New Kid on the Block: Max Chilton

4 Feb

So give us the basics.

Max is a British driver born in Surrey and will be racing for Marussia next season. He’s only 21 but has already spent 3 seasons racing in GP2 and is regarded as a driver with a lot of potential. Max comes from a family with racing heritage, his father is the owner of the Carlin Motorsport team whilst elder brother Tom competes in the World Touring Car Championship.

So how did he start?

Max started out in karting before progressing to British Formula 3 where after 3 years Chilton finished 4th in the championship. After that success Max started in GP2 and was one of the youngest drivers competing, it wasn’t a good debut season, he could only pick up 3 points which put him well down the standings but he did enough to get a seat at his Carlin, his Father’s team in 2011, but it wasn’t a big improvement he upped his points by one, this time finishing on 4 points. But that didn’t put Carlin off, which was lucky because 2012 was the year he came of age, winning two GP2 races and finishing twice more on the podium overall finishing 4th.

Has he had much F1 experience?

He was Marussia’s test driver last season competing in 1 friday practice session and has previously driven a Force India in a straight line test and in the young driver test (both 2011).

Would he be classed as a pay driver?

Seeing as his father’s a multi-millionaire and he has driven for the team he owns for three seasons which will mean he will be labeled a pay driver, but his performances last year suggest he does have potential and should be expected to pick up points is he joined a more competitive team than Marussia, if he impresses enough he could leave the pay drivers club.

So how do you think he’ll do?

I expect his first season to be a struggle but he should beat his team mate (whoever that may be), and if he impresses enough one of the midfield teams may be interested especially with the financial backing he’ll come with, after that who knows how he’ll do.

What’s his rating?

7/10 He’s clearly got talent let’s just hope he uses it to full extent.


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