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With F1 2013 just about to start we at The Formula 1 Formula thought it would be nice to provide you with an update of what to expect from us in 2013.

As you may have already seen from the articles about drivers joining/leaving Formula 1 this year we are pioneering a new style of F1 writing that is more informal and should make it more enjoyable to read.

 Also we are now on the look for new writing talent, if you want to apply to write for The Formula 1 Formula please send an email to and please give: a little information about yourself; why you like F1; who your favourite teams/drivers are (there is no wrong answer to this); how often you’d like to write and what aspect of Formula 1 you’d like to write about, e.g. politics, race reviews, history etc.

As with last year F1F will be publishing the tweet review of each race, this report aims to describe the ins and outs of every GP using people’s tweets, last year we had tweets from teams, drivers, journalists and fans contributing to the reports and every tweet is credited to it’s writer.

This year it will also be possible to hear us talk about F1 since our editor (Tom) will be a regular on the Hard Tyres F1 podcast (this can be found at and you can follow it on twitter (@hardtyres)).

2013 also marks the start of F1F looking for people who’ve been to a Grand Prix to write about their experience, it doesn’t matter whether you went to a Grand Prix decades ago or one last week all you need to do is write a little on how you found the experience, if interested please email

If you were interested in the Fake F1 Championships from last season [out link to site] then we have some exciting news for you too, from now on full up to date leader boards will be posted on our Facebook account [put link] and of course the final results of the testing championship are already up!

Of course this site is designed for you and advice (good or bad) is always welcomed as is any ideas you have for features and ideas, if you want to have your say either comment on the blog or if you don’t want it to be made public email us at .

A final thing, although we at F1F will try our hardest to ensure this blog is up to date and reporting on every GP this year this year is a big year for the team as many are currently in year 12 and as such will be sitting our AS exams at the end of the year, which will mean that sometimes we may have to abandon blogging to concentrate on our studies, if this s going to happen we plan on mentioning it to you before hand and hope you understand. The bulk of these lapse periods will be around May/June when the final AS exams and University open days are.

That just leaves me to wish you a fantastic 2013 and I hope the F1 can deliver what is to be expected in this the final year of V8 engines and we can provide you with the F1 coverage you want.

The F1F team.


One Response to “Blog News”

  1. Alan Robinson June 26, 2012 at 20:14 #

    Hi Tom ,
    I live down the road and received your letter today, I will pop up and have a chat if your free on Wednesday .
    Great blog and I hope you achieve your goals and if not just enjoy the experience

    Alan R

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