New kid on the block: Adrian Sutil

28 Feb

I’m sure that name rings a bell, are you sure he’s new?

You’re right, Sutil was a Formula 1 driver back in 2011 with Force India but was dropped back in 2011 but he’s now back with Force India for the 2013 season and at just 30 years old he could be back for a while.

What was his previous F1 career like?

Sutil started out in F1 with Spyker, first as a reserve in 2006 and then  in the race team for 2007, although his rookie season was spectacular it was solid even picking up points in Japan. In 2008 Spyker were bought out and renamed Force India, the new team kept Sutil for the 2008 season but reliability problems ruined the season. In 2009 Sutil stayed with Force India and in a much more reliable car finished 4th in the Italian GP. Sutil remained at Force India for both the 2010 and 2011 season regularly picking up, and although not phenomenally quick he definitely was consistent.

So why was he dropped?

Well as I just mentioned he wasn’t the fastest driver out there and although he did score points the majority were for finishing between 8 and 10 so it’s likely Force India wanted to see if they could find someone who would challenge for more points, but it didn’t help that he was involved in a court case were he was found guilty of grievous bodily harm and given a 18 month suspended sentence and a €200,000 fine.

That’s not good, so what did he spend last season doing?

Not much really, he didn’t compete in any racing series.

What was his racing career like before he joined the F1 scene?

Impressive, he’d won the Swiss Formula Ford 1800 and the All-Japan Formula 3 finished second in the Formula 3 Euro Series and the Masters of Formula 3 and had finished 3rd in the Macau Grand Prix.

How do you think he’ll do this season?

Sutil will be expecting to put in a strong season but I wouldn’t be surprised if he quickly found himself losing out to Di Resta, having said this if the car’s good I expect Sutil to score regularly near the end of the season.

How do you rate his chances?

7/10 There are definitely worse people Force India could have chosen and he’s already popular with the team, he just needs to prove he can return to his old form quickly.


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