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India’s next top driver!

23 Jan

The search to find the next Karum Chandhok or  Narain Karthikeyan is on. The Indian motorsport industry are trying to find ways to make domestic carting and racing more affordable, whilst at the same time making it bigger and better. This comes after Narain Karthikeyan is brought back into F1, India get their own track and a national team has been set up. The question is, Is the eastern world going to be the driving force in Formula 1 in the future? Next year Asia will host eight of next seasons twenty, despite being set to only have two (three if you include Vitaly Petrov who is Russian, Fariuz Fauzy (Malaysian) is set to be Lotus-Renault’s test driver) of this seasons 24 drivers, and never having had a championship winner.


Do YOU want to be driving in F1 next season.

19 Jan

If you’re a driver and you’d like to be driving for Hispania racing team next season, and you’ve got £25million waiting for a rainy day, it could be you partnering Narain Karthikeyan in the second seat next season. Actually you don’t even need to have the money, if you can bring in sponsorship worth £25million you can get the drive.

One thing’s for sure it won’t be Nico Hulkenberg, the German’s manager announced that Nico is too good a driver to have to pay to get a seat, it’s now looking likely that Nico will be the Force India reserve driver, which will mean that if one of the drivers is to injure himself Nico could be driving Force India, but more likely he’ll just be used in Friday Practise 1.

Lotus-Renault have announced that their reserve driver next season will ex Team Lotus reserve driver Fairuz Fauzy, a malaysian driver who drove in a few of the weekends last season in Friday Practise one, his best result was finishing the practise only 6 seconds behind the fastest in Malaysia.