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Driver Ratings, S.Korea. Pt.3 Red Bull, Renault and Sauber

20 Oct

Sebastian Vettel 9/10 Q2 F1

Shock horror there was no Red Bull on pole and even worse they had to use a set of options in Q1, and yet Seb still managed to finish 12 seconds ahead of 2nd place. Is there anyway to stop this man?

Mark Webber 8/10 Q4 F3

Wasn’t a big splash in the practise sessions and maybe didn’t qualify as high as he’d have liked but was good in the race, once he’d took 3rd spot off Button he held it only losing it when he had to pit, had a late charge on Hamilton but couldn’t find a way past.

Vitaly Petrov 7/10 Q8 F retired

Was completely to blame for his and Schumacher’s retirement but it was a shame as it ended a promising weekend for the Russian and he could have picked up a few valuable to points to cement Renault’s constructors position.

Bruno Senna  6/10 Q15 F13

Dropped to 19th on the first lap and then the race was just about trying to get back up to 15th, a target he went above and beyond.

Kamui Kobayashi 5/10 Q14 F15

It was a downhill struggle for Kamui and the timing of his second pit stop couldn’t have been worse as it made him finish behind Heikki Kovalainen. Few will disagree at the moment that Sauber are currently moving further down the pack.

Sergio Perez 7/10 Q17 F16

Deserves to have finished 12th but a late extra pit stop left him stranded in 16th as the tyres were struggling to go anywhere, but that’s how F1 is and Sergio is still looking impressive for Sauber even when the car isn’t up to his calibre.


Driver Ratings, Japan. Pt.3 Renault, Red Bull and Sauber

13 Oct

Vitaly Petrov 5/10 Q10 F9

Despite setting the pace early on in the season Renault are starting to struggle, it was a disappointing qualifying not even going out in Q3 but there wasn’t a dramatic improvement in the race trundling home to 9th.

Bruno Senna 2/10 Q9 F16

May not be in the car to beat at the moment but to drop 7 places in the race is a disappointing performance for young Brazilian. Despite this he is one of the young guys to watch and will be fighting for a drive seat next season.

Sebastian Vettel 8/10 Q1 F3

May not have the raw ability of Schumacher but he has the brain of Prost, managing all that was needed. Some say he may win more than Schumacher’s 7 but we need to see how Red Bull cope with the major rule changes around the corner.

Mark Webber 7/10 Q6 F4

Starting to drop back compared to his team mate and may not have many seasons left in him, his 6th in qualifying was a bit of an insult to the speed of the car, on the positive side he had a good start as far as he’s concerned not losing any places.

Kamui Kobayashi 6/10 Q7 F13

Lit up the Japanese Fan’s faces when he was fastest in Q1 and qualified for Q3, but couldn’t keep it going and a poor start gave us signs of what was to come. Unlike last year he wasn’t the exciting overtaker and the hairpin this year was overtake free.

Sergio Perez 9/10 Q17 F8 Driver of the Day

Went up 9 places throughout the race an achievement  even his team mate would find a hard feat. I for one think he’s been the rookie of the season so far.

3 winners and 3 losers of the Hungaroring qualifying.

31 Jul


Sergio Perez, qualified 10th.

This is Sergio’s rookie season in F1, and my it’s been one to remember, he has 8 points in the championship but has had points taken from him for an illegal car and failed to race at either Monaco or Montreal after his huge shunt (maybe not something to remember). Not only that but in qualifying he’s regularly beating  Kobayashi, a talented driver, and is leading fellow rookie Paul Di Resta in the title standings by 6 points (and don’t forget that Di Resta is touted as a huge potential). One thing many people don’t know about Perez is that as well as driving for Sauber he is part of the Ferrari young drivers program so with a bit of luck it won’t be long before he wears the red overalls belonging to the Maranello team.

Jenson Button, qualified 3rd.

If you’ve kept track of Jenson in the post Braun years, you’ll have observed that although he’s good when it comes to the racing, he is regularly held back by his qualifying performance, that’s why he’s a winner for this week after qualifying less than a tenth of a second behind Hamilton and ahead of both Ferraris and Mark Webber. This should lead to Jenson having a good race and maybe attacking the cars in front of him  for the win, although I imagine he’ll settle for a finish as he’s had back to back retirements going into this race.

Adrian Sutil, Qualified 8th.

This is Adrians second in a row Q3 place and it shows he’s starting to get the best from the car not only in the race but in qualifying, a part of the race weekend where he’s regularly been beaten by rookie team mate, Di Resta. This also marks a good rejuvenation of the car as pre Silverstone it was only finishing in low down points and at Silverstone Di Resta qualified 6th and last week at the Nurburgring Sutil finished 6th.


Jerome d’Ambrosio, qualified 24th.

Jerome is on the list of losers because he was out qualified by both of the HRTs including Daniel Ricciardo who is only in his second ever GP.  As well as that Jerome has always up to here been strong in qualifying and has managed to regularly out perform team mate Timo Glock in qualifying.

Both Renaults, Vitaly Petrov 12th and Nick Heidfeld 14th.

Lets rewind to the start of the season where in the first race Petrov finished 3rd, then lets go to the second race of the season where Heidfeld finished 3rd. Now back to the present and neither is doing very well at all, both drivers problem is there inconsistency,  with Petrov it’s kind of allowed as it’s his second season and in his debut season he was amazingly inconsistant, but Heidfeld has no excuse as he’s one of the most experienced drivers out on the grid. What Renault won’t be happy with is that both drivers are behind a Sauber and both Force India’s and Heidfeld is also behind the other Sauber, these are teams they should be comfortably beating, with this disappointing run it makes Renaults chances of winning the championship in the next 5 years slim.

Told you it would be Nick!

10 Feb

After Kubica’s crash I said that the replacement would either be Nick Heidfeld, Nico Hulkenberg or Pedro De La Rosa. Well, Nick Heidfeld has been handed the chance to do this weeks testing. Nick has had 11 years of experience, so he’s the  man to tell Renault what they need.

They’ve also announced they’ll be using Bruno Senna as well as Vitaly Petrov in the testing, so I think it will be one day each. One good thing we can get out of this, is to see how Senna compares to the other drivers, as last year his car was too slow to be able to tell.

Kubica is recovering well after his crash in Italy, but doctors are warning that he may never race again, and if he does it may not be until 2012.

Kubica crashes!

6 Feb

The driver from Poland was taking part in a rally near Genoa in Italy. He has fractured his right arm, leg and hand, and although the injuries aren’t life threatening he may never drive in F1 again as he already has titanium bolts in his arm after a road crash in 2003 when he was passenger. It’s almost certain he won’t make Bahrain, and it’s odds on for either Bruno Senna or Roman Grosjean to drive in the testing next week. If he can’t make the start of the season then Renault will need to find another driver, here is my shortlist: Nick Heidfeld, advantage: lots of experience, disadvantage: may not be as skilful  as other candidates; Nico Hulkenberg, advantage: probably the best driver on my shortlist, disadvantage: almost no experience; Pedro De La Rosa, advantage: he’s experienced disadvantage: he’s got the least skill of the lot and Kimi Raikkonen, advantage: he’s experienced, he was linked to Renault earlier in the year and skilful, disadvantage: he’s just signed a deal with the Red Bull rally team.

I wish Robert and all his friends and family my sympathy at this time and I hope that he’ll be ok to drive again, if he never drives again then F1 has lost a star.

And it’s a Lotus followed by another Lotus……..

9 Jan

We are still set for two teams to be called Lotus next season, both using Renault engines, (and last time I checked) both using the same colours (black and gold, despite old Lotus (the ones from last season) running a poll and a large majority said they wanted them in green again). Jarno Trulli has been the most recent person to speak out against it saying it’s a bad idea saying, that it’s “embarrassing and surreal”. It’s a bit like Toro Rosso and Red Bull (who both receive  money from the same people) but these two have no link except they have the same name and the same engines. Because of this the team from last with the name Lotus I shall call Lotus and the team recently bought off Renault by a different Lotus I shall continue to call it Renault, or Renault-Lotus.

Recent team news.

22 Dec

Today two teams finalised their driver line up:

Renault have announced they have signed Vitaly Petrov as their second driver for two seasons, last season he finished 13th and was a successful  rookie throughout the season. The deal should mean Petrov will be able to drive at the first ever Russian grand prix in Sochi but may be delayed as Sochi is also the venue of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Although Hulkenberg was arguably the vest rookie of the year, Petrov was quicker and just needed the experience.

Virgin were the other team, with the shock signing of Jerome D’Ambrosio from Belgium. Although he was always in the running after driving the car in FP four times in the last 5 races. Lucas Di Grassi was always the favourite as he drove for Virgin last year. He’ll have his work cut out though, as his team mate Timo Glock drove amazingly for the team last year, and should do again. The news comes after Cosworth (Virgins engine supplier) announced that  Virgin wouldn’t be using KERS, as well as Hispania.