How’s he doing? Max Chilton

1 May

We’re four races in to F1 2013 so lets see how the new drivers have been getting on.

Remind me how did you rate him before the season started?

I classed Max as a driver who’d got to where he was due to his father’s money, but said that he was clearly talented and deserved his place in F1. I rated him 7/10.

And has he lived up to those expectations?

He’s been no where near them, he’s been thoroughly outperformed by team mate Jules Bianchi and does not appear to be taking his Marussia to the level it can compete at.

How’s he done in comparison to his team mate?

Dreadfully, in qualifying Chilton hasn’t been far off Bianchi, but the gap’s been larger during races where Bianchi’s regularly been fighting with midfield teams whilst Chilton’s had to try to beat Caterham.

This year’s Marussia has been much better than last year’s and appears to be more than capable of beating the Caterham’s week in week out.

How would you rate him so far?

6/10 A let down so far, maybe it’s just his lack of time in a Formula 1 car before this season, or maybe he’s never going to be good enough.


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