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3 winners and losers of qualifying, India.

29 Oct


Indian GP organisers: They did it! It’s been an astonishing feat of achievement to get the track to this level without Korea’s worries of will they make it, the track’s exciting, new and as far as the drivers are concerned maybe the best Tilke track ever. F1 has really embraced the developing world and the timing couldn’t be better, there’s a new bollywood film out and the starts are all over F1.

Toro Rosso: 9th and 10th in qualifying, this is a team which until last winter hadn’t had to build it’s own chassis and from week to week it’s becoming better and better, if this is a sign to come Toro Rosso could have their second victory next season.

Red Bull: 16 poles in one season, the records continue and the Red Bull era of dominance is in full swing, roll on inaugural Indian GP victory.


Virgin F1: 23rd and 24th a performance that is their worst in qualifying in the teams history, Glock’s got the excuse of a fault on the car but D’Ambrosio hasn’t, so are HRT suddenly becoming faster or are Virgin heading downhill.

Kamui Kobayashi: The reason he’s messed it up and is starting 18th is because of how few laps he set in Q1, 6 while the Team Lotuses each did 13 and both HRTs did 11. Of course it’s not as bigger problem as you’d expect as every time Kamui’s been knocked out in Q1 he’s gone on to finish in the points this year and he is one of the best overtakers on the track.

Felipe Massa’s mechanics: If they were expecting a quiet evening tonight they’re out of luck, they’ve got to replace at least one wheels suspension and a front wing, lucky them.


Driver Ratings, S.Korea. Pt.4 Toro Rosso, Virgin and Williams

21 Oct

Jaime Alguersuari 10/10 Q11 F7 Driver of the Day

An ingenious strategy was what got him up from 11th to 7th during the race, he stayed out a few laps longer which helped him come out further up the field. It was a good weekend for Jaime as he took 6th in FP2 and has been using his rapidly improving car to it’s full potential.

Sebastian Buemi 7/10 Q13 F9

Drove a good race despite falling to 17th on the first lap, after that it was just steady improvements eventually rising up the field to 9th.

Timo Glock 7/10 Q21 F18

Was on a very high force set up being 3rd slowest in the speed trap and had very consistent sector times. But the race wasn’t inspirationally good for Virgin as they were clearly the slowest team but one.

Jerome D’Ambrosio 3/10 Q22 F20

I’m surprised the ground hasn’t opened and swallowed him up he must be that embarrassed having finished behind Daniel Ricciardo’s HRT, he hadn’t been good all weekend being behind Timo in a majority of sessions.

Rubens Barrichello 8/10 Q18 F12

With the current situation looking like Barrichello will be replaced by Sutil (who’ll be replaced by Hulkenburg) at Williams, Barrichello had one of his best races of the season, his decision to do his second pit stop early was what took him up to 12th.

Pastor Maldonado 7/10 Q16 F retired

Was doing well when he was forced to retire, he’d rose to 10th having not pitted and was probably going to finish in the points before it all went wrong with an engine problem.

Driver Ratings, Japan. Pt.4 Toro Rosso, Virgin and Williams

14 Oct

Sebastian Buemi 6/10 Q15 F ret.

Was driving a decent race before the tyre became loose on lap 11 forcing him to retire.

Jaime Alguersuari 6/10 Q16 F15

Nothing amazing all weekend, but then again the car wasn’t up to anything around Suzuka so it shouldn’t affect the battle for the Toro Rosso seats next year.

Timo Glock 5/10 Q21 F20

You could drive your socks off in a Virgin and still finish at the back which makes judging Timo difficult. Although he is one of the best drivers on the grid he isn’t helping the car improve enough to catch up with the lotuses.

Jerome D’Ambrosio 5/10 Q20 F21

Was he fastest of the ‘new’ teams through the speed gun during qualifying which helped him out qualify team mate, Glock. The speed just wasn’t there in the race though finishing 2 laps behind Button and behind Glock.

Rubens Barrichello 6/10 Q13 F17

Williams’ dismal run continues and evidently the race pace just isn’t there, early on in the race he was running in 14th but he was just going backwards and eventually finished 17th.

Pastor Maldonado 7/10 Q14 F14

Was much quicker through the speed gun during qualifying than the other Williams and Pastor’s race pace was much better finishing up in 14th.

Driver Ratings Monza Pt.4 Toro Rosso, Virgin and Williams.

14 Sep

Sebastian Buemi 7/10

Another weekend and yet more points for the speed Swiss who is in a 3 man fight for the 2 Toro Rosso seats next year, he may be someone you never see on TV but he definitely has potential.

Jaime Alguersuar 10/10 DRIVER OF THE DAY

Stunning race to go from 17th to 7th (his joint best finish) even if he did get a little help by the 8 retirees. Most amazing thing is that despite people not putting a foot wrong he still overtook them  and has surely got to be still with Toro Rosso next year after yet another strong finish to solve the problem of his disappointing start to the season.

Timo Glock 6/10

15th was all the car could finish but don’t be fooled if Virgin can get a car that can get points Timo will get those points.

Jerome D’Ambrosio 5/10

Almost vanished from TV screens when he retired but damage from the crash at the start ruled out his finish.

Rubens Barrichello 7/10

After being heavily hit in the crash it took a good performance to carry on and finish 12, only just behind team mate Maldonado.

Pastor Maldonado 7/10

Said he’d get points this weekend and very nearly did but nearly is not good enough in F1 and 11th is a position which will make a driver scrutinise his performances looking for where it went wrong.

Recent team news.

22 Dec

Today two teams finalised their driver line up:

Renault have announced they have signed Vitaly Petrov as their second driver for two seasons, last season he finished 13th and was a successful  rookie throughout the season. The deal should mean Petrov will be able to drive at the first ever Russian grand prix in Sochi but may be delayed as Sochi is also the venue of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Although Hulkenberg was arguably the vest rookie of the year, Petrov was quicker and just needed the experience.

Virgin were the other team, with the shock signing of Jerome D’Ambrosio from Belgium. Although he was always in the running after driving the car in FP four times in the last 5 races. Lucas Di Grassi was always the favourite as he drove for Virgin last year. He’ll have his work cut out though, as his team mate Timo Glock drove amazingly for the team last year, and should do again. The news comes after Cosworth (Virgins engine supplier) announced that  Virgin wouldn’t be using KERS, as well as Hispania.