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19 Sep

Former champion Kimi Raikkonen has been seen going into the Williams HQ building in Grove, this takes speculation into next years line up into question as neither Barrichello or Maldonado are definitely with Williams for next season, Nico Hulkenburg is still a contender and there have also been rumors of  Sutil visiting the HQ. In the last 3 seasons (this one including) Williams have had 5 different drivers.

Despite this year’s Bahrain GP being cancelled the organizers still paid £25million to Bernie Ecklestone, apparently he offered it them back but they declined. So I imagine this is helping to pay for Tamara Ecklestone’s £1million bath made of a crystal from the Amazon rainforest #whatawasteofmoney.

30,000 tickets have been sold for the inaugural Indian GP and to cope with them there will be 800 shuttle buses to take spectators to the circuit, despite the number of sold tickets there have been real problems for Visas to be organized and some teams have announced that at this rate they’re going to be a few engineers down for the GP, all we can hope is that Vettel’s gets held up in the post for a few months and that he can’t make it. The track has already been used to large numbers, there were at one point 100,000 workers being catered for by a whopping 1000 cooks, imagine the size of that kitchen and the arguments over who’s sue chef to who.


Bahrain may be cancelled.

18 Feb

Following the political unrest in Bahrain, Bernie Eccleston has admitted that they will have to make a decision early next week on wether the Bahrain race – and the testing the week before – can take place. Now that this news is out, I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of tracks in Europe or in the Middle East which have passed the test to host F1 announced that they can be ready quickly to replace them. That’s what happened when we had the problems last year when no one was sure if the South Korea GP would take place.