New kid on the block: Jules Bianchi

1 Mar

So give us the basics.

Jules is a 23 year old French driver born in Nice and nephew of Lucien Bianchi a Formula 1 driver between the years of 1959 and 1968.

So what categories has he won in so far?

It’s a very impressive list, after starting racing single seaters at the start of 2007 he won the 2007 French Formula Renault 2.0, in 2008 he was 3rd in the Formula 3 Euro Series and 1st in the Masters of Formula 3, in 2009 he won the Formula 3 Euro Series (again), 2010 saw him finish 3rd in GP2 and in 2011 he finished 3rd in GP2 again as well as finishing 2nd in the GP2 Asia Series and in 2012 he was second in the Formula Renault 3.5 series.

Wow, that’s very impressive, has he had much F1 experience?

Despite being only 23 he’s very experienced in the world of Formula 1, he’s been a member of the Ferrari young drivers program for many years and over time has been test driver for Ferrari in 2011 and Force India in 2012 (he got 9 friday practice sessions with Force India), he’s also drove for Ferrari in the young drivers tests in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and for Force India also in 2012, as well as this he’s also done testing for Ferrari as part of his young drivers program.

That is a lot of experience, what’s expected from him?

Lots, he’s clearly talented and he’s well regarded, but he’s going to need to show he can fulfil his potential. I expect Marussia have found themselves a gem of a driver in Bianchi he easily has the potential to blow Chilton out of the water and if the cars are similar wipe the floor with Caterham.

How do you rate his chances?

8/10 Ferrari will be following his closely and if he shows his talent this year then France could have found it’s next world champion.


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