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Vettel makes it a hat-trick in the night of Singapore

22 Sep

Welcome to the new look race review, I hope you like it!

So who won the 2013 Singapore GP?

Sebastian Vettel won his 7th race of the season and his third Singapore GP win in three years. It was a dominant victory for Vettel taking pole, fastest lap and leading every lap of the race.

Was there much competition?

Not really, after 3 laps Vettel was well ahead and despite a safety car on lap 25 which let the rest catch up he went on to win the race by 32.6 seconds. On the first lap Rosberg came close to stealing the lead and led through the first corner but he ran slightly wide at the second and that was it Vettel went on to win.

How did Rosberg do after that?

Rosberg ended up finishing 4th, being overtaken by Alonso before being undercut by Mark Webber during their second stops. Rosberg was then overtaken by Raikkonen before Webber’s engine problems let Rosberg back up to 4th.

So Alonso and Raikkonen completed the podium? I thought they started way down the grid.

Yes and yes, Alonso started 7th before finishing second whilst Raikkonen started 13th and finished 3rd, showing that it is possible to gain places on a street circuit. Alonso had a blistering start overtaking 4 drivers before the first corner before eventually overtaking Rosberg, but his best moment came when he managed to finish the race on 36 lap old tyres. Whilst Raikkonen showed his strength by racing with an injured back – which destroyed his qualifying – and still finished 3rd.

You mentioned a safety car earlier, what was that for?

Soon to be Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo crashed at turn 18 leading to a safety car which ensured Singapore’s 100% safety car rate. Turn 18 was always me undoing when I raced Singapore on F1 2009 so I can sympathise with Daniel for crashing there, what I can’t sympathise with is the FIA’s rule for letting lapped cars unlap themselves in a safety car, it wastes time and means the safety car has to be out for a couple more laps. If you end up behind a lapped car during a safety car period, bad luck hopefully it will be someone else next time.

So how did the Brits do?

Hamilton finished 5th after a dubious strategy, whilst Button looked like a good bet for a podium before his tyres became destroyed and ending up 7th. Paul di Resta had a very strong race and looked set for a very strong points finish before an accident on lap 54 ended his race. Rookie, Max Chilton finished ahead of team mate Bianchi and Pic but he’ll be lucky to race in F1 next year.

Any post race steward decisions?

Yes, lots. As previously mentioned Webber had a engine problem that meant he had to retire from 4th place on the final lap when his car set on fire, but luckily he got a lift back to the pits with Alonso who was on his slowing down lap at the time, in doing so both drivers broke article 30.9 (b) of the regulations and were both issued with reprimands and since this was Webber’s third reprimand he’s been given a 10 place grid penalty for the next race. Lotus were also issued a reprimand after a mechanic wasn’t wearing a helmet during a pit stop.

So who was the best driver and how good was the race?

Personally my driver of the day was Alonso for his fantastic start and his tyre management in the later stages of the race, but Vettel and Raikkonen are up there. Sadly the race was pretty dull and so I’ll rate it a 3/10, if you want to watch the best bits I recommend the first lap and the last 10 laps , the others aren’t worth watching.

So how does the championship stand now?

Ferrari gained 1 point in the constructors championship over Red Bull, but they’re still 103 points behind. Ferrari also extended their small lead over Mercedes by 4 points to take their lead to 7 points. In the driver’s championship Vettel added an additional 7 points to his now 60 point lead over Alonso. Alonso now has 187 points with Hamilton third on 151 points and Raikkonen 4th on 149 points. Which means that all the top 4 drivers drive for different teams.

Korea is the next race on the calendar and it’s a Red Bull stronghold so expect to see them on the podium again in two weeks time.

For full race results go here.


Driver Ratings Singapore, Pt. 4 Toro Rosso, Virgin and Williams

29 Sep

Sebastian Buemi: 7/10 Sebastian has been a good competitor all year and it’s a shame he couldn’t pick up any points this weekend. Qualifying 14th isn’t bad for the ever improving Toro Rosso team and an average race took him up to 12th.

Jaime Alguersuari: 6/10 As usual Jaime was a little behind Seb in qualifying and up until the end he wasn’t doing badly sadly he had an accident on the 56th lap (out of 58) and didn’t finish.

Timo Glock: 5/10 A bit of a shame the race but qualifying was his usual 21st, he was driving well until he hit the barrier at turn 18 and had to navigate his way to a runoff area.

Jerome D’Ambrosio: 5/10 Did what was expected by beating the HRTs and being beat by the Lotuses in both qualifying and the race, apart from that he was nothing amazing.

Rubens Barrichello: 7/10 A good race for Williams and it appears that the upgrade was worth the wait even if it is a bit late. He qualified strong in 12th and it was a good performance to get 13th.

Pastor Maldonado: 8/10 He was really biged up in the BBC’s pre race program and he didn’t disappoint, qualifying 13th and then drove well to finish 11th, so close to getting a point.

Driver Ratings Singapore, Pt. 3 Red Bull, Renault and Sauber

28 Sep

Sebastian Vettel: 10/10 Fantastic, not just this weekend but all year and has all but won the championship only needing 1 point in the last 5 races (this is the man who hasn’t finished outside the top 4 all year).

Mark Webber: 8/10 Strong qualifying to start 2nd but a slow start brought him back and a good race helped him get on the podium.

Vitaly Petrov: 3/10 Got out qualified by his team mate and then finished behind Heikki Kovalainen in the race, all in all not a good weekend for the Russian.

Bruno Senna: 5/10 Out qualified his team mate for the second time in three races,  but still wasn’t amazing and the Renault is seriously off the pace if the best they can do is 15th.

Kamui Kobayashi: 6/10 It comes to something when not even Kamui can liven a race up and even though it’s a street circuit you’d expect him to do better than 14th having started 17th.

Sergio Perez: 6/10 Another points finish for the man who’s the front runner to replace Massa even if it wasn’t as good as Paul Di Resta’s race.

Driver Ratings Singapore, Pt. 2 Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes

27 Sep

Heikki Kovalainen: 8/10 A Team Lotus (soon to be beat a Caterham) beat a Group Lotus (soon to be Team Lotus (confused?)), is there anything more pleasing than that. Heikki had a solid race and was – as usual – the best of the ‘new’ teams.

Jarno Trulli: 7/10 A good weekend by Jarno and was set to take second place in the best of the rest race, Tony Fernandes says that the retirement was to be on the safe side so they wouldn’t have to take a 5 place grid penalty. Jarno summed up in one tweet, “Jarno’s missed the second turn, looks like his power steering is getting worse”.

Lewis Hamilton: 1/10 Lucky to be getting a 1 but having made mistake after mistake every weekend he’s going to have to learn to concentrate, most embarrassing thing is that the place where he hit Massa was the same as where he hit Webber last year.

Jenson Button: 8/10 A great drive to only finish 1.7 seconds behind Vettel, did well all race especially the start where he was up to 2nd and never lost it, just think, if he’d been the car behind Vettel at the safety car restart he could have been the victor as Vettel gained 6 seconds on the lap after the safety car restart.

Michael Schumcher: 6/10 Had a huge crash and was lucky not to hit his team mate when flying towards the barrier. A bit of a shame that he didn’t set a Q3 time but his race wasn’t much better.

Nico Rosberg: 6/10 Was saved being overtaken by Massa on the last lap by Vettel lapping them but he drove a race that deserved 6th and was unlucky to be beaten by Di Resta.

Driver Ratings, Singapore. Pt. 1 Ferrari, Force India and HRT

26 Sep

Fernando Alonso: 8/10 The king of singapore couldn’t work his magic to get onto the podium (the first Singapore GP in which he hasn’t), he looked competitive all the way up to qualifying but in Q3 just couldn’t get enough speed to qualify higher than 5th. Another one of his great starts saw him up to 3rd but he couldn’t keep it till the end and so finished 4th.

Felipe Massa: 8/10 Another race ruined by someone else as Felipe was running well having started 6th and at the start got to 4th before a rapidly chasing Lewis Hamilton hit the back of the car to puncture the tyre and forcing him to pit twice in two laps, despite this Massa launched a comeback and was very close to taking 8th when the race ended.

Adrian Sutil: 7/10 Another 4 points in the championship for Force India all but sews up the race between Force India and Sauber in the constructors championship. A good race but he couldn’t match his team mate, Paul Di Resta.

Paul Di Resta: 9/10 Went beyond the call of duty and finished higher than anyone expected, all because of  a super tyre strategy that saw him start on softs.

Vitantonio Liuzzi and Daniel Ricciardo: 1/10 Lapped by all the field need I say more.

3 winners and losers of qualifying, Singapore.

25 Sep


Sebastian Vettel: He knew coming into the race that his best chances of winning the championship are by winning this race and therefore taking pole, and he’s done just that setting the fastest times in Q1, Q2 and Q3. His best Q2 time would still put him 6th in Q3.

Williams: Have struggled race after race and have always needed to improve and not it looks like they’ve done it qualifying 12th and 13th, which should give them a good chance of finishing the points. Last time they looked strong was at Monaco when Pastor Maldonado had 6th when Hamilton took him off.

Bruno Senna: Has out qualified his team mate 2/3 and has been unbelievably fast but Senna gets in the winners for pushing Petrov down into 18th and therefore out on Q1.


Lewis Hamilton: Not for a bad performance but for the puncturing of a set of tyres, this means he has one set of super softs less than the rest of the top 6 and so will have to have longer stints on the super softs and the softs, a strategy that will lose him time.

Vitaly Petrov: After a great start to the season – finishing 3rd at Australia – to go out in Q1 looking like he couldn’t be bothered to go out again is awful for the talented Russian.

Schumacher, Sutil and Di Resta: Ruined qualifying by not going out and setting a time in Q3 which is hated by many fans of the sport, so much so that there are campaigns to set up a rule for 2012 that says everyone who can has to set a time in Q3.

F1 news

19 Sep

Former champion Kimi Raikkonen has been seen going into the Williams HQ building in Grove, this takes speculation into next years line up into question as neither Barrichello or Maldonado are definitely with Williams for next season, Nico Hulkenburg is still a contender and there have also been rumors of  Sutil visiting the HQ. In the last 3 seasons (this one including) Williams have had 5 different drivers.

Despite this year’s Bahrain GP being cancelled the organizers still paid £25million to Bernie Ecklestone, apparently he offered it them back but they declined. So I imagine this is helping to pay for Tamara Ecklestone’s £1million bath made of a crystal from the Amazon rainforest #whatawasteofmoney.

30,000 tickets have been sold for the inaugural Indian GP and to cope with them there will be 800 shuttle buses to take spectators to the circuit, despite the number of sold tickets there have been real problems for Visas to be organized and some teams have announced that at this rate they’re going to be a few engineers down for the GP, all we can hope is that Vettel’s gets held up in the post for a few months and that he can’t make it. The track has already been used to large numbers, there were at one point 100,000 workers being catered for by a whopping 1000 cooks, imagine the size of that kitchen and the arguments over who’s sue chef to who.