superior to the 2010 model, at the debut race in Melbourne Vitaly picked up his first (and last) F1 podium coming in behind Vettel and Hamilton. Despite this Petrov was dropped from Renault at the end of the season due to his inconsistency during the rest of the season. Last season Petrov was driving for Caterham and appeared much more consistent and he put in a sublime performance at the season closer in Brazil to secure Caterham 10th place in the constructors championship. Despite this Caterham had to drop the Russian in favour of drivers who would bring in more sponsorship money.

Sounds like he’s been unlucky, what was his career like prior to F1?

 Petrov started racing when he was in his late teens and was dominant in national competitions winning the Russian Lada Cup twice in a row before entering Formula Renault where he was average at best. In 2006 Petrov entered GP2 (F1’s main feeder series) for the first time, but it was 2008 when he made his mark finishing 7th in the normal GP2 and 3rd in the GP2 Air Asia series and then finishing 2nd in the normal GP2 the following year.

What can he expect from his future career?

Vitaly isn’t old so he could come back into Formula 1, if this is his aim then Vitaly should look to return to GP2 in the hope of improving further and coming back stronger and quicker like what Romain Grosjean did after being dropped from Renault in 2009. I think Petrov could return to F1, he’s always had a lot of pace as shown by his podium in 2011 but he’s lacked consistency and I feel that his performances last season showed that he is becoming more consistant.

Out of 10 what would you give his 2010-2012 F1 career?

6 – he wasn’t bad but he didn’t shine as often as he should have done.




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