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Rosberg leads from start to finish as carnage rules in Monaco

26 May

Tweet review, Monaco 13

  • The grid is: 1.ROS HAM VET WEB 5.RAI ALO PER SUT BUT 10.VER HUL RIC GRO BOT 15.VDG MAL DIR PIC GUT 20.CHI BIA MAS – @formula1formula 12:38
  • Bianchi got left on the grid at the start of the formation lap abut may be able to start from the pits – @espnf1 13:03
  • Pastor Maldonado & Giedo VDG are back in the pits after contact coming into the Loews hairpin. Sutil also made contact in the same place. – @sarahholtf1 13:06
  • Into lap 3 – top 10: ROS, HAM, VET, WEB, RAI, ALO, PER, BUT, SUT, VER – @ByTheMinF1 13:08
  • Jenson grasses up his team mate for cutting the chicane. Share the love guys…. – @grandprixdiary 13:09
  • a caterham on fire – @easonf1 13:15
  • Charles Pic has stopped on pit entry with a car fire, this may be a safety car – @f1onnbcsports 13:16
  • Pic suffers a engine fire at the pit lane entrance. The car is removed without the need for a safety car. – @jamesallenonf1 13:18
  • So Van De Gar in a Caterham (last place) is doing 1:21.7. Rosberg leading is doing 1:22.5. – @literalf1 13:19
  • The Mercedes train has pulled away and now Alonso is the train leader. He is over 3 seconds behind Raikkonen now – @formula1_com
  • With Alonso going so much slower than the rest I wouldn’t be surprised if Ferrari were trying to 1 stop him – @formula1formula 13:26
  • L18 Alonso picks up his pace, last lap was 0.9s faster than Rosberg’s. – @f1fanaticlive 13:28
  • The only person happy with this pace is Grosjean, no risk of making a mistake and planting it in a barrier. – @fakewhitmarsh 13:30
  • Brave stuff from Bianchi on Maldonado – @rookief1 13:38
  • GET IN! @pauldirestaf1 passes Massa on the outside of Ste Devote. Amazing move – who says you can’t overtake in Monaco? – @clubforce 13:40
  • Massa crashes at St Devote, the place where he crashed yesterday, debris all over the track, expecting the safety car to come out – @formula1formula 13:44
  • Safety car – the first this season. – @f1times 13:45
  • Mercedes queue their drivers in the pits from P1 and P2. Hamilton has lost out to Vettel and Webber under the safety car – @f1onnbcsports 13:47
  • SC: ROS, VET, WEB, HAM, RAI, ALO, BUT, PER, SUT, VER, DIR, HUL, RIC, GRO, BOT, CHI, GUT, MAL, BIA, VDG, [MAS, PIC out] @formula1_com
  • Massa’s crumpled Ferrari has now been removed. Rosberg has to get ready to defend his lead from Vettel, who made a quick start earlier. – @sarahholtf1 13:54
  • Rosberg told: “We expect it to go green this lap so really try to get temperature in.” Safety car coming in. – @f1fanaticlive 13:59
  • HAM SO nearly gets past WEB! But WEB JUST stays ahead! – @f1_fans_updates 14:03
  • Button taps Alonso going through the Loews hairpin, no damage done to either driver. Perez makes a great overtake on Button for P7 – @f1onnbssports 14:06
  • Red Flag: Maldonado has had a biggie and took out the barriers at Tabac – @formula1formula 14:11
  • Presumably cars will change tyres at red flag, and there’ll be a safety car restart. So, any position changes will have to be on track. F1 – @talkingaboutf1 14:14
  • Red Flag: ROS, VET, WEB, HAM, RAI, ALO, PER, BUT, SUT, VER, DIR, HUL, RIC, GRO, BOT, GUT, CHI, VDG, BIA, [MAL, MAS, PIC out] – @formula1_com 14:17
  • The race will be resumed at 15:35 local time. – @autosportlive 14:26
  • Hmmmm. Really interesting replay of Alonso going to shake Perez’s hand when the cars go back to the grid. Respect.. maybe some gamesmanship? – @sarahholtf1 14:28
  • Race restarts behind the safety car – @mercedesamgf1 14:36
  • Everyone in top 10 on supersoft for the restart, except Kimi who’s on softs. Alonso gives place to Perez. – @bytheminf1 14:37
  • Max Chilton has been issued with a drive-thru penalty for causing the collision with Pastor Maldonado. – @richlandf1 14:38
  • Sutil ambushes Button at Station Hairpin (nearly tags Alonso as he does so). – @talkingaboutf1 14:44
  • L56 Sutil gets Alonso at the hairpin! – @f1fanaticlive 14:51
  • Bianchi is in the barrier… – @irvinef1 14:55
  • Grosjean and Ricciardo have collided at Turn 10. Safety Car deployed. The Frenchman just slammed into the rear of Ricciardo. – @richlandf1 14:59
  • Potential problems for Raikkonen as the team tell him the engine is overheating… – @irvinef1 15:05
  • Hamilton complains of graining, so will be happy that Raikkonen is under pressure from behind. – @autosportlive 15:08
  • Lotus decide to end Grosjeans race on safety grounds. The car is fine, it’s the other drivers they’re worried about. – @notposhpete 15:09
  • Raikkonen and Perez seemed to make contact, Raikkonen caught and saved the car and retained the position – @formula1_com 15:10
  • Perez clashes with Raikkonen while trying to pass at the chicane. Loses his front wing endplate and Raikkonen is looking slow too – @espnf1 15:11
  • Button has also taken Alonso. The Ferrari’s having a dreadful day! – @formula1_com 15:12
  • L74 Perez outbrakes himself at Rascasse, then pulls off at Anthony Noghes – @f1fanatic_co_uk 15:16
  • Perez gambled one too many times at Monaco. The house always wins. – @f1grid 15:17
  • Rosberg wins after leading from start to finish, fantastic achievement in his home GP – @formula1formula 15:21
  • Points Scorers: 1.ROS 2.VET 3.WEB 4.HAM 5.SUT 6.BUT 7.ALO 8.VER 9.DIR 10.RAI – @formula1formula 15:24

Phenomenal Alonso is champion of China

14 Apr

The tweet review, China 13. (All times are BST)

so the grid is: 1 HAM RAI ALO ROS MAS 6 GRO RIC BUT VET HUL 11 DIR PER SUT MAL VER 16 BOT GUT BIA CHI PIC 21 VDG WEB – @formula1formula 7:52

If you haven’t already heard, Mark Webber will start the race from the pit lane. – @RichlandF1 7:58 [this is due to a fuel pressure problem in Q2 yesterday].

Button, Vettel, Hulkenberg, Di Resta, Perez, Vergne and Bottas are all on the prime tyre. Everyone else on options – @Formula1_com 8:02

LAP 1 of 56 Ferraris leap into P2 & P3 with Hamilton leading through turns 1 & 2 as Raikkonen falls back to P4. – @F1racing 8:05

Webber pitting on lap 1 as the Force India’s make contact with each other – @formula1formula 8:06

Hulkenberg gets Vettel. Alonso all over Hamilton. – @F1grid 8:11

L5 Both Ferraris pass Hamilton with DRS. – @F1fanaticlive 8:11

Double stack at Mercedes..! Both drivers pit for new tyres, Rosberg re-joins in P18… @Irvinef1 8:14

Sutil rear wing broken, car on fire in pits – @JamesAllenonF1 8:15

Small brake fire there on Sutil’s car after Gutierrez smashes into the back of him – @rookief1 8:16

Kimi comes out next to Webber, that shows how well Webb has done starting from pit lane he’s in the race – @JamesAllenonF1 8:17

Hulkenberg then leads for Sauber after a strong start on medium compound. – @autosportlive 8:18

race currently being led by those on mediums, but they have to do 1 extra pit stop – @formula1formula 8:19

Massa passes Webber for 11th using DRS – @ESPNF1 8:21

Bottas and Vergne are now under investigation by the stewards for allegedly overtaking under yellow flags. – @RichlandF1 8:22

Seb just came on the radio. “Hulkenberg is too slow, get him out of the way.” – @AndyC_F1 8:27

Vettel an Hulkenberg both pit from first and second – @Formula1_com 8:29

Vettel comes out behind Webber, but Webber collides with Vergne letting Vettel past – @formula1formula 8:30

Raikkonen runs into the back of Perez, nose cone is broken! – @Formula1_com 8:31

“What the hell is he doing?” – Raikkonen on the radio – @F1Grid 8:32

Webber reports a loose Rear Right wheel – @F1PitRadio 8:33

Webber’s wheel comes off. Just misses Sebastian Vettel! – @Formula1_com 8:34

Amid all of that confusion, Jenson Button is leading the race for McLaren. – @RichlandF1 8:37

Alonso (1 pitstop) overtakes Button (0 pitstops) gee that McLaren must be slow – @Formula1formula 8:39

Rosberg pits twice in the space of two laps, either that Mercedes eats tyres for fun, or someone didn’t attack the tyres properly – @formula1formula 8:42

Rosberg pits yet again from 18th and this is his fourth stop of the afternoon. It could be game over this time. – @autosportlive 8:43

Rosberg has retired from the race. – @F1Times 8:44

LAP 24 P1 Alonso & P2 button pit. – @F1racing 8:45

ALO passes HUL for 2nd. VET is leading. – @F1_Fans_Updates 8:50

Hamilton passes Button with DRS on the main straight. McLaren will be focusing on making a two-stop strategy work – @F1onNBCSports 8:55

ALO close behind VET and he us past VET for the LEAD of the race! – @F1_Fans_Updates 8:55

Your top runners in China 1. Alonso (2 stops) 2. Hamilton (2 stops) 3. Raikkonen (2 stops) 4. Button (1 stop) 5. Vettel (2 stops) – @Sarahholtf1 9:03

Hulkenberg and Massa pit, side by side down the pit lane, and Massa gets ahead into turn one. Sauber still on for good points – @F1onNBCSports 9:08

Alonso reclaims the lead and should now win the race by around 20-25 seconds – @formula1formula 9:18

Button in for his mandatory switch to soft tyres. Six laps to go. – @f1fanaticlive 9:30

Button gets past the Ferrari of Massa – can’t help but think that bad pit call really wrecked Massa’s race today. Deserved better. – @IrvinF1 9:32

Fastest lap from Vettel, a 1:36.808 – a full 4 seconds quicker than Hamilton. Can he catch the Mercedes for the final podium position? – @F1onNBCSports

Fernando Alonso wins the Chinese Grand Prix! – @SkySportsF1 9:41

VET is right behind HAM and they are in traffic! HAM JUST holds on for 3RD. – @F1_Fans_Updates 9:41

Alonso has to be my driver of the day, phenomenal driving – @formula1formula 9:42

The top 10 in China: Alonso, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Vettel, Button, Massa, Ricciardo, Di Resta, Grosjean and Hulkenberg. – @SkySportsF1 9:42 [but with so many drivers to be investigated by the stewards post race this could all change].

Alonso digs deep but Vettel digs deeper

25 Nov

The tweet review, Brazil 12

“so the starting grid as so: HAM BUT WEB VET MAS HUL ALO RAI ROS DIR SEN PER SCH KOB RIC MAL VER GRO PET KOV GLO PIC KAR DLR” @formula1formula 15:17 (GMT)

“if you missed the news Alonso is already up to 7th after Maldonado was given a 10 place penalty for missing not attending the weighing” @formula1formula 15:20

“Great start by Ferrari! Massa into P2, Alonso is P4, Vettel is way down! What a start to the race!” @RichlandF1 16:04

“Oh dear. Vettel got tangled up and spun. Now at the back of the field and it appears to be raining” @easonF1 16:05

“ALO now up to 3RD!!!!” @F1_Fans_Updates 16:05

“Hulkenberg gets past Webber for P4.” @F1TimesLive

“Vettel lies in twenty-first place, but the damage doesn’t seem to be affecting his lap times. The chase is on” @PortalF1 16:08

“Alonso is off, he’s ran wide at T1 and he is down to P4 defending from Webber. Wow, this is already a classic GP” @RichlandF1 16:09

“Massa has got ahead of Webber for P5.” @F1TimesLive 16:11

“L6 Grosjean crashes out at Mergulho as Hamilton defends his lead from Button at the start of lap seven.” @f1fanaticlive 16:12

“Webber has spun!! He’s gone down the order at T1. Alonso is now 4.4s off Hulkenburg for the magic P3” @RichlandF1 16:13

“Button takes the lead from Hamilton!!!” @IrvineF1

“Kovalainen is P11! Could the Marussia/Caterham race take another twist?” @RichlandF1 16:15

“Vettel – “Massa ahead, be careful”” @Formula1_com 16:17

“So Vettel has gone from 4th to 24th to 6th to 18th in 11 laps! Crazy!!” @pubsilverstone 16:20

“Red Bull studying pix of Vettel’s damaged car down on the pitwall, Obviously not serious” @easonF1 16:27

“Rain is expected to continue for next 30 mins but it’s still the cars on slicks who are fastest, not sure what to expect” @formula1formula 16:29

“L19 Hulkenberg passes Button and Force India lead the Brazilian Grand Prix!” @f1fanaticlive 16:20

“The front two are 45 seconds ahead of Hamilton in 3rd. Shows what the right strategy can do” @RichlandF1 16:33

“We have a safety car for debris.” @F1TimesLive 16:36

“at the restart VET KOB and WEB go three abreast down the straight, KOB overtakes VET whilst WEB goes wide” @formula1formula 16:49

“Kobayashi passes Alonso who drops to fifth now, a place ahead of Vettel.” @F1TimesLive 16:52

“Massa uses DRS to get past Vettel. The Red Bull drops to seventh” @ESPNF1 16:55

“Hulk says, “I don’t like these downshifts” with “too much push” in engine braking on entry” @F1PitRadio 17:08

“Hulkenburg slides whilst trying to turn letting Hamilton overtake for 1st place” @formula1formula 17:15

“Red Bull tell Vettel his radio does not work now.” @IrvineF1 17:19

“Hilariously Kimi goes off and ends up in a cul de sac. 3pt turn required” @easonF1 17:21

“HAM and HUL touch at T1 fighting for the lead putting BUT 1st and ALO 2nd, unlucky for HULK he was doing so well” @formula1formula 17:23

“Hulkenburg has been given a drive through penalty. Alonso is behind Massa, but he will be let through. Cue people crying about that…” @RichlandF1 17:26

“Schumacher lets Vettel pass. That could be it. Alonso needs to win the race to win the WCC now…” @IrvineF1 17:35

“LAP 69 ALO P2 VET P6” @F1_Fans_Updates 17:44

“Di Resta crashes. Safety Car!” @Formula1_com 17:46

“final top 10 but ALO mas web hul VET sch ver kob rai so Vettel is the 2012 world champion” @formula1formula 17:49

“driver of the race award goes to Hulkenburg, such phenomenal driving and really didn’t deserve the drive thru penalty” @formula1formula 17:52


Gardening spices up the Korean GP

14 Oct

“here’s how the grid will start it is WEB VET HAM ALO RAI MAS GRO HUL ROS MSC BUT PER KOB DIR MAL RIC VER SEN PET KOV PIC GLO DLR KAR” 6:54 @Formula1Formula

“the only penalty is a 10 place grid penalty for Pic for an unscheduled engine change, he moves from 21st to 24th” 6:55 @Formula1Formula

“Top 10 all on super soft, soft tyre for Button, Perez, Kobayashi, Di Resta and Vergne” 7:01 @JackLeslieF1

“Button has made a poor start and has dropped to the rear of the field. He may have made contact with another car.” 7:07 @autosportlive

“Good morning. What a start. Nice three way fight for the lead all the day into Turn 3. Good start as usual for the Ferraris” 7:09 @LiteralF1

“Off the start, Vettel just swung it wide, leaving Webber no space and forcing his teammate to give up the lead” 7:10 @RichlandF1

“lap standings are: VET WEB ALO HAM MAS RAI HUL GRO PER MSC DIR SEN MAL VER RIC KOV PET GLO DLR KAR PIC KOB and retirements for ROS and BUT” 7:11 @formula1formula

“Drive-through penalty for Kobayashi for causing a collision.” 7:17 @F1TimesLive (this is for causing the collision with Button on lap 1).

“Slow clap around the circuit as, 9 laps later, Rosberg’s car is finally moved.” @f1paddockonline

“L14 Hamilton pits from fourth.” 7:27 @f1fanaticlive

“KOB and DLR retired… In a distinctly boring fashion… So not even any excitement from the newest retirements… **Double Yawn**” 7:38 @IrvineF1

“Grosjean v Maldonado. Hold on to your hats everybody.” 7:39 @f1paddockonline

“Massa overtakes Hamilton to give Ferrari 3rd and 4th” 7:42 @formula1formula

“Hamilton’s only been on these tyres for 9 laps so for them to be significantly graining shows Hamilton has been driving too aggressively” 7:44 @formula1formula

“Dear GP2 & upcoming drivers: Watch Lewis vs Kimi on track. THAT is how champions race. No contact, no kamikazi moves, great reactions” 7:50 @literalF1

“Vettel overshoots his braking zone, locks the front right massively and is told to “box”” 8:06 @Formula1_com

“Cue all the ‘Alonso, Massa is faster than you’ jokes.” 8:11 @fakewhitmarsh

“Hulkenberg passes Hamilton and Grosjean!” 8:14 @Formula1_com

“with less than 10 laps to go the standings are: VET WEB ALO MAS RAI HUL GRO VER HAM DIR PER SCH MAL SEN KOV PET GLO PIC KAR” 8:26 @formula1formula

“the most exciting thing to happen last lap is the view of the astroturf being dug up by the cars as they go over it” 8:33 @formula1formula

“Hamilton has a stream of astro-turf hanging off his car which isn’t helping his aero at all.” 8:37 @F1TimesLive

“It’s over. Vettel makes it and Psy waves the flag (altho looking somewhat baffled. No Gangnam Style there)” 8:42 @easonF1

“driver of the day is going to be Hulkenburg as he was the only driver to pull an exciting overtaking move to finish 6th” 8:43 @formula1formula

“top 10 finish as VET WEB ALO MAS RAI HUL GRO VER RIC HAM” 8:43 @formula1formula

Carnage reigns whilst Vettel wins

23 Sep

The tweet review, Singapore 12. (All times are approximate, and all UK time)

“A minutes silence for the great man Prof Sid Watkins” (@JackLeslieF1) 12:46

“Anyway, lets’ take a minute to remember the incredible individual that was Prof. Sid Watkins. Gone, but MEVER forgotten.” (@IrvineF1) 12:49

“the line up for todays race will be (1st->24th) HAM MAL VET BUT ALO DIR WEB GRO MSC ROS HUL RAI MAS PER RIC VER KOB GLO PIC SEN KAR DLR” (@formula1formula) 12:52

“the guys to watch are the force india and sauber drivers, all have a good shot at picking up points and this is a high attrition race” (@formula1formula) 13:04

“the penalties are: DLR (24->24) and SEN (17->22) 5 place grid penalty for gearbox change and Pic gets 20 secs added to his time” (@formula1formula) 12:54

“Hamilton leads into turn 1 with Vettel up to second” (@Formula1_com) 13:05

“lap 2 and already the FIA are investigating incidents” (@formula1formula) 13:07

“Order on lap 3: HAM, VET, BUT, MAL, ALO, DIR, WEB, GRO, ROS, MSC, RAI, HUL, PER, RIC, VER, KOV, GLO, SEN, KOB, PIC, DEL, KAR, PET, MAS.” (@F1TimesLive) 13:09

“Turn 1 saw Schumacher, Rosberg, Webber and Grosjean go into turn 1 side by side!” (@JackLeslieF1) 13:09

“Lotus has lost telemetry from Grosjean. Maybe they can ask Lewis to Tweet it for them.” (@GrandPrixDiary) 13:12

“btw Massa (currently 24th) has set the fastest lap of this race on the harder compound” (@formula1formula) 13:14


“Rob Smedley telling Felipe he’s the quickest man out there. He’s last and 77 seconds behind the leader. He’ll need to be quick….” (@GrandPrixDiary) 13:20

“Bruno Senna had a gearbox change before the race and still manages to lose gear 1” (@formula1formula) 13:24

“That wasn’t Vettel pitting for the undercut – Vettel pitted because he’d lost half a second in the middle sector. Tyres were going.” (@f1fanatic_co_uk) 13:25

“Lewis reports “a funny feeling” in the right rear tyre. Will box now” (@F1PitRadio) 13:27

“Hamilton has lost drive and is having to retire!!!!!” (@formula1formula) 13:48


“We’re going to use this failure to our advantage, we’re telling Lewis it’s a Mercedes built component that failed.” (@fakewhitmarsh) 14:06

“KAR has just crashed on the bridge at turn 18 and the safety car will have to come out” (@formula1formula) 14:08


“Maldonado told he has a hydraulic problem and has to retire.” (@f1fanaticlive) 14:13

“Safety Car in this lap. Button almost drives in to the back of Vettel when warming his brakes.” (@JamesallenonF1) 14:24

“Big crash as Schumacher mounts the back of Vergne’s Toro Rosso and both are out immediately” (@autosportlive) 14:26

“Michael Schumacher. Should have gone to SpecSavers.” (@GrandPrixDiary) 14:26

“another crash and so the safety car is straight back out” (@formula1formula) 14:27

“Vitaly Petrov is being pushed down the pit lane by the Caterham mechanics…” (@IrvineF1) 14:29

“Heikki Kovalainen is up into P11 now, could Caterham score some points today? Rate of attrition is growing undoubtedly” (@RichlandF1)

“Petrov back out” (@F1PitRadio) 14:33

“L42 Vettel leads again at the restart. Kovalainen is now 11th!” (@f1fanatic_co_uk) 14:33

“Crazy stuff, Massa overtook whilst zig-zagging across the track. Brilliant stuff as he makes contact with Senna.” (@F1TimesLive) 14:35

“Kovalainen pits from 11th to ruin caterham’s chances of points” (@formula1formula) 14:39

“Perez hits Hulkenberg as he attempts a pass. Damage to the front-wing on the Sauber.” (@F1TimesLive) 14:46

“Webber uses the whole track and more to pass Kobayashi. Puncture for Hulkenberg as contact between him and Kobayashi.” (@F1TimesLive) 14:47

“Lap 51/61: VET BUT ALO DIR ROS RAI GRO MAS RIC SEN WEB PER GLO PIC KOB DEL KOV HUL PET – Glock and Pic running superbly!” (@RichlandF1) 14:50

“Senna must be a hell of a billiards player given the way he’s banking that Williams off the armco.” (@charlie_whiting) 14:51

“Senna has retired. He complained of a loss of power in his Williams earlier on.” (@f1fanatic_co_uk) 15:05

“driver of the day: Paul Di Resta, may not have been the most exciting driver but P4 is a fantastic result” (@formula1formula) 15:06

“top 10 finish: VET BUT ALO DIR ROS RAI GRO MAS RIC WEB, the others who finished were PER GLO KOB HUL KOV PIC DLR” (@formula1formula) 15:08

“lots of retirements, HAM KAR MAL MSC VER PET SEN” (@formula1formula) 15:10

Fireworks galore as Hamilton takes victory

9 Sep

The tweet review, Italy 12

“My prediction is Hamilton to win, but Massa and Alonso to accompany him on the podium” (@formula1formula)

“this is how the grid will line up: HAM BUT MAS SCH VET ROS RAI KOB DIR ALO WEB PER SEN RIC DAM VER KOV PET GLO PIC KAR MAL DLR HUL” (@formula1formula)

“the penalties going into this race are Grosjean 1 race ban Maldonado 2 5 place grid penalties and Di Resta a 5 place penalty” (@formula1formula)

“5 4 3 2 1 THE LIGHTS GO OUT THE #F1 #ItalianGP is GO GO GO” (F1_Fans_Updates)

“HUGE start for Massa who manages to get between the #McLaren‘s – HAM leads as everyone is into the first lap cleanly…” (@IrvineF1)

“Order at the end of lap one: Hamilton, Massa, Button, Schumacher, Vettel, Raikkonen, Alonso” (@ESPNF1)

“Narain overtook both Marussias at the start but they touched on the first corner” (@HRTF1Team)


“And Alonso gets P5. World Championship leader is back on the road. Not much happening ahead” (@easonF1)

“Now Di Resta forces Senna off the track.” (@f1fanaticlive)

“D’Ambrosio told his KERS isn’t working.” (@f1fanaticlive)

“BTW, while it’s quiet, checked whether Bernie Ecclestone invited Alex Zanardi to present prizes at Monza” “Yes, he did but Alex wanted to stay in London for the Paralympics closing ceremony. You can see his point. Well done to him anyway” both by (@easonf1)

“Maldonado was coming up to overtake someone, the team did the wise thing and brought him in for a pitstop” (@fakewhitmarsh)

“I’m starting to think many may be changing strategies to a two-stop race…” (@IrvineF1)

“Ferrari appear to be in a right old panic in the garage. No idea why” (@easonF1)

“Button takes Massa at the second chicane and it’s back to a McLaren 1-2.” (@F1TimesLive)

“Maldonado is flying in his Williams. New tyres working wonders. His last lap, a 1:29.653, almost a second quicker than the leaders.” (@F1TimesLive)

“Massa’s car had stopped transmitting telemetry to the team. Alonso and Vettel come close in the pit lane but Vettel keeps his position” (@Jamesallenonf1)

“Hamilton pits from the lead, a 2.7 pit – the fastest of the race so far” (@F1TimesLive)

“Lovely ding-dong between Vettel and Alonso ends with Alonso careering onto the grass” (@easonF1)

“So Massa has no telemetry has anyone checked Hamilton tweets? =P” (@F1_Fans_Updates)

“So Perez leads by virtue of not stopping and is told by Sauber to stay out. Hamilton looms though” (@easonF1)

“Top ten on 28/53: PER, HAM, BUT, MAS, VET, ALO, MSC, RAI, ROS, HUL. Perez is yet to pit after starting on the prime tyre.” (@Jamesallenonf1)

“Alonso tries it again at Curva Grande and this time makes it stick, clearing Vettel into the second chicane” (@autosportlive)

“Vettel/Alonso under investigation for their earlier scrap.” (@F1TimesLive)

“What’s ‘Fernado’s faster than you’ in italian?” (@fakewhitmarsh)

” Vettel has been given a drive through for his role in the Alonso incident” (@Formula1_com)


“LAP 35 Vettel takes his drive-through penalty & rejons in P9 behind Red Bull teammate Webber.” (@F1racing)

“PER is quietly setting purple sectors…” (@F1Kate)

“Smedley to Massa: “Think about how you’re going to manage the tyres, Alonso behind you.” ” (@F1TimesLive)

“even though I think Vettel didn’t do on purpose, it was dangerous and he forced Alonso of track, so penalty justified.” (@NickHeidfeld)

“Button’s 21-race classified finish streak was the longest current streak in F1 before today.” (@virtualstatman)

“ALO passes teammate Massa with DRS open, makes it look easy. ALO now P2, MAS P3” (@IrvineF1)

“10 laps to go: HAM, ALO, MAS, PER, RAI, VET, WEB, DIR, KOB, MSC, RIC, ROS, SEN, HUL, MAL, DAM, KOV, PET, PIC, GLO, DLR, KAR, BUT, VER” (@Formula1_com)

“Incredible. Perez sweeps past Massa fr P3 and a podium place. What an effort and great for Sauber who were so disappointed last weekend” (@easonF1)

“Perez is past! He is up to 2nd place!” (@easonF1)

“Vettel has retired on the main straight” (@ESPNF1)

“‘For Sale’ Bulk purchase of Renault alternators, keen for quick sale. Please call Christian Horner on Milton Keynes 832654.” (@GrandPrixDiary)

“And in all the excitement, HUL RET.” (@F1Kate)

“WEBBER is now OUT of the race after his spin!” (@F1_Fans_Updates)

“Vettel Webber and Button retired, Alonso finishing 3rd, is now to early to announce him as the 2012 WDC?” (@formula1formula)

“Hamilton wins but driver of the day can only be Sergio Perez 12th to 2nd after an inspired decision to have a long 1st stint” (@formula1formula)

“Result: HAM, PER, ALO, MAS, RAI, MSC, ROS, DIR, KOB, SEN, MAL, RIC, DAM, KOV, PET, PIC, GLO, DLR, KAR [WEB, HUL, VET, BUT, VER out]” (@Formula1_com)

“1:27.239 was the fastest lap of the 2012 Italian Grand Prix; set by Nico Rosberg.” (@Formula1_Facts)

“Felipe Massa deserves a shout, he hasn’t had a podium since 2010 but came so close today, maybe next time #YouNeverKnow” (@formula1formula)

Webber wins in the dying seconds

8 Jul

The tweet review GB 12

“my man to watch? Sergio Perez, he was impressive yesterday and he generally keeps the car on the track, expect him in the points” (@formula1formula) after good picks in Canada and Valencia much is expected of Perez.


“the penalties for the grid are: KOB (5 places: collision), VER (10 places: collision), HUL and PIC (both 5 places: gearbox)” (@formula1formula) there were lots of changes between qualifying positions and grid places.

“Neither Ferrari driver has dropped a position on the opening lap in 2012, so it’s unlikely that Alonso will be passed at turn one.” (@virtualstatman)

“Looks like Petrov won’t be starting.” (@f1fanatic_co_uk) Due to an engine problem on his route to the grid Petrov had to pull out.

“Before the red lights go out, I want to dedicate my first tweet of the race to wishing nothing but all the best to @mariavillota” (@F1PitRadio)

“Hello, I’m the British weather and I’m going to play with your mind today” (@EliGP) after torrential rain on friday and saturday the race conditions were surprisingly pleasant.

“another man worth looking out for in the race is nico hulkenburg who I expect to finish in the points today” (@formula1formula)

“Nothing excites me more than alternative tyre strategy :D” (@aqsasformula) with Alonso the only driver in the top 5 to start on hard tyres the race was expected to be a corker.

“Alonso chops wickedly across Webber into Turn 1 and holds the lead ahead of the Australian and Schumacher is third. ” (@autosportlive)

“Paul di Resta has a puncture” (@f1fanaticlive)

“DIR is out.” (@F1Kate) after a collision with Grosjean on the first lap Paul Di Resta had to retire from his home GP.


“not only is Alonso pulling away from Webber but he’s on the slower tyre compound” (@formula1formula)

“not being funny here but it looks like the hards are faster than the softs, Grosjean is setting the pace on them and Alonso is pulling ” (@formula1formula)

“Felipe Masa makes a great move on Schumacher to move into 3rd!” (@ausgrandprix)

“Perez and Maldonado collide! That’s the Sauber’s race over, and Maldonado will need to pit. Yellow flags” (@RichlandF1)

“Maldonado seems to be attracted to #F1 car bodywork, no?” (@JackLeslieF1)

“A McLaren pit-stop with no errors??? Miracles do happen!!” (@pubsilverstone)

“Hamilton leads but is yet to pit whilst Alonso reels him in” (@formula1formula)

“This is beautiful between Alonso and Hamilton” (@rookief1)

“looks like Hamilton is going to be the only man to try a 1 stop strategy” (@formula1formula)

“And Ferrari speaking Italian to Alonso. Thought radio transmissions were supposed to be in English” (@easonF1)

“Lap 22/52 Current Top 10: ALO WEB VET MAS MSC RAI HAM GRO KOB and HUL” (@F1_Raymond_F1)

“McLaren are the only team in this race so far to have both their stops for BUT and HAM under 3 secs!” (@F1_Fans_Updates) contrary to previous races McLaren proved to be the best in the pit stops.

“Perez: “We are risking our lives and [Pastor Maldonado] has no respect”” (@wtf1couk)

“midway point in the race current standings: ALO WEB VET MAS RAI HAM SCH GRO KOB HUL SEN BUT ROS RIC VER KOV GLO MAL DLR PIC KAR” (@formula1formula)

“I’m no expert but I guess that the reason the hards are faster than the softs is due to the lack of rubber on track” (@formula1formula)

“Hamilton is going to have to don 23 laps on the hards, his first stint on hards was 22 laps so it’s possible” (@formula1formula)

“BUT isn’t having a great season, is he? Sigh.” (@F1Kate)

“Wish it would rain at #SILVERSTONE. Deep irony there” (@easonF1)

“Victims of Maldonado this season: Grosjean in Melbourne, De la Rosa in Monaco, Hamilton in Valencia & Perez en Silverstone. ENOUGH!!” (@thereal_SJF)

“Lap 37 Alonso into the pits and rejoins back in the lead” (@F1_Fans_Updates)

“Lap 37 Alonso into the pits and rejoins back in the lead” (@F1TimesLive)

“Alonso is looking pretty tasty for the WDC right about now, isn’t he? Good driving, consistent points, and 12 laps shy of 3 wins.” (@F1Kate)

“10 laps remaining and standings are: ALO WEB VET MAS RAI GRO HAM SCH HUL SEN BUT KOB VER RIC ROS MAL KOV GLO PIC DLR KAR” (@formula1formula)

“1.3 the gap, DRS will be available soon. Alonso needs to pull something out of the bag soon otherwise he’ll lose the lead” (@RichlandF1)

#silverstone “hey, @AussieGrit, do you want to be my team-mate next year or what!” @alo_oficial” (@legardj)

“Webber gets past Alonso for the lead.” (@F1TimesLive)

“Come on Webber. He gives 50% to HMRC so he’s the most British driver in the race as far as I’m concerned..” (@therealtopper)


“driver of the day: Romain Grosjean was running last on lap 3 and finished 6th” (@formula1formula)

“my men to watch didn’t fare well, Perez retired and HUL 12th after a mistake on the last lap” (@formula1formula)

“Championship: Alonso 129 – Webber 116 – Vettel 100 – Hamilton 92” (@RichlandF1)