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Alonso wins in China by a country mile

14 Apr

Good Day, Bad Day, China 13.

Good Day:

Fernando Alonso: S3 F1 10/10 – Alonso was far and away the best driver on track today, he overtook, managed the tyres and set blistering pace to ultimately win the race by a fantastic 10 seconds. It started well for Alonso overtaking Raikkonen off the line and it just got better, his corner of choice for overtaking was T1 where he overtook: Hamilton, Vettel (twice) and Button. Alonso only just missed out on the championship last season but he’s back with a vengeance this season.

Sebastian Vettel: S9 F4 9/10 – Vettel was killed by his strategy this weekend otherwise he could have challenged Vettel to the victory. Vettel didn’t set a lap in Q3 yesterday (this is because Red Bull didn’t have the 1 lap pace to challenge Ferrari/Lotus/Mercedes for pole) and after being overtaken by Hulkenburg early on he had to spend multiple laps being held up by around 0.5 seconds a lap. But when Vettel did his stint on the soft tyres he set the timing boards alight and missed out on a podium place by less than a second.

Jenson Button: S8 F5 8/10 – McLaren’s problems aren’t solved yet but Button showed today that the team are on their way to getting themselves on par with the competition. Button did a successful 2 stop strategy showing the McLaren is at least light on it’s tyres. Yesterday  Button admitted that McLaren are still around 0.7s off the pace but if they carry on improving and bringing upgrades to the car they could (potentially) be on the pace by Spain.

Daniel Ricciardo: S7 F7 8/10 – Daniel hadn’t finished a race this season prior to today and immediately started his points tally with 6 points. Ricciardo had a uneventful race, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t drive very well, his lap times were always strong and unlike the last time he started in the top 10 he didn’t botch up the start.

Nico Hulkenburg: S10 F10 7/10 – Many (me included) see it as a travesty that Hulkenburg isn’t driving for one of the top 5 teams this season, but Nico isn’t letting that stop him, he was great today, he overtook Vettel early on in the race and then he led the race for a few laps and put in a good performance holding up Vettel who had a fastest car and the use of DRS.

Jules Bianchi: S18 F15 8/10 – What a driver Bianchi is, so far he has impressed in all of his 3 races and looks like he is capable of taking the Marussia far and beyond it’s potential, fighting with Williams during the race. Bianchi will be looking for a seat with a big team at the end of this season, and if he carries this on he could have a long line of teams desperate to sign up the young Frenchman.

Bad Day:

Caterham: 5/10 – This must be the nail in the coffin for Caterham, three times in a row they’ve been outperformed by Marussia and every weekend the gaps been getting bigger. Will Caterham ever catch up to the midfield?

Max Chilton: S19 F17 5/10 – Chilton hasn’t fulfilled the hype set out for him by the British press before his F1 debut and to be honest I doubt he ever will, for the third race in  a row he’s been thoroughly out performed by team mate Bianchi and although many will sight the difference as being due to Bianchi’s previous experience in Formula 1, it is down to more than that. The main difference being that Bianchi has genuine talent and potential.

Mark Webber: S24 F ret. 3/10 – There are some days where nothing goes right for you, today was one of those days for Webber. After the disaster yesterday where the car stopped due to a fuel pressure problem in Q2 Mark will have thought it couldn’t get much worse, it did. Webber started strongly, his pit stop on lap 1 looked an inspired decision when he was setting the early pace and he was competing with the guys who started at the front, until, he hit Vergne (an incident that has got him a 3 place grid penalty for Bahrain). This was followed by a pit stop to change the front nose, during which the rear right tyre was attached properly, it came loose on his lap out and when he made it to the hairpin at the end of the long straight the tyre and the car left each other. To sum up his day in 1 word, disaster.

Adrian Sutil: S13 F ret. 6/10 – After starting his reborn career well today was a day for Sutil to forget, he made contact with his team mate on the first lap 1 but his race ended on lap 5 when Gutierrez hit his back.

Esteban Gutierrez: S17 F ret. 5/10 – Esteban hasn’t started the season as well as I expected him too, he’s had a disaster so far this season and it didn’t help him when he takes out another driver on lap 5 because he didn’t know where to break.


Vettel wins in Malaysia but not through fair play

24 Mar

Good Day, Bad Day, Malaysia 13.

Good Day:

Nico Hulkenburg: Q12 F8 8/10 – In a race full of errors Hulkenburg stood as a driver who – apart from the pit stop incident – refused to put a foot wrong, he showed he can start well, overtake and hold off guys in stronger cars. Hulkenburg is a fan of races where the surface is changing – as we saw in Brazil last year – and although the Sauber isn’t the most competitive car on track Hulkenburg’s talented enough to take it beyond it’s potential.

McLaren: 7/10 – This weekend signified a improvement for McLaren with Button fighting for 5th before the retirement and both cars making it into Q3. Having said this McLaren aren’t back yet, rain is good at evening out the field – if you want proof look at last season’s Malaysian GP won by Alonso – and both Button and Perez are better than average in the wet so the hard work isn’t over yet.

Jules Bianchi: Q19 F13 8/10 – Bianchi performed well on his debut and he’s continued in Malaysia yet again showing why he’s part of Ferrari’s development scheme, whilst the cameras were on the leaders Bianchi was working hard yet again, he was strong in qualifying (only a few tenths off the Williams in front) and maintained that today consistently setting fast lap times, with Bianchi Marussia should have a promising year.

Bad Day:

Red Bull: 7/10 – It’s going to take one hell of a diplomat to sort out this mess, if you missed the incident I’ll quickly paraphrase it for you: both cars had pitter for the last time and Webber was ahead of Vettel in a Red Bull 1-2, Horner told them to not race and to continue in those positions to the end of the race, Vettel then overtook. This led to the frostiest podium since Hockenheim 2010 and whilst in post race interviews Vettel did say he was sorry and didn’t mean too you’d have to be a Red Bull employer to swallow that, if he was sorry why didn’t he just give the place back? Apart from that though they did have a good race and looked strong throughout.

Nico Rosberg: Q6 F4 7/10 – Rosberg drove well today he was always on (or setting) the pace and showed Mercedes that he’s as good as Hamilton, despite this Mercedes also tried some team strategy today, this time telling the faster Rosberg to stay behind the fuel conserving Hamilton. Rosberg will fell aggrieved at that but his ability to follow team orders has brought him a lot respect from F1 fans (Vettel take note).

Fernando Alonso: Q3 F n/a 3/10 – It looked promising for Alonso this morning, he had a quick car, he’s a good starter and Malaysia has a long run to turn 1 but then it all went wrong, problems started at turn 2 when his tyres locked up and he gave Vettel a little shunt, this broke one of the columns supporting the front wing leaving him lacking downforce, but then the decision was taken by Ferrari not to being him in for a change of front wing (reason for this is probably that they wanted him to come in once it was time for slicks) and Alonso pretty much immediately ran over his front-wing (which lost him all control of the car) and beached it.

Kimi Raikkonen: Q10 F7 5/10 – After his phenomenal performance last week in Australia this race was a bit of a disaster he was penalised for blocking in Q3 yesterday and was pretty lack lustre today, if Raikkonen is to become a double world champion this year he needs more of what he did in Australia and less of what he did today.

Force India: 4/10: To say Force India were awful at pit stops today would be putting under-egging it they had a disaster every time one of their cars stopped, first they double stacked (where both cars come in at the same time) and sadly the rear left of Sutil (the first car in) refused to budge which meant the stop took an extra 16 seconds than normal, this also delayed Di Resta the 2nd car in the stack. Then when Di Resta came in for his second it took 2 minutes to remove the front left, and the for Sutil’s second stop they couldn’t remove the front left. Needless to say neither of them made it to the end.

Max Chilton: Q21 F16 6/10 – Whilst team mate Bianchi stars in the Marussia looks average at best, this is the second race where Chilton has been thoroughly out shone by Bianchi and if this is how he continues he could find himself back in GP2 next season, Daddy’s millions may have got him to the grid but remaining there is a problem that rests on Max’s shoulders.

Vettel on pole but only after near miss Q1 exit

23 Mar

3 winners and losers of qualifying, Malaysia 2013


Sebastian Vettel: Q1 – 2 races this season and 2 pole positions as Vettel cruised to pole position by a whole 0.9 seconds, but it wasn’t as simple as it appears with Vettel almost leaving qualifying in Q1 after the strategy  taken by Red Bull went wrong and it was only through doing a second timed lap that he made it through to Q2 even so it left the Red Bull management shaken.

Felipe Massa: Q2 – This time last year Massa was a laughing stock and yet here he is now starting on the front row ahead of Alonso and having out qualified him for the 4th time in a row, can we now say the pre 2009 Massa is back with a vengeance and if so what’s to stop him making amends for the title miss in 2008, only time will tell.

McLaren: Q8 and Q10 – There’s definitely still a long way to go for McLaren but the team must see it as a step in the right direction to have 2 drivers into Q3 even if it was obvious that they would never take pole. With conditions set to be wet tomorrow I can see McLaren challenging for 5th place since both drivers are very accomplished in the wet and rain does seem to even out the cars.


Paul Di Resta: Q15 – Probably should have made it into Q3 had a disastrous Q2 strategy left him out. Di Resta came in at the end of his banker lap (a lap set on tyres from the previous session so that the driver has a time even if something goes wrong) meaning he hadn’t set a time when rain came out and left him completely out of qualifying.

Romain Grosjean: Q11 – Grosjean suffered the same as Di Resta with problem of rain stopping him improving on his lap time leaving him just out of Q3. 2013 hasn’t gone well for Grosjean so far with a bad race last weekend and now this but he’s got talent and should return to the top of his game soon.

Valtteri Bottas: Q18 – It’s been a bad start for Williams so far with Maldonado out in Q1 last week and Bottas suffering the same fate this weekend the car just isn’t working like the team will have hoped and this could be a direct consequence of being the only team to miss the Jerez test.

BREAKING: Raikkonen given a 3 place grid penalty for impeding Rosberg in Q3, this means Raikkonen is now 10th whilst Button Sutil and Perez move up one place each to 7th, 8th and 9th respectively.


26 Nov


WHERE should we start on this one? The final Grand Prix on this year’s calendar was always going to be exciting, with a title battle on the cards, but no- one could have predicted the tension, excitement and drama at Interlagos – with crashes galore, countless manoeuvres and totally unpredictable weather, the 2012 Braxilian Grand Prix is almost certain to go down as one of the classic races of all time.

The light drizzle from the onset wreaked havoc to many unfortunate drivers- Sergio Perez and Bruno Senna were the first victims of the slippery circuit with collisions that brought an abrupt end to their season, and one of these incidents completely jeopardised Sebastian Vettel’s chances of obtaining a third consecutive title Sao Paolo- Bruno Senna’s great start was not to be as he collided into the side of Sebastian Vettel’s car in the fourth corner- after a poor start, damage was considerable to the sides of the young German’s car, but although he had to pit, the damage was light enough to continue with an under performing car with less grip and less downforce.

Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa had amazing starts and managed to claw their way through into high positions by the end of the first few laps, and with Sebastian’s accident, Fernando Alonso looked set to win the Championship title at one point… But then the heavens opened, forcing many cars to pit for the intermediate compound tyres, and all cars began slipping and sliding around the circuit, and Alonso’s chances slid away again as he went wide on the Senna S curves at the start of another lap- the battle was still on.

Only the elitist of the elite had the guts to remain on slick tyres during the rain, but as it eased off, Jenson Button and Nico Hulkenberg sought the greatest reward as they pulled off from the pack to a substantial lead, soon to be joined by Lewis Hamilton who switched back onto dry tyres later on; this would also allow them a sufficient enough gap to pit and still hold on to the podium positions. Hulkenberg demonstrated his potential as he managed to overtake the squabbling McLaren drivers to take the lead of the race, and his pace was very impressive.

The safety car was deployed after debris added to the challenging circuit, and this was partially due to Nico Rosberg’s puncture, and Romain Grosjean spinning off and crashing into a wall. The pack bunched back up again, and when the safety car left the track, racing was well and truly back on- unfortunately, back markers meant that there wasn’t enough room for both Nico Hulkenberg and Lewis Hamilton to turn into the first corner, they collided, and Hamilton suffered a write off in his final McLaren race; Hulkenberg received a harsh drive through penalty for causing a collision that can easily be blamed on a racing incident in tricky conditions. Eventually, the rain returned, and all cars switched back to wet tyres- Sebastian Vettel looked like a loser after having to pit twice more, with a broken radio leading to one of these stops lasting twelve seconds- a Ferrari champion was yet again on the cards!

However, despite Fernando Alonso’s best efforts, second place just wasn’t good enough- he ideally needed to overtake Jenson Button in first place if he was to stand a chance of hauling enough points to steal the title from Vettel, and the race ended abruptly following Paul Di Resta’s crash on the penultimate lap, forcing a second outing for the safety car team, preventing overtaking, and meaning that Vettel’s sixth place was enough to beat Alonso and become the youngest ever Formula One triple world champion, and only the third ever to win these titles consecutively.

Jenson Button led the procession to the chequered flag, followed closely by Fernando Alonso in second, and home favourite and team mate Felipe Massa in third place. Mark Webber finished fourth, and Nico Hulkenberg staged a remarkable comeback to finish in fifth place; Michael Schumacher gave way to Sebastian Vettel to finish seventh in his last ever Formula One Grand Prix. Eighth place went to Jean Eric-Vergne, who also had to endure the loss of a front wing after contact with a back marker, and Kamui Kobayashi bowed out of Sauber in ninth place. Kimi Raikkönen nearly ended his 100% of laps completed record today- he ran wide several times, almost succumbed to a collision with Michael Schumacher, and lost himself on the old circuit after running wide onto the grass, discovering his dead end, and turned around to return back onto the circuit to finish in tenth!

The main titles were decided, but it was a crucial race for the Caterham team, for if they managed to finish twelfth or above, they would retake tenth place in the Constructors Championship from Marussia, meaning an extra £10-15 million of funding, and Vitaly Petrov survived the hectic conditions to finish in an impressive eleventh place ahead of Charles Pic in twelfth, and Marussia buried their heads in their hands, for if Timo Glock hadn’t crashed with Vergne, all signs indicated Marussia would have held onto their place in the standings.

Nonetheless, it was a fitting finale to an absolutely jam packed race in Brazil, one that saw triumph and heartbreak, but never failed to thrill and excite, and one that saw Sebastian Vettel secure his Drivers’ Championship for a third year in a row and make his mark on Formula One history, with many more exciting years still ahead for the young driver.


Fernando dug deep, but it wasn’t good enough to stop Vettel winning the Drivers’ Championships, but such was his driving today, that he lost by a mere three points, with Sebastian accumulating 281 points to Alonso’s 278. Kimi Raikkönen’s solitary point meant that he finished third with 207 points, which could have been overturned if it weren’t for Lewis Hamilton’s 2012 misfortune- he finished fourth with 190 points. Team-mate Jenson Button managed to claw back fifth position from Mark Webber, finishing with 188 points ahead of Mark’s haul of 179 points.

The driver in seventh place is the resurgent Felipe Massa, who managed to end his year with a total of 122 points, which is an impressive feat if you consider his dire performance in many Grands Prix this year. Romain Grosjean’s incident meant he would end the year without surpassing a century- he finished in eighth with 96 points, just three ahead of Nico Rosberg in ninth place and 93 points. Sergio Perez leaves Sauber in the top 10 with 66 points in tenth.

Nico Hulkenberg finished ahead of his Force India team-mate with 63 points in eleventh; Paul Di Resta only amassed 46 points in fourteenth- Kamui Kobayashi is twelfth with 60; Michael Schumacher achieved thirteen with 49 points. Williams’ Pastor Maldonado finished fifteenth with 45 points, and colleague Bruno Senna ends the year with 31 points in sixteenth. The two Toro Rosso drivers end the year in seventeenth and eighteenth- Jean Eric- Vergne has 16 points, and Daniel Ricciardo has 10.

Concerning the pointless drivers, an F1 count back has meant that Vitaly Petrov had the highest positions overall and finishes nineteenth; Timo Glock finishes in twentieth ahead of his Marussia colleague Charles Pic in twenty-first. Heikki Kovaleinen finished in twenty-second for Caterham, and even Jerome D’Ambrosio’s one off drive for Lotus in Italy (Due to Grosjean’s ban) meant he finished twenty-third, ahead of the HRT drivers. Narain Karthikeyan was statistically better, finishing twenty-fourth and Pedro De La Rosa finished in last place, twenty-fifth.

In the Constructor’s Championships, Red Bull added to their winning score to achieve a total of 460 points this year, and Lewis Hamilton’s accident failed to allow McLaren to overtake Ferrari, who end 2012 with 400 points; the Woking drivers finished third with 378 points. Lotus finished fourth with 303 points.

Mercedes managed to hold onto fifth place, finishing with 142 points, ahead of the Sauber drivers, who managed to accumulate 126 points. Seventh placed team Force India finished with 109 points, and Williams finished eighth with 76 points, ahead of Toro Rosso who finished with ninth place and 26 points. Caterham finished, pointless, in tenth, Marussia in eleventh and HRT in last place.

We are likely to say goodbye to the HRT team this year, due to a lack of funding and resources, but it has most definitely been an enthralling season for the entire grid from start to finish. From Melbourne victory for Button to a first Williams victory for Maldonado in Spain, to a massive pile up in Belgium and back to back Vettel victories in Asia, Formula One has once again delivered and it has been a privilege to share this with you.

Have a great Christmas and New Year and I hope to share another year of excitement with you. We start with Melbourne on the 17th March. Until then, Michael Aspin says goodbye and thank- you for reading.

‘Classic’ GP ends 2012 season as Vettel makes it 3 in a row

25 Nov

Good Day Bad Day, Brazil 12.

Good Day:

  • Sebastian Vettel – S4 F6 8/10 – it comes to something when you can afford to have an incident on the first lap, have a poor pit stop and complete 71 laps with a big chunk of bodywork missing and still manage to finish 6th and win a world championship. Vettel did what he needed to do today, and on the basis of today’s performance he deserves this 3rd championship.
  • Nico Hulkenburg – S6 F5 10/10 – The Hulk has found his form at this track and came close to his maiden victory. Hulk had a great time on the slick tyres in the wet moving all the way to 1st before a safety car and a hot on his heels Hamilton could overtake, sadly Nico’s race was marred by an incident at turn 1 where he collided with Lewis which despite it’s innocent appearance gave Nico a drive through penalty.
  • Felipe Massa – S5 F3 8/10 – There’s nothing more special than finishing on the podium at your home GP especially after you’ve had a proper good race overtaking the new world champion and defending like mad to make sure your team mate can pull away. Today Massa showed why he’s such a valuable commodity for Ferrari, he’s fast but equally importantly he’s loyal.
  • Michael Schumacher – S13 F7 8/10 – Despite yesterdays poor qualifying performance Michael has finished his career on a high after battling his way through the field to finish with 6 points. Michael even had a part to play in the championship waving Vettel through to promote the new German legend from 7th to 6th securing him his 3rd title.
  • Jenson Button – S2 F1 7/10 – Jenson may have only won this race because Hamilton and Hulkenburg collided but his ability in the wet was second to none today and it was only when the track became dry that he couldn’t keep up. Timing of Jenson’s win couldn’t be better with McLaren no.1 Lewis leaving and McLaren needing a new man to promote to lead driver.
  • Caterham – 8/10 – Not only were they only 1 place off their inaugural points but most importantly, by Vitaly Petrov finishing 11th Caterham returned to 10th in the constructors championship netting the team millions of pounds more for next season to see them carry on their improvements.

Bad Day:

  • Fernando Alonso – S7 F2 8/10 – You couldn’t have asked for Alonso to do more today he fought valiantly and dug deep but sadly that just wasn’t enough for the Ferrari star to claim his 3rd title. Alonso needs to hope that Ferrari produce a car that is competitive from the off next season if he wants next year to be the year.
  • Marussia – 7/10 – Marussia were unlucky today, despite fighting for places way above what they should have been fighting for a few spins demoted their cars nearer the back of the pack and left them 11th in the constructors championship. Despite this bad news for the team they should be proud of what they’ve achieved this year and they’ve moved further forward, next years needs to be onwards and upwards.
  • Lewis Hamilton – S1 F ret. 7/10 – Lewis will have been dreaming of a victory today so that he could leave McLaren on a high, how wrong he was. Lewis put in a great race but despite fighting his way back up to 1st position after making a mistake with the tyre strategy, but after an incident with Hulkenburg at turn 1 Lewis had to retire.
  • Paul Di Resta – S10 F ret 6/10 – It was a comedy of errors for Paul today, regularly spinning and just struggling to control the car in the slippery conditions, and the final incident added insult to injury. With only a couple of laps left Paul had another slip and ran along the wall for a few seconds ruining the car and leaving the race to finish behind a safety car.

Alonso digs deep but Vettel digs deeper

25 Nov

The tweet review, Brazil 12

“so the starting grid as so: HAM BUT WEB VET MAS HUL ALO RAI ROS DIR SEN PER SCH KOB RIC MAL VER GRO PET KOV GLO PIC KAR DLR” @formula1formula 15:17 (GMT)

“if you missed the news Alonso is already up to 7th after Maldonado was given a 10 place penalty for missing not attending the weighing” @formula1formula 15:20

“Great start by Ferrari! Massa into P2, Alonso is P4, Vettel is way down! What a start to the race!” @RichlandF1 16:04

“Oh dear. Vettel got tangled up and spun. Now at the back of the field and it appears to be raining” @easonF1 16:05

“ALO now up to 3RD!!!!” @F1_Fans_Updates 16:05

“Hulkenberg gets past Webber for P4.” @F1TimesLive

“Vettel lies in twenty-first place, but the damage doesn’t seem to be affecting his lap times. The chase is on” @PortalF1 16:08

“Alonso is off, he’s ran wide at T1 and he is down to P4 defending from Webber. Wow, this is already a classic GP” @RichlandF1 16:09

“Massa has got ahead of Webber for P5.” @F1TimesLive 16:11

“L6 Grosjean crashes out at Mergulho as Hamilton defends his lead from Button at the start of lap seven.” @f1fanaticlive 16:12

“Webber has spun!! He’s gone down the order at T1. Alonso is now 4.4s off Hulkenburg for the magic P3” @RichlandF1 16:13

“Button takes the lead from Hamilton!!!” @IrvineF1

“Kovalainen is P11! Could the Marussia/Caterham race take another twist?” @RichlandF1 16:15

“Vettel – “Massa ahead, be careful”” @Formula1_com 16:17

“So Vettel has gone from 4th to 24th to 6th to 18th in 11 laps! Crazy!!” @pubsilverstone 16:20

“Red Bull studying pix of Vettel’s damaged car down on the pitwall, Obviously not serious” @easonF1 16:27

“Rain is expected to continue for next 30 mins but it’s still the cars on slicks who are fastest, not sure what to expect” @formula1formula 16:29

“L19 Hulkenberg passes Button and Force India lead the Brazilian Grand Prix!” @f1fanaticlive 16:20

“The front two are 45 seconds ahead of Hamilton in 3rd. Shows what the right strategy can do” @RichlandF1 16:33

“We have a safety car for debris.” @F1TimesLive 16:36

“at the restart VET KOB and WEB go three abreast down the straight, KOB overtakes VET whilst WEB goes wide” @formula1formula 16:49

“Kobayashi passes Alonso who drops to fifth now, a place ahead of Vettel.” @F1TimesLive 16:52

“Massa uses DRS to get past Vettel. The Red Bull drops to seventh” @ESPNF1 16:55

“Hulk says, “I don’t like these downshifts” with “too much push” in engine braking on entry” @F1PitRadio 17:08

“Hulkenburg slides whilst trying to turn letting Hamilton overtake for 1st place” @formula1formula 17:15

“Red Bull tell Vettel his radio does not work now.” @IrvineF1 17:19

“Hilariously Kimi goes off and ends up in a cul de sac. 3pt turn required” @easonF1 17:21

“HAM and HUL touch at T1 fighting for the lead putting BUT 1st and ALO 2nd, unlucky for HULK he was doing so well” @formula1formula 17:23

“Hulkenburg has been given a drive through penalty. Alonso is behind Massa, but he will be let through. Cue people crying about that…” @RichlandF1 17:26

“Schumacher lets Vettel pass. That could be it. Alonso needs to win the race to win the WCC now…” @IrvineF1 17:35

“LAP 69 ALO P2 VET P6” @F1_Fans_Updates 17:44

“Di Resta crashes. Safety Car!” @Formula1_com 17:46

“final top 10 but ALO mas web hul VET sch ver kob rai so Vettel is the 2012 world champion” @formula1formula 17:49

“driver of the race award goes to Hulkenburg, such phenomenal driving and really didn’t deserve the drive thru penalty” @formula1formula 17:52


Championship hopefuls next to each other at Webber goes quickest.

13 Oct

3 winners and 3 losers of qualifying, Korea 12.


Mark Webber: Mark’s really struggled since the start of the season and has gone from being a championship contender to having to play 2nd fiddle at Red Bull, but the strong performance today (qualifying 1st) should put him in good stead for tomorrow and could maybe revitalise his championship hopes.

Nico Hulkenburg: Nico is one of the best young drivers on the grid at the moment and he rose to that potential today qualifying 8th and should be able to challenge for big points tomorrow. Nico will find his good lap even sweeter with the knowledge that his team mate, Di Resta is starting back in 14th.

Felipe Massa: Massa clicked last weekend in Japan and appears to have brought this speed with him to Korea, he’s looked good all weekend, and starting from 6th he could be an outsider for another podium.


Jenson Button: Whilst Lewis went 3rd Jenson couldn’t make it into Q3 and can’t be at all pleased with his performance. Button has always been weak in qualifying but his performance today could put him in a bad position for the race tomorrow and is likely to be fighting for the small points.

Bruno Senna: You wouldn’t want to Bruno at the moment, he’s struggling to put in a good performance in qualifying and it’s looking likely that he’ll be replaced at Williams for next year. Bruno could still pick up points this weekend but it will take a fantastic performance from 18th if that is to happen.

Mercedes: Mercedes were one of the strongest teams at the start of the year, winning in China but they have really lost ground since then and it looks like they’re either struggling to get the car working properly or that they may be putting all their work into the 2013 car.


I think it’s likely that it will be a Red Bull victory tomorrow and that the other Red Bull driver will also make it to the podium but the final place in the top 3 should be up for grabs, Hamilton is the most likely man seeing that he qualified 3rd but Hamilton has struggled at the first corner over the weekend and that could let Alonso through. Alonso’s Ferrari has been very strong over the first sector and if he puts in a fantastic first sector on the first lap he could run as high as 2nd or 3rd. Raikkonen should also be classed as a contender, he’s quick and always seems to be on the quickest strategy, all it would take is an awkwardly timed safety car for a Kimi podium. The final contender should be Massa who appears to have carried his speed from last weekend over to this one, if one of the top 5 qualifies retires Massa will be a big contender, so long as Grosjean doesn’t get to him before that.