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27 Oct

INDIA may not have the Raj anymore, or have Queen Elizabeth II as its Empress, but today, at the Buddh International Circuit, it had the honour of crowning a new Formula One champion, and it was bestowed upon Sebastian Vettel. He has become only the fourth man in the history of the sport to have claimed four titles, joining an élite consisting of Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost and Juan Manuel Fangio. The fact that he is only 26, and that this is the fourth consecutive year in which he has won the title, goes to show that he is capable of much more. Some criticise the young German for not being able to race, but Abu Dhabi last year disproved this, and some criticise him because he is merely the person steering a successful four wheeled machine around a race track. This is also not true. He is a key figure of the triad of motor sporting brilliance, consisting of himself, the driver, Adrian Newey- master engineer and technical officer- and Christian Horner- the Team Principal. Together, they dominate the Red Bull Racing team, and this combination has now managed to win both Drivers’ and Constructors’ Championships for the past four years, and today’s Grand Prix was a testing one in which to accomplish these feats.

It was predicted that the race would be dominated by tyres, since Pirelli had chosen the speedy soft compound, which degrades after about 10 laps, and the slower medium compound, which was more durable. Teams debated strategy over Qualifying, and it was decided that Mark Webber would begin on the medium tyres and Vettel on the softs. It was looking as if Mark Webber could take the chequered flag- he looked after his tyres, and was building a good lead, until his alternator broke down and the Australian was forced to retire from the race, leaving his team-mate the opportunity to take the lead and the chequered flag, meaning he would secure the Championship. Indeed, Vettel himself drove carefully, especially when manoeuvring his way through traffic following an early pit-stop.

The Mercedes team were also strong- Nico Rosberg managed to negotiate around the New Delhi circuit and finished second, with eighteen points, and team-mate Lewis Hamilton finished in an average sixth place, earning himself eight points. Lotus’ Romain Grosjean suffered badly in Qualifying (he had to start seventeenth), but managed to look after his medium tyres to make his way through the field, and despite nearly colliding with his team-mate Kimi Raikkönen, he finished on the podium, earning himself another fifteen points.

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso suffered contact and never featured heavily in the race, so it was up to Felipe Massa to earn vital points in order to aim for second place in the Constructors’ Championships. He finished fourth, earning twelve points. McLaren’s Sergio Perez proved that he was a capable driver when it comes to tyre strategy, and he finished a respectable fifth, and earned ten points. Raikkönen eventually finished seventh and earned six points; Force India were eighth and ninth, with Paul Di Resta and Adrian Sutil picking up four and two points respectively; Daniel Ricciardo finished tenth, securing one point for Toro Rosso.

OFFICIAL STANDINGS UPDATE Doughnuts on the track were Vettel’s way of celebrating his historic accomplishment, followed by a moving podium interview. He has dominated the 2013 season, and wrapped up both titles with three more races still to go, but it is still all to play for, since the higher positions will bring more revenue for teams and drivers.

Sebastian Vettel is first with 322 points in the Drivers’ Championships, and Fernando Alonso is currently second, with 207 points to his name. However, Kimi Raikkönen is close behind with 183 points, as is Lewis Hamilton, with 169 points. All three will be vying for second place in the coming Grands Prix. Mark Webber is fifth with 148 points, but Nico Rosberg is only 4 points behind in sixth.

Romain Grosjean and Felipe Massa both own 102 points, with Grosjean in seventh place due to his better race results. Jenson Button is ninth with 60 points, and fellow Brit Paul Di Resta is tenth with 40 points, with Nico Hulkenberg breathing down his neck with 39 points in eleventh. Twelfth place sees Sergio Perez with 33 points; Adrian Sutil is thirteenth with 28 points. Daniel Ricciardo is fourteenth with 19 points and Jean-Eric Vergne is fifteenth with 13 points. Esteban Gutierrez is sixteenth with 6 points, with Pastor Maldonado seventeenth with 1 point to his name.

In the Constructors’ Championships, Red Bull is the winner with an impressive haul of 470 points. But, the competition for second place is a very tight contest indeed. Currently, Mercedes are in the silver position with 313 points, but Ferrari has 309 points, and Lotus isn’t that far behind, with 285 points to their name. McLaren have all but secured fifth place with 93 points; Force India is sixth with 68. Sauber, with 45 points, are battling eighth place Toro Rosso who have 32 points. Williams are ninth with 1 point, and Marussia are still in tenth, ahead of Caterham, despite not scoring any points.

The next Grand Prix will be held in a week’s time at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, where the day turns into night during the race. The sun may be setting on the 2013 Formula One season, but don’t write off the sport yet, for the final three races of the year may yet surprise us as the teams and drivers battle it out for position and funding.


Attention statlovers

7 Apr

If you love stats then I really recommend a look at this article it’s full of stats about F1 car’s engines, drivers, gearboxes and loads more. So take a look.

Changes to The Formula 1 Formula for F1 2013

13 Mar

With F1 2013 just about to start we at The Formula 1 Formula thought it would be nice to provide you with an update of what to expect from us in 2013.

As you may have already seen from the articles about drivers joining/leaving Formula 1 this year we are pioneering a new style of F1 writing that is more informal and should make it more enjoyable to read.

 Also we are now on the look for new writing talent, if you want to apply to write for The Formula 1 Formula please send an email to and please give: a little information about yourself; why you like F1; who your favourite teams/drivers are (there is no wrong answer to this); how often you’d like to write and what aspect of Formula 1 you’d like to write about, e.g. politics, race reviews, history etc.

As with last year F1F will be publishing the tweet review of each race, this report aims to describe the ins and outs of every GP using people’s tweets, last year we had tweets from teams, drivers, journalists and fans contributing to the reports and every tweet is credited to it’s writer.

This year it will also be possible to hear us talk about F1 since our editor (Tom) will be a regular on the Hard Tyres F1 podcast (this can be found at and you can follow it on twitter (@hardtyres)).

2013 also marks the start of F1F looking for people who’ve been to a Grand Prix to write about their experience, it doesn’t matter whether you went to a Grand Prix decades ago or one last week all you need to do is write a little on how you found the experience, if interested please email

If you were interested in the Fake F1 Championships from last season [out link to site] then we have some exciting news for you too, from now on full up to date leader boards will be posted on our Facebook account [put link] and of course the final results of the testing championship are already up!

Of course this site is designed for you and advice (good or bad) is always welcomed as is any ideas you have for features and ideas, if you want to have your say either comment on the blog or if you don’t want it to be made public email us at .

A final thing, although we at F1F will try our hardest to ensure this blog is up to date and reporting on every GP this year this year is a big year for the team as many are currently in year 12 and as such will be sitting our AS exams at the end of the year, which will mean that sometimes we may have to abandon blogging to concentrate on our studies, if this s going to happen we plan on mentioning it to you before hand and hope you understand. The bulk of these lapse periods will be around May/June when the final AS exams and University open days are.

That just leaves me to wish you a fantastic 2013 and I hope the F1 can deliver what is to be expected in this the final year of V8 engines and we can provide you with the F1 coverage you want.

The F1F team.


Gangnam Style

29 Sep

It’s the song that’s taken the world by storm and will be coming to F1 in Korea. PSY’s new song Gangnam Style has gone viral, picking up over 300 million views on youtube and has launched a new craze in bad dancing.

The song will be performed at this years Korean GP in an exclusive concert held after the race for grandstand ticket holders, and will be part of a mini music festival that is being held at the track over the weekend featuring many other big names in Korean music.

Speaking to the press PSY said “I look forward to bringing Gangnam Style to the glamourous world of F1, and welcome everyone to Korea for this great race”.

This announcement come during a period where it is uncertain wether or not Korea will host a GP in 2013.

To see the song click here

FIA thinks electric

29 Aug

A new racing series is going to be launched called Formula E. This series will debut in 2014, but I haven’t told you what makes it unique yet. All the cars will be electric.

The series will be an international formula with races happening in city centres around the world, and the series will aim to improve the image of electric cars and as the FIA says it will be “a vision for the future of motor industry over the coming decade”.

Despite electric currently being classed as the way to go only 0.0015% of cars sold in the US last year were electric.

There are a few problems with electric car racing: due to current battery limits pit stops will see the driver swap from one car to another – fully charged – car, but as the technology improves this should become unnecessary and purists won’t be happy with the car’s lack of noise.

All in all I expect this series to be a success and we at F1F see it as the correct way to go for an industry which has been lacking in energy saving solutions.


The Felipe Massa Problem

27 Aug

Since 2006 Felipe Massa has been a devoted servant to the Scuderia. But ever since the crash 3 years ago Felipe has struggled to pick up points, and every season since the crash there have been calls for Massa to be replaced. Here I shall look at the possible replacements:

Felipe Massa

  • May not have had a great start to the season but if he keeps up his current form then it’s likely that Ferrari will retain him for another season.
  • Negatives: it shows that Ferrari aren’t willing to change and could jeopardize their chances of a constructors championship next year.
  • Positives: already knows the team and is currently reviving his season.
  • Chances: There’s every chance Massa could get a 8th season with the Scuderia.

Sergio Perez

  • One of the stars of the season with two podiums, despite driving for Sauber.
  • Negatives: Luca di Montezemalo (Ferrari’s owner) has already come out and said that Sergio is too inexperienced.
  • Positives: there is definitely world champion potential there, Sergio is a member of the Ferrari drivers academy so he’s had experience with the team, he’s light on his tyres and Sauber get on well with Ferrari (they’ve done deals before and Sauber use Ferrari engines) and so are more likely to accept a Ferrari deal as apposed to a different team.
  • Chances: despite Montezemalo’s comment Sergio should be the favourite.

Jules Bianchi

  • Jules has been spending this season as the third driver for Force India and despite his inexperience has performed well.
  • Negatives: If Perez is classed as too inexperienced then Bianchi will be too (he hasn’t started a GP).
  • Positives: A member of the Ferrari drivers academy, he’s young and burtsting with potential and he has had some F1 car experience this year with Force India.
  • Chances: Unlikely but could have a chance in a few years time.

Sebastian Vettel

  • Reports have said the Vettel’s signed a contract with the team for 2014, but Red Bull are denying it.
  • Negatives: Although there’s no previous history between Alonso and Vettel it’s unlikely they could work together at Ferrari, a team famous for having a designated number two driver.
  • Positives: If the car’s up to scratch they’d be unstoppable and would dominate like Senna and Prost did at McLaren, sadly they’d probably get on like Senna and Prost did.
  • Chances: If Vettel is going to sign for Ferrari it will be as a replacement for Alonso when Fernando retires.

Nico Hulkenburg

  • Despite having a year off Nico has been a star of the midfield and despite a slow start he’s now the better driver at Force India.
  • Negatives: Nico is much more likely to replace Schumacher at Mercedes, still inexperienced and he probably isn’t a future world champion.
  • Positives: Potentially a future race winner and the perfect number two for Vettel if Vettel joins Ferrari. A strong qualifier, qualified 4th in Valencia and Germany.
  • Chances: Should make it into the final shortlist but unlikely to make it into the team.

Robert Kubica

  • Despite not having driven a car since 2010 Robert has been making good progress to recover from his rally crash.
  • Negatives: Hasn’t driven an F1 car since 2010 and it;s unlikely Ferrari will take the risk after seeing how a big crash affected Massa.
  • Positives: Definitely use to be a championship winning driver and gets on well with Fernando Alonso.
  • Chances: Almost impossible.

Paul Di Resta

  • After a good start to the season in recent races the Scotsman has been out performed by his team mate.
  • Negatives: Unlikely to ever be a world champion and is questionable whether he’s good enough.
  • Positives: A consistent driver who would definitely fill the role of second driver to Fernando Alonso.
  • Chances: much more likely to drive for McLaren or Mercedes than Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton

  • After driving the car to beat for the first part of the season various problems have stopped Lewis from leading the championship.
  • Negatives: They may be trying to make it seem like Alonso and Hamilton now get on but it would be a poor decision to risk them together again, also Lewis is close to signing a new deal with McLaren and he’s been very inconsistent since he won the championship in 2008.
  • Positives: He’s a talented driver who could give Alonso competition for his number one seat.
  • Chances: It’s not going to happen.

Jenson Button

  • It’s not been a good season for Jenson and the press have already ruled him out of winning the championship this year.
  • Negatives: One of the grid’s worst qualifiers and is unlikely to be wanted by Ferrari’s management.
  • Positives: The best driver in changing weather conditions.
  • Chances: If all the other candidates break their legs then he may have a chance.

Can F1 finally conquer the States

25 Aug

Ever since Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492 Europe has been desperate to conquer America, but despite numerous attempts the USA has held firm and you have to go back as far as 1776 to find the last time Europe owned American land. Like Europe F1 has tried many a time conquer the American public but despite ambitious plans and millions of dollars thrown at the idea every attempt has gone down like a lead balloon, which makes me ask the question:

“Is there any point even trying to host a GP in the US?”

Here is a summary of F1’s US disasters:

F1’s first attempt at hosting an F1 race in the USA was by incorporating the Indianapolis 500 race into the F1 calendar. To say it was a disaster would be an understatement, despite the race staying on the calendar from 1950 to 1960 only one driver ever doubled up the 500 and the rest of the F1 championship, Alberto Ascari competed in the 500 during 1952 – his first title winning season. Ascari retired on lap 40/200 with a wheel problem.

Over the years F1 has attempted to break into America 10 times. You’d have thought by now they’d have learnt that an American GP isn’t a clever idea. Of the 10 tracks used the majority did not provide good racing and at the most recent American GP at Indianapolis in 2007 only 100,000 of the 257,000 tickets were sold.

F1’s last disaster in America came in 2005 when only 6 cars competed for the victory. Although this wasn’t any fault of the organisers it only gave the race a bad press. The reason for this debacle was that tyre supplier Michelin felt that their tyres were unsafe at the high speeds sustained at the track, and although they did suggest an alternative – an artificial chicane placed on the track (a.k.a. some cones) – their idea was rejected by the stewards, this meant that only the 6 cars running on Bridgestone tyres started the race.

As Bernie Ecklestone says, “11th time lucky”