F1 2013 Commences as Raikkonen blows away competition

17 Mar

The tweet review, Australia 2013. All times are GMT)

Time to get on with it. At last, after weeks of waiting, we have an #AustralianGP (@easonF1) 6:01

Great start for the Ferrari’s, terrible start for Webber! Vettel leads ahead of Massa and Alonso! (@RichlandF1) 6:05

RIC reports a “massive” issue with his tyres (@F1PitRadio) 6:06

Raikkonen passes Hamilton for fourth place. The Lotus is mega in a straight line! (@Formula1_com) 6:07

Ricciardo complaining about his tires over the radio, he has dropped to last place behind Charles Pic. Trouble for Toro Rosso (@F1onNBCSports) 6:09

Vettel leads by just 1.4 seconds from a flying Massa, with team-mate Alonso right on his tail. (@autosportlive)

Jenson Button has become the first driver to pit for McLaren!! (@RichlandF1) 6:11

Lap 6 WEB into the pits, he rejoins the race in 19th (@F1_Fans_Updates) 6.13

Felipe Massa is flying! So pleased to see his. He’s reduced to gap to Vettel from 2+ seconds to 0.7s (@LiteralF1) 6.13

Sebastian Vettel has pitted from the lead as the Ferrari’s stay out! Felipe Massa leads! (@RichlandF1) 6:16

Ferrari appear to be splitting their strategy, Massa covering Vettel whilst Alonso stays out (@Formula1Formula) 6:17

The leading duo of Alonso and Raikkonen both pit! (@RichlandF1) 6:19

Hamilton pits from the lead of the race (@Formula1_com) 6:24

“Jules you were 0.4 quicker than MAL that lap great job” (@Marussia_F1Team) 6:27

Hamilton, now sixth on the road, is told his current pace is “good enough” (@autosportlive) 6:29

Webber pits for a second time on lap 17 (@ESPNF1) 6:31

Must say well done to Marussia – 1/3rd distance and within 5 seconds of @danielricciardo (@karunchandhok) 6:34

Interesting time for Alonso to stop there… That’s stop number 2 for him now… (@IrvineF1) 6:36

Sutil to box now (@F1PitRadio) 6:38

Vettel also pits – the medium compound tyres are obviously not as durable as we all thought…! (@IrvineF1) 6:38

Fantastic move by Ferrari! He has taken Sutil and Vettel in the pits. Great tactics for the undercut (@Formula1_com) 6:39

Smedley to Massa: “Let’s see what you can do.” Leads the race now. (@F1Grid) 6:40

Vettel finds a way past Sutil using DRS (@ESPNF1) 6:40

LAP 24 Massa pits from P1 and rejoins in P4 behind Ferrari teammate Alonso. Raikkonen leads in the Lotus. (@F1racing) 6:41

Rain is expected in around 8-10 minutes. (@TomWilkinsonF1) 6:42

MAL is beached in the gravel! HE IS OUT – Yellow Flags (@F1_Fans_Updates) 6:43

The DRS has been disabled whilst the marshals retrieve Maldonado’s stricken car! (@RichlandF1) 6:44

Rosberg stops on lap 26 with a technical issue (@ESPNF1) 6:45

In case anyone hasn’t spotted it, Perez is currently behind Bianchi on normal pace. Wow that’s bad. (@johnny_mcc) 6:48

Rain falling!! (@TomWilkinsonF1) 6:48

Lap 29/58 – Raikkonen leads Hamilton by 13s from Alonso, Vettel, Sutil, Massa. Out – Rosberg, Maldonado, Hulkenberg (@F1) 6:49

Alonso using DRS on Hamilton now, this is heating up in Melbourne! (@Formula1_com) 6:52


Great driving by Fernando Alonso who passes Hamilton nicely; Hamilton flees to the pits. (@IrvineF1) 6:53

Hamilton has to go 27 laps on these tyres, he managed 18 on the previous set. Will he make it? (@Formula1_com) 6:55

Kimi Raikkonen has pitted from the lead, as Fernando Alonso takes the lead! (@RichlandF1) 6:58

Hamilton tells his team that his tires “aren’t gonna last 27 laps at this pace”… and he then sets the fastest S1 time of the race (@F1onNBCSports) 6:59

Here’s the key now – Alonso needs to make up 14 seconds to Raikkonen. Currently 13 seconds ahead, pit loss is 27s (@LiteralF1) 7:01

That stop for Vettel sees him resume fifth for the moment, with Raikkonen now up to third place on the road. (@autosportlive) 7:04

L39 Alonso pits from the lead. Sutil back in first, he’s been told not to use his tyres up defending from Raikkonen. (@F1Fanaticlive) 7:05

Button is 69s behind Alonso having made the same number of stops. That fortuitous first day in Jerez seems an age ago now. (@ScottMitchell89) 7:07

Massa also passes Hamilton. The Mercedes is a sitting duck on race pace (@Formula1_com) 7:07

Rosberg confirms electronic problems ended his race. (@TomWilkinsonF1) 7:08

It’s all over for Daniel Ricciardo in his home event. The Toro Rosso is wheeled into the garage and the Australian retires. (@autosportlive) 7:09

Well that strategy didn’t work for Mercedes. Hamilton forced to pit; rejoins the race in P6 with 15 laps to go… (@IrvineF1) 7:11

Raikkonen catches and passes temporary leader Sutil and the Lotus is now the car to beat. (@autosportlive) 7:12

Fernando Alonso is flying. Like, literally flying. He is lighting up the sector times like a big purple Christmas tree. (@IrvineF1) 7:15

Alonso is now 7.7s off Raikkonen. He had traffic in that last lap but has dropped off the pace (@ESPNF1) 7:18

L51 Hamilton passes Sutil and Webber is on the Force India now. (@f1fanaticlive) 7:24

54/58 RAI ALO VET MAS HAM WEB SUT DIR BUT GRO VER PER GUT BOT BIA PIC CHI VDG. Five laps to go! (@ausgrandprix) 7:27

Kimi has just set the fastest lap of the race. He’s putting the pedal to the metal as he closes in on the first GP win of 2013. Nice. (@sarahholtf1) 7:32

Kimi Raikkonen wins the Australian Grand Prix! (@f1fanatic_co_uk) 7:34

Australian GP top ten: RAI, ALO, VET, MAS, HAM, WEB, SUT, DIR, BUT, GRO. (@Jamesallenonf1) 7:35


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