Marussia call time on Razia

1 Mar

But I thought he’s just been signed by Marussia?

Luiz Razia had just been signed by Marussia, but after sponsors deferred on payments Marussia have axed him before the first race of the season and replaced him with Jules Bianchi.

Now that is harsh!

It is and it will be a real shame for Razia who had worked hard for that race seat only to be let down by his sponsors.

So what’s this Bianchi guy like?

Jules Bianchi is a very talented young French driver who is currently a part of the Ferrari young drivers program and has spent a few seasons competing in GP2 where he’s succeeded and working as Force India’s reserve driver which saw him get get to the drive the car in 9 friday practice sessions.

Could there be any secret motives behind this deal?

I wouldn’t rule it out, Marussia are looking for a new engine supplier for 2014 and Ferrari want to supply a 4th team for 2014, very coincidental then that Bianchi will be heavily linked with both teams.


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