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Driver Ratings, S.Korea. Pt.1 Ferrari, Force India and Hispania

16 Oct

Fernando Alonso 8/10 Q6 F5

If it was by his 3rd stint alone he’d have got a 10 but it took him too long to clear Massa and it cost him a place on the podium.

Felipe Massa 7/10 Q5 F6

He was looking good all weekend  but as soon as the race started he started to go downhill, although he looked fast, it was only when he pitted and Alonso stayed out that we saw just how fast a Ferrari could go.

Adrian Sutil 6/10 Q10 F11

He was steadily getting faster moving up the places from FP1 to Q2 but didn’t go out in Q3 a decision that potentially cost him points as he may have been able to start 8th which would have made him more likely to finish in the top 10.

Paul Di Resta 6/10 Q9 F10

Nothing amazing from the British wonderkid but this if this season is anything to go by he will become something amazing, a well fought drive got him a vital point.

Vitantonio Liuzzi 2/10 Q23 F21

If you look in a dictionary by the name Vitantonio Liuzzi is the definition slow. He was already a lap behind after 15 laps and never was involved in a fight for position because everyone was too far ahead.

Daniel Ricciardo 6/10 Q24 F19

Imagine a world where a HRT beat someone from another team, well today we were part of that world as Daniel drove an astonishing race to  actually beat someone, even if it was a Virgin.


Driver Ratings, Japan. Pt.1 Ferrari, Force India and Hispania

11 Oct

Fernando Alonso 8/10 Q5 F2

Weak in qualifying only managing 5th, but drove a solid race to finish 2nd and had he started his charge earlier could have battled for first at the very end.

Felipe Massa 5/10 Q4 F7

I’m not sure what Massa did pre season but it looks like he must have entered a mirror smashing contest he’s had that much bad luck. Another collision with Hamilton and a bad strategy let him down. On the positive side he did beat team mate Alonso in qualifying.

Adrian Sutil 6/10 Q11 F11

So close yet so far. Not as impressive in qualifying as he has been of late but really challenged in the race taking part in a 5 way battle for 9th.

Paul Di Resta 5/10 Q12 F12

Had an astonishing start going up to 8th but a few mistakes brought him back to earth and he finished a lackluster 12th to make sure the battle between Sauber and Force India gets closer.

Vitantonio Liuzzi 1/10 Q24 F23

Didn’t go out in qualifying but it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway he’d have still started 24th, and after less than 10 laps was quite simply in a race of his own.

Daniel Ricciardo 2/10 Q22 F22

Being in a HRT isn’t a good place to be at the moment it’s so unbelievably slow. Despite this it was a good performance by Daniel to beat team mate Liuzzi during the race, again.

Driver Ratings, Singapore. Pt. 1 Ferrari, Force India and HRT

26 Sep

Fernando Alonso: 8/10 The king of singapore couldn’t work his magic to get onto the podium (the first Singapore GP in which he hasn’t), he looked competitive all the way up to qualifying but in Q3 just couldn’t get enough speed to qualify higher than 5th. Another one of his great starts saw him up to 3rd but he couldn’t keep it till the end and so finished 4th.

Felipe Massa: 8/10 Another race ruined by someone else as Felipe was running well having started 6th and at the start got to 4th before a rapidly chasing Lewis Hamilton hit the back of the car to puncture the tyre and forcing him to pit twice in two laps, despite this Massa launched a comeback and was very close to taking 8th when the race ended.

Adrian Sutil: 7/10 Another 4 points in the championship for Force India all but sews up the race between Force India and Sauber in the constructors championship. A good race but he couldn’t match his team mate, Paul Di Resta.

Paul Di Resta: 9/10 Went beyond the call of duty and finished higher than anyone expected, all because of  a super tyre strategy that saw him start on softs.

Vitantonio Liuzzi and Daniel Ricciardo: 1/10 Lapped by all the field need I say more.

Driver ratings Monza, Pt. 1, Ferrari, Force India and Hispania

11 Sep

Fernando Alonso 9/10

A fantastic start to lead the first 6 laps before the tyres started to drop, a lack of pace at the end let Hamilton have a go for 3rd but an quality drive to take 3rd none the less, no one will be happier than the Tifosi this evening.

Felipe Massa 7/10

Looked on to get a good finish before the curse struck again this time in the form of Mark Webber. Everytime he’s looked good someone makes a mistake which ruins his race (occasionally himself) but he should get a podium before the end of the year.

Adrian Sutil 6/10

Only had 9 laps to impress before he had to retire but there was nothing special in those laps and qualifying 12th was below his ability.

Paul Di Resta 7/10

8th was maybe a but higher than deserved but then again if you can finish that is half the job done then and there. Unlucky to miss out on a Q3 spot but 11th is still good for a rookie.

Vitantonio Liuzzi 1/10

Not only a bad qualifying but then went out with a bang for his 75th GP taking a few out with him.

Daniel Ricciardo 4/10

It’s hard to tell how fast Daniel is when he’s driving in such a slow car but it still wasn’t good and despite retiring in the early laps he returned to the track to finish 14 laps back.


2 Feb

Yesterday marked the start of the 2011 season, with the first testing. The pack were pretty spread out, and the 2010 cars seem to be slightly quicker than than the 2011 ones. Despite this Vettel in the RB7 -the new Red Bull- was the fastest by quite some margin with a time of 1.13,769, 0.2 seconds ahead of Nico Hulkenberg in the 2010 Force India. Mercedes didn’t have a good day, they suffered a hydraulics problem whilst Rosberg was driving and it took until late afternoon for them to fix, so we’ll find out how quick their car is today. D’Ambrosoio in the Virgin 2010 started his F1 career well, finishing 7th only 2.3 seconds off the Red Bull, the only other new teams testing yesterday, Hispania weren’t as good, their driver Narain Karithikeyan was second to last and only ahead of Rosberg who drove only 9 laps. The only other point of interest is that F1 new boy Paul Di Resta was only 0.5 seconds off Nico Hulkenberg in the same car, this looks promising as in testing it’s not too hard to find 0.5 seconds.

Full Standings:

Vettel – 2011 Red Bull  1.13.769

Hulkenberg – 2010 Force India  1.13.938

Paffett – 2010 McLaren  1.14.292

Di Resta – 2010 Force India  1.14.461

Alonso – 2011 Ferrari  1.14.553

Kobayashi – 2011 Sauber  1.15.621

D’Ambrosio – 2010 Virgin  1.16.003

Petrov – 2011 Renault  1.16.351

Schumacher – 2011 Mercedes  1.16.450

Alguersuari – 2011 Toro Rosso  1.17.214

Barrichello – 2011 Williams  1.17.335

Karithikeyan – 2010 Hispania  1.18.020

Rosberg – 2011 Mercedes  1.19.930

Do YOU want to be driving in F1 next season.

19 Jan

If you’re a driver and you’d like to be driving for Hispania racing team next season, and you’ve got £25million waiting for a rainy day, it could be you partnering Narain Karthikeyan in the second seat next season. Actually you don’t even need to have the money, if you can bring in sponsorship worth £25million you can get the drive.

One thing’s for sure it won’t be Nico Hulkenberg, the German’s manager announced that Nico is too good a driver to have to pay to get a seat, it’s now looking likely that Nico will be the Force India reserve driver, which will mean that if one of the drivers is to injure himself Nico could be driving Force India, but more likely he’ll just be used in Friday Practise 1.

Lotus-Renault have announced that their reserve driver next season will ex Team Lotus reserve driver Fairuz Fauzy, a malaysian driver who drove in a few of the weekends last season in Friday Practise one, his best result was finishing the practise only 6 seconds behind the fastest in Malaysia.


8 Jan

After 5 years away from Formula 1 Indian driver, Narain Karthikeyan, 33 will return to the sport. Narain was the first ever Indian driver to compete in F1 in 2005 when racing for Jordan, since then he’s spent two years as a test driver for Williams before spending 2007-2009 competing in the A1 Grand Prix series before that stopped running. He then went to Nascar for the American truck series before returning to Europe to compete in the Superleague Formula. With the first ever Indian Grand Prix being held this year, it will be a great opportunity for Narain and for the Supporters who’ll have a driver and a team (Force India) to cheer on. Of course this relies on Narain lasting that long, last year no driver drove every race for Hispania, and they got through 4: Karum Chandhok (only the second ever Indian to race) Sakon Yamamoto, Christien Klien and Bruno Senna. Recently Senna’s been told that he won’t get the second seat for Hispania leaving his career on the edge.

Just to add to that Hispania boss Colin Knolles has announced that Vitantonio Liuzzi is on his shopping list for the second driver list (though if they do get him I think he’d be there number 1), just another thing showing that not many people think Vit’s got a chance of driving for Force India.