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3 winners and losers of qualifying, Brazil

27 Nov


Sebastian Vettel – A year of records being sent flying all over the show and it looks like the season will end the way it started with Vettel on the top of the podium.

Rubens Barrichello – Just when it looked like Rubens’ career was over he pulled out an amazing qualifying to start 12th, 6 places above team mate, Pastor Maldonado. If this is the end at least he’ll go out on a high.

Bruno Senna – In the country where he’s practically a god Bruno pulled out all the stops to get through to Q3 and qualify 9th, this is a guy racing for a place next season and with Petrov only managing 15th Bruno is certainly asserting his argument for a race seat.


Lotus – At the start of the season they set out their goals, and now the season is drawing to end we can safely say they didn’t manage them, still no points and only managing to make it to Q2 on a handful of occasions.

Felipe Massa – After a strong spell in qualifying Felipe has suddenly dropped in front of the home fans and will start 7th. Despite pressure for Felipe to leave Ferrari it looks like he will be allowed one more season.

Michael Schumacher – Didn’t go out in Q3 making him the Scrouge of the ultimate race of the season.


Driver Ratings, S.Korea. Pt.2 Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes

19 Oct

Heikki Kovalainen: 7/10 Q19 F14

Did an amazing job to finish higher than both of the Saubers and was starting to really challenge the midfield teams during the race, one of Team Lotus’ missions at the start of the season.

Jarno Trulli 6/10 Q20 F17

Yet again couldn’t challenge Heikki, finishing behind him in all the sessions they both went out in. But he was ahead of both the Virgins and the HRTs.

Lewis Hamilton: 8/10 Q1 F2

It took an amazing effort to take pole position and until Vettel got away so quickly he was the favourite to win. The real positive for Hamilton will be that he didn’t crash when fighting with Mark Webber.

Jenson Button: 7/10 Q3 F4

Dropped to 6th on the first lap, but reclaimed 4th when the Ferraris made a mistake in their pit stops’. But that wasn’t the end of the battle as Alonso and Massa then started to chase him down and once Alonso had cleared Massa the fight really was on, Button just about hung on to 4th.

Michael Schumacher: 7/10 Q12 F retired

Was a man on a mission and already 9th when Petrov ruined his rear wing, he maybe could have challenged the top 6 if he’d have set set a better time, something well within his grasp having finished top in FP1 and 6th in FP3.

Nico Rosberg: 7/10 Q7 F8

Was the best of the rest in qualifying and then was racing Button for 4th at one point, but a badly timed pit stop brought him out too far back and so could only finish 8th once Alguersuari had overtook him on the last lap.

Driver Ratings Monza Pt.2 Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes

12 Sep

Heikki Kovalainen 6/10

A fantastic race by him to pretty much cement 10th place for Lotus this year and he helped prove the point of “to finish first first you must finish” which many drivers seemed to forget.

Jarno Trulli 6/10

With a new contract to stay with Lotus Jarno stepped straight up to the plate finishing 14th.

Lewis Hamilton 5/10

Disappointing to stay behind Schumacher for so long but put a spurt on at the end to reign Alonso in, Lewis will be able to sleep tonight though as he actually managed to finish a race.

Jenson Button 7/10

After a disappointing start  to the race it was a impeccable overtaking manoeuvre that defined his race and gave him the 2nd place.

Michael Schumacher 8/10

The real Schue was back today ducking and weaving all over the show and pushing the rules to the letter but it’s races like these that remind you of his talent and make you think coming back wasn’t a bad idea.

Nico Rosberg 6/10

Took a major risk in his qualifying and if it hadn’t been for the first corner accident we’d have seen if it was a good idea or not.

A very eventful day.

7 Jun

How’s your day been? Well it can’t be have been any busier than the FIAs who having reinstated the Bahrain Grand Prix already seems to be taking a dramatic U-turn as they are appearing to reverse their decision. The decisions brought a huge amount of bad press here in the UK as newspapers likened it to the FA. But I do think the correct decision would be to not race their. My main reason for this is that sport and politics should not mix so they should avoid it, but also because in all honesty, I don’t like the track, it’s a bit dull. As well as that Australia is a more exciting place to have the start of the season.

In other news Team Lotus fly out to Montreal today (just as soon as they finish playing cricket with a bowling machine http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150284181058465&set=a.376887833464.194899.292309963464&type=1&theater) with Lotus announcing on twitter “Good morning to you all and how are you today? Most of the race team are about to make the trip to Canada …. Bring on Montreal”. Oddly enough they’re going out a day later than Heikki Kovalainen who’s still getting over his jet lag “Woke up a bit early, bit of jet lag I guess.” And stranger still is that Lotus team boss Mike Gascoyne leaves tommorow ” In the factory and leaving for Montreal tomorrow. Most of the team left today. Montreal one of the favourite destinations of the year.” Virgin add to their bad start to the season by booking Timo Glock onto the wrong plane    “Just arrived in Frankfurt weather is not that great.”

In a even bigger twist in the tale that is Formula 1 Jean Todt announces next season will be 20 races long despite them announcing the calendar with 21 races, my bet is on either Bahrain (continued conflict) or Turkey (financial problems) to go from the calendar.

A bit about me now, after finishing my 6th GCSE test of the year (History) I came home and drove two full races at Monza on Wii F1 2009. Both races were full distance and with other drivers on Hard. In the first race I picked up 3 drive thru penalties (2 for cutting corners and 1 for making a mess of an overtake on Button) and pitted twice (once more than the leader) despite this I finished only 31 seconds behind Vettel. In the second race I retired from 4th after 50 laps. I led a dominant race picking up 20 overtakes for position in the early stages, but late on I crashed and lost my front wing, I came out 4th tried to over take Webber -3rd- got taken off the track by Webber and retired.

Team Lotus.

18 Jan

Team Lotus chief executive Riad Asmat has said, that this year Team Lotus must cross the gap to finish in the points this season, after shareholders have put pressure on the team. Team Lotus were the best of the new teams last year, finishing 10th and recording a seasons best finish of 12th at Suzuka, but bosses want more. To do this they’ll have to have a car that’s competitive and possibly more important reliable, as last year driver Jarno Trulli didn’t get through a GP weekend without having a technical problem, Mike Gascoyne the chief technical officer at Team Lotus said, “The car really will be a midfield runner. It’s a modern F1 car. I’m very confident it is a big step up.”

Driver Jarno Trulli sounds like he wants points too after sating that he was motivated and ready for this season after a not very successful 2010.

And it’s a Lotus followed by another Lotus……..

9 Jan

We are still set for two teams to be called Lotus next season, both using Renault engines, (and last time I checked) both using the same colours (black and gold, despite old Lotus (the ones from last season) running a poll and a large majority said they wanted them in green again). Jarno Trulli has been the most recent person to speak out against it saying it’s a bad idea saying, that it’s “embarrassing and surreal”. It’s a bit like Toro Rosso and Red Bull (who both receive  money from the same people) but these two have no link except they have the same name and the same engines. Because of this the team from last with the name Lotus I shall call Lotus and the team recently bought off Renault by a different Lotus I shall continue to call it Renault, or Renault-Lotus.