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Driver Ratings, S.Korea. Pt.4 Toro Rosso, Virgin and Williams

21 Oct

Jaime Alguersuari 10/10 Q11 F7 Driver of the Day

An ingenious strategy was what got him up from 11th to 7th during the race, he stayed out a few laps longer which helped him come out further up the field. It was a good weekend for Jaime as he took 6th in FP2 and has been using his rapidly improving car to it’s full potential.

Sebastian Buemi 7/10 Q13 F9

Drove a good race despite falling to 17th on the first lap, after that it was just steady improvements eventually rising up the field to 9th.

Timo Glock 7/10 Q21 F18

Was on a very high force set up being 3rd slowest in the speed trap and had very consistent sector times. But the race wasn’t inspirationally good for Virgin as they were clearly the slowest team but one.

Jerome D’Ambrosio 3/10 Q22 F20

I’m surprised the ground hasn’t opened and swallowed him up he must be that embarrassed having finished behind Daniel Ricciardo’s HRT, he hadn’t been good all weekend being behind Timo in a majority of sessions.

Rubens Barrichello 8/10 Q18 F12

With the current situation looking like Barrichello will be replaced by Sutil (who’ll be replaced by Hulkenburg) at Williams, Barrichello had one of his best races of the season, his decision to do his second pit stop early was what took him up to 12th.

Pastor Maldonado 7/10 Q16 F retired

Was doing well when he was forced to retire, he’d rose to 10th having not pitted and was probably going to finish in the points before it all went wrong with an engine problem.


Driver Ratings, S.Korea. Pt.3 Red Bull, Renault and Sauber

20 Oct

Sebastian Vettel 9/10 Q2 F1

Shock horror there was no Red Bull on pole and even worse they had to use a set of options in Q1, and yet Seb still managed to finish 12 seconds ahead of 2nd place. Is there anyway to stop this man?

Mark Webber 8/10 Q4 F3

Wasn’t a big splash in the practise sessions and maybe didn’t qualify as high as he’d have liked but was good in the race, once he’d took 3rd spot off Button he held it only losing it when he had to pit, had a late charge on Hamilton but couldn’t find a way past.

Vitaly Petrov 7/10 Q8 F retired

Was completely to blame for his and Schumacher’s retirement but it was a shame as it ended a promising weekend for the Russian and he could have picked up a few valuable to points to cement Renault’s constructors position.

Bruno Senna  6/10 Q15 F13

Dropped to 19th on the first lap and then the race was just about trying to get back up to 15th, a target he went above and beyond.

Kamui Kobayashi 5/10 Q14 F15

It was a downhill struggle for Kamui and the timing of his second pit stop couldn’t have been worse as it made him finish behind Heikki Kovalainen. Few will disagree at the moment that Sauber are currently moving further down the pack.

Sergio Perez 7/10 Q17 F16

Deserves to have finished 12th but a late extra pit stop left him stranded in 16th as the tyres were struggling to go anywhere, but that’s how F1 is and Sergio is still looking impressive for Sauber even when the car isn’t up to his calibre.

Driver Ratings, S.Korea. Pt.2 Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes

19 Oct

Heikki Kovalainen: 7/10 Q19 F14

Did an amazing job to finish higher than both of the Saubers and was starting to really challenge the midfield teams during the race, one of Team Lotus’ missions at the start of the season.

Jarno Trulli 6/10 Q20 F17

Yet again couldn’t challenge Heikki, finishing behind him in all the sessions they both went out in. But he was ahead of both the Virgins and the HRTs.

Lewis Hamilton: 8/10 Q1 F2

It took an amazing effort to take pole position and until Vettel got away so quickly he was the favourite to win. The real positive for Hamilton will be that he didn’t crash when fighting with Mark Webber.

Jenson Button: 7/10 Q3 F4

Dropped to 6th on the first lap, but reclaimed 4th when the Ferraris made a mistake in their pit stops’. But that wasn’t the end of the battle as Alonso and Massa then started to chase him down and once Alonso had cleared Massa the fight really was on, Button just about hung on to 4th.

Michael Schumacher: 7/10 Q12 F retired

Was a man on a mission and already 9th when Petrov ruined his rear wing, he maybe could have challenged the top 6 if he’d have set set a better time, something well within his grasp having finished top in FP1 and 6th in FP3.

Nico Rosberg: 7/10 Q7 F8

Was the best of the rest in qualifying and then was racing Button for 4th at one point, but a badly timed pit stop brought him out too far back and so could only finish 8th once Alguersuari had overtook him on the last lap.

3 winners and losers of qualifying, South Korea

15 Oct


Lewis Hamilton Q1 Ended the mammoth Red Bull pole run and silenced the critics by taking the fastest times in each of the qualifying sessions, this weekend has been a weekend of dominance for McLaren so far -only not being fastest in FP1- and so long as neither retire we should expect a McLaren victory.

Felipe Massa Q5 Again he’s ahead of Fernando Alonso and this new dominance in qualifying may be what saves his position with Ferrari for next season.

Vitaly Petrov Q8 It takes either a huge mistake or an amazing lap to qualify 7 places ahead of your team mate and when your team mate has been regularly beating you in qualifying it becomes even better.


Sebastian Vettel Q2 As far as Seb is concerned 2nd is practically last, his worst qualifying since starting 3rd at the Nurburging.

Daniel Ricciardo Q24 Constantly caught out by bad luck today picking up a water leak in FP3 which led to an another unidentified problem to stop him taking part in qualifying.

Rubens Barrichello Q18 A few years ago Williams would have only qualified 18th if there was some serious technical and yet here they are starting 18th having tried their hardest, this is a team seriously going down.