The one who slipped through the net: Davide Valsecchi

28 Feb

Davide who?

Valsecchi is the current GP2 champion and should feel very unlucky since he is the only the second driver to have won the GP2 and not go into Formula 1 the next year.

Ooh harsh, why’s that?

With the need for sponsorship becoming even bigger in Formula 1 becoming even bigger that may have gone against him, also this was his 5th season in GP2 and there may have been concerns over wether he could adapt quickly enough.

So how successful has his career been so far?

Although he’s only 26 Davide has been racing for a long time starting out in single seaters in 2003, and although he hasn’t been successful at every category he’s raced in he has won the GP2 (2012) and the GP2 Air Asia (09/10), but although he hasn’t won many series his time has in GP2 has been very successful last season marked his third year in a row where he’s finished in the top 10.

3 times in a row, now that is impressive. What’s he going to do next season?

I imagine all of Davide’s eggs were in him racing in F1 next season, he now has two options, A) stay in GP2 and hope 2014 will be his F1 year or B) give in on F1 and enter either the WEC (world endurance championship) or something like NASCAR or Indy.

Has he had much F1 experience?

Valsecchi was Team Lotus (now Caterham)’s test driver in 2011 where he drove in one friday session and was Lotus F1’s test driver last season. As well as this he drove in the 2010 young driver’s test.

How do you rate his chances of making F1?

6/10 he may have missed his best chance this year but I wouldn’t rule him out for a mid season replacement or if he has a strong 2013 he could be in F1 in 2014.


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