New Kid on the Block: Luiz Razia

6 Feb

So give us the basics.

Luis Razia is a 23 year old Brazilian driver who’s just signed for Marussia Formula 1 team, he’s just moved out of GP2 where he spent 4 years.

So how did he start?

Razia’s first single seater category was the 2005 South American Formula 3, and in 2006 at his second attempt he won it after winning 7 of the 16 races. In 2007 Luiz moved to the European scene and he was third in the Euroseries 3000 despite not winning one of the 16 years, he also competed in the Italian Formula 3000 where he finished 4th. 2008 saw Razia return to both the Euroseries 3000 and the Italian Formula 3000 in both of them he finished 4th. 2009 saw Razia get his first attempt at GP2 and he claimed a victory in his rookie season in the sprint race in Italy, Razia stayed in GP2 in 2010 but despite finishing 11th overall he couldn’t win a race. 2011 was third time lucky for Razia in the GP2 but it was a season very similar to that of the year before, and Luiz Razia had to wait another year before his big break. In 2012 Razia drove fantastically to finish 2nd in the GP2 winning 4 races.

Has he had much F1 experience?

He drove for Marussia in the 2010 young driver’s test, and in 2011 he competed for Lotus (now Caterham) in two friday sessions and also the young drivers test. In 2012 Luiz competed for Toro Rosso at the young driver’s test.

3 teams, wow Marussia must be expecting a lot, how do you expect him to do?

He’s a driver who if given the chance will take it, but may not always work hard enough to create those chances. I expect Luiz to put in a good performance for Marussia and challenge if not beat teammate Max Chilton who he beat in GP2 last season. Razia is not expected to get any points next season (unless there’s a race where the attrition rate is very high) such is the nature of the Marussia, but if he can impress he could find himself moving up the food chain for 2014.

What’s his rating?

7/10 if he puts in a performance like last year we could expect some good Caterham-Marussia rivalry.


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